10 things that make us fat

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10 things that make us fat
10 things that make us fat

We all do it from time to time - wear clothes that, instead of being embellishing, visually add 10 kilos to us. Let's look at examples of what things you need to say goodbye to urgently.

Remove immediately: 10 things that make us fat (video)
Remove immediately: 10 things that make us fat (video)

1. Loose fit dress

Wide dress hides the figure and makes it shapeless. Instead, wear a fitted skirt made of thick fabric with a turtleneck. So you place accents - emphasize the waistline and chest.

2. Oversized sweater

Often, trying to hide figure flaws, we wear voluminous things that make these flaws even more noticeable. A thick knit sweater is just such a thing. An alternative option is a sundress made of a fairly dark dense fabric and a shirt.

3. Short straight jacket

Yes, it's fashionable, but if you're overweight, this jacket will make you look shorter and squarer. An elongated model is a much better option, on the contrary, it will visually stretch your figure.

4. Wide skirt

The flowy pleated skirt will add volume to your waist and especially your hips. A skirt that fits snugly around the hips and flares out a little at the bottom is a better option.

5. Knit dress

Many people love them, but they are not for everyone. Often a knitted dress only emphasizes flaws. Better wear it over a light skirt, like a long sweater, cinched at the waist with a belt.

6. Skinny cropped trousers

Shortened models themselves “cut” the legs, shortening them, and tight ones also emphasize their fullness. Swap out for regular-length, ankle-length, straight-leg trousers.

7. Long wide sweater

As well as voluminous, it will make you dimensionless. Pay attention to figure-shaped sweaters with decorative details - peplum, ruffles in a contrasting color.

8. Clothes that are tight

Don't wear tight sets like a tight skirt and a turtleneck at the same time. For a tight skirt, it is better to choose a textured sweater - on the figure, but slightly loose.

9. Clothes of the wrong length

A regular sweatshirt doesn't go well with a light midi skirt. Pair it with a simple top and mid-thigh length jacket. This way you can keep the proportions.

10. Things without shape

Clothing of soft forms, usually knitted, does not emphasize our figure. Instead of a skirt and sweater, wear a dress with a straight silhouette and an elongated waistcoat with a belt. Thus, you will hide the flaws of the figure, visually become taller and slimmer. And it doesn't matter if you're pregnant, like the heroine of the video, or not.

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