Fashion varnishes for the winter

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Fashion varnishes for the winter
Fashion varnishes for the winter

We decided to make a selection of nail polishes that both stay on well and lie flat and come off with nail polish remover. And all these shades are now in fashion. We're sure you'll love it

Let's not part all winter: the ten most fashionable nail polishes
Let's not part all winter: the ten most fashionable nail polishes

Le Vernis in Pure White, Chanel

In the autumn-winter collection of Noir et Blanc, Lucia Pica decided to remind everyone that black and white are the main colors in the history of Chanel. This is a classic! And it’s hard to disagree with Lucia: Pure White nail polish goes with absolutely any outfit and make-up. It looks great in both glossy and matte finishes. And most importantly, it will never go out of fashion.

Nail Lacquer in Siberian Elm, Elian Russia

Elian Russia is a Russian brand that appeared not so long ago, but won our love from the first application (no kidding: their foundation is one of the best on the market). We thought that it was impossible to surprise us with nail polishes, but the guys did it - they have a very comfortable brush: it is moderately flat and wide, so it perfectly covers the nail plate in a couple of strokes with the applicator. And a separate story - shades! They are really beautiful, for example in the photo the deep green Siberian Elm looks incredibly cool on the nails.

Le Vernis in Vivid Orange, Givenchy

This shade in the Givenchy palette is limited, which makes it doubly desirable to purchase. In our opinion, Vivid Orange is perfect for fall/winter because it brings to mind the beautiful orange foliage in the parks, pumpkin cream soup (it's pumpkin season!) and Christmas decorations. If you are not a fan of dark varnish, then this one will definitely please you with brightness, durability and coverage density.

Diorific Top Coat in 001, Dior

In Dior's Happy 2020 Christmas collection, as always, there is a top coat that draws everyone's attention to itself. It has a lot of different sequins - gold, blue, pink and others. We advise you to apply the product over a colored substrate - this way the glitter will sparkle with new colors! Due to the fact that it is a brilliant coating, it extends the life of any manicure by several days. We are thrilled!

ICONails Gel Lacquer in You're The Rose I'll Always Take, Catrice

Everyone dreams of regular nail polish that lasts a long time, right? And Catrice began to work very closely in this direction: ICONails Gel Lacquer with a special complex promises stable coverage for up to 7 days and protection against chips. We understand that everything is individual and depends on the nail plate, but in our case, varnishes usually last 2-3 days, and this one pleased as much as 5. If your nails hold color very well, then it is likely that you go through a week with the brand’s product, and even more. In addition, now the brand has released such a beautiful "cosmic" palette that shimmers from one color to another.

Extreme in Brown 31 by Christina Fitzgerald

This year Christina Fitzgerald had a global relaunch of the brand, so now the brand's polishes look completely different. Firstly, the case has become larger and the packaging is more playful. Secondly, she already has 3 collections: Extreme and Mood varnishes and Ultra gel polishes. The one we chose is from the Extreme collection and is a deep coffee shade. Note that the 7-free formula provides a durable, even, shiny finish. Moreover, the brand claims that all shades are universal and suitable for any skin tone. And the coolest thing is that there are already 65 shades in the palette. "Your" you can easily find!

Infinite Shine in Throw Me a Kiss, OPI

OPI has a great line of Infinite Shine polishes that make manicures glossy for many, many days. Her brush is classic - thin, oblong, and it is convenient for her to cover the nail plate in a couple of layers. The shade Throw Me a Kiss looks very nude, but at the same time with a twist - shining particles give the manicure a festive mood. We think November-December is a great option!

Crystal Power Nail Polish in Be a Dreamer, Essence

This year, the theme of crystals is especially popular in the beauty industry, so the Essence brand released the Crystal Power collection just in time. It has insanely beautiful nail polishes in metallic shades: from pearl to aquamarine. We chose an unusual grey-purple - Be a Dreamer, which looks very cool on both pale skin and tanned. Plus, these polishes are vegan.

Ultra Polish Gel Fit Color in Pink Quartz, Bandi

The Bandi brand appeared in Russia not so long ago, but has already won the trust of many girls. At least because they have a 7-Free formula (they do not contain camphor, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, toluene, tosylamite and xylene) and the products are not tested on animals. Ultra Polish varnishes are positioned as ordinary varnishes, but with all the advantages of gel polish - gloss, durability and fast drying. And indeed it is! We know that many people love a soft pink shade, which is why we included Pink Quartz in the selection. It does not have a specific season of wear, it is always appropriate, so we recommend it!

OnColour Nail Lacquer in Spicy Red, Oriflame

Red nails are a classic and we couldn't help but add this shade to the selection. In addition, Oriflame has released a new line of varnishes OnColour: they fall exactly in one layer thanks to a comfortable wide brush. And we also noticed that, despite the uneven texture of the nail, it looks perfectly smooth.

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