Biography of Boris Andreev, personal life of Boris Andreev

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Biography of Boris Andreev, personal life of Boris Andreev
Biography of Boris Andreev, personal life of Boris Andreev

If it were not for a chance acquaintance, he would have entered the agricultural college, and not the theater school. We remember the fate of Boris Andreev on the 107th anniversary of his birth.

Simple working guy. How Boris Andreev became an actor
Simple working guy. How Boris Andreev became an actor

Boris Andreev was remembered by the audience for the role of Ilya Muromets. In his personal life, he was also a hero, capable of strong deeds: a worker - he entered a theater school and decisively turned his life around, a convinced bachelor - resolutely approached the "first comer" and thus found his destiny.

Boy, you have talent

Boris Andreev was born in 1915, and after seven years, without hesitation, he went to the nearest big city of Saratov to enter an agricultural technical school. He would have worked all his life as an agronomist, and we would never have seen his wonderful acting work, but then he was led somewhere from the intended line (he would just laugh and not believe if he knew where - into famous artists!). In general, Andreev met cheerful guys, workers of the Volga combine plant, and decided not to enter the agricultural technical school, but also to go to the plant, for the company.

At the factory - here he was lucky - there was a wonderful drama club led by a great teacher Ivan Slonov. He noticed an interesting guy, a lout, behind whose kindness and good nature one could guess a huge strength. Andreev played in a drama circle, the teacher looked at him, looked, and then said:

- Man, you have a talent, you should go to drama school.

Andreev hesitated: study during the day, work hard at the factory at night - who can stand this? But Slonov put pressure on the management of the plant, and the talented guy was relieved of his workload. He successfully unlearned and immediately went to work in the drama theater. By the way, now the Saratov Drama Theater is named after I. A. Slonova.

A simple working man

And he was lucky again: at that time in the cinema was the most sought-after type of bad guy, a native of the people, a proletarian. Andreev began to receive offers to act in films, and the role in Tractor Drivers by Ivan Pyryev became his hallmark for many years. Need a simple Soviet guy with an open hand who can lift a tractor with one left? Well, of course, it's Andreev!

He played about 50 roles, including the role of Ilya Muromets in the film of the same name. He played until the end of his life, and when he could not, he played "through I can not." One day, right on the set, he caught up with a heart attack. Boris finished the scene and only then asked for help. He didn't spare himself at all. It was bad - I slept in the dressing room, and then went back to work.

I will marry the one

Andreev had a close friend, actor Pyotr Aleinikov. He often laughed: for you, Andreev, no one will marry, you are such a bumpkin. In response, Andreev only grinned, but one day a friend brought him off balance. They were riding a tram, and Andreev said:

A pretty young lady entered the tram. Andreev liked her, he came up to meet, and soon Galina became his wife. But I had to overcome a couple of difficulties: Galina's father, the police commissioner, did not want to hear that his daughter connected her life with the "drunk artist". They say that Boris Andreev and his friends really liked to go on a spree, and there were amazing rumors about their eccentricities.

For example, once in Kyiv, Andreev and Aleinikov went on a spree so that in the morning they woke up in the window of a furniture store. And when they were detained and brought to the police station, Andreev, tired of listening to the policeman's lectures, sighed:

- Oh, you ink soul? But if the ink runs out now, what will you do?

And drank the inkwell.

But after the marriage, a cheerful bachelor life came to an end, especially since Andreev had a son in 1952.


Boris Andreev was deeper than he seemed. All these sprees and the image of a “simple guy with a broad soul” did not cancel the main thing: he loved to read, thought a lot about life and composed aphorisms, which he called “fucking words.”

  • The lion opened its mouth, the tamer stuck its head in it, and all the spectators suddenly saw how much a wild animal is smarter and more generous than a man.
  • Foresight is the ability to see what is useful from a distance.
  • "No one is indispensable," hissed a dull hidden envy, and all those who were ready to replace merged into a unity hiss and applauded.

Boris Andreev died in the spring of 1982: he returned from a tour and became ill. According to rumors, the last 42 years of his life went to Andreev thanks to his famous luck: in 1942 he was arrested "for a long tongue", and, allegedly, Stalin personally crossed him off the execution list:

- This one… this one can run for now.

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