Biography of Polina Grents

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Biography of Polina Grents
Biography of Polina Grents

After Fizruk, Polina became a popular young actress, followed by a whole trail of unconfirmed novels. Where is the truth?

The fateful decisions of Polina Grents
The fateful decisions of Polina Grents

Polina Grents was born in the most ordinary Moscow family. She decided to become an actress when she created her own YouTube channel as a teenager. But the parents did not take this venture seriously. Well, my daughter is filming some kind of vines there, what is it all about - vines? The actress, they believed, was not a serious occupation. You need to study for some more specific profession.

A girl from a decent family did not want to argue with her mother. After school, she entered a sociologist, and left theatrical dreams only as a hobby. In her spare time from her main studies, Polina took acting classes, all the while being criticized by her parents.


When the course came to an end, and exams loomed ahead, the girl decided to finally break off relations with her dream. Instead of preparing and worrying, she told herself that she was not going to take any exams and went to visit friends. And then fate intervened. She seemed to say to the obstinate girl: now stop, I myself will take you where you should. At that party was a photographer who worked at the casting of the TV series Fizruk. He knew that the casting director never found the main character, and he understood who the film crew was targeting.

He liked Polina and begged her to try it. At the casting, the girl made a great impression on everyone. But the final decision was made by Dmitry Nagiyev. His verdict was specific: the girl is the most natural of the presented. He plays as if he already lives this role. The rest of the girls at the casting seemed stiff, and their phrases memorized. Grenz was approved, but severely ordered to recover immediately. After all, the main character should be juicy and appetizing.


In order to gain weight, the newly-made actress did not deny herself anything, and most of all, she was inspired by chocolate ice cream, which the girl absorbed in large quantities and at any time of the day. Later, Polina admits that her favorite dessert, honey cake, was also used. She traditionally tries it in every new establishment and even makes her own ratings - where he is the coolest.

But, having played with food, already on the set, the girl could not stop the weight, which continued to grow. He reached almost 90 kg when the young beauty with a height of 160 cm panicked. To lose more than 20 kilos, she had to show remarkable willpower, which the girl will talk about later on one of the shows. Losing weight was just as necessary as gaining weight: for the new season, this was required by the writers. Fizruk was filmed for four seasons, Sasha Mamaeva was different everywhere. Including completely slender.

Movie love

The weight of the actress inevitably follows her from the set to real life. How many actresses sacrificed their figure for the sake of the role! But the same amount was read in the press about their novels, allegedly started at work. Polina was no exception. All the media were talking about her unearthly love with film groom Arthur Sopelnik. The guys not only played lovers in the series, but also really made friends, spending a lot of time together. Joint stories on Instagram, and now they have already been announced as a couple. The actors even had to come out with an official statement that their hearts were taken, but not with each other.

… and others

Then Polina was immediately "married" with other guys from her social networks - actor Dmitry Vlaskin and blogger Vlad Berenich. But both assumptions again did not prove to be true. Time passed, and Polina admitted that she still communicates a lot with her old blogging party. She even called one of her friends, Maryana Ro, her best friend and, according to rumors, invited her to live with her. Fans are divided into two camps. Some said that the girls make up a couple and live together because they have a relationship. The second is that they are doing it for PR.

In love with music

Polina herself in an interview said that on the set of "Fizruk" she began an affair with one of the employees of the set. Allegedly, the man reciprocated her, helped with advice, they became very close. The girl did not name specific names, so the fans did not particularly believe in this story, deciding that the actress was thus averting her eyes from her personal life.

Today Polina is engaged not only in filming. She is in love with music, works as a DJ, and once said in an interview that she was even preparing a song. However, she is not going to become a real singer. Sings so, for the soul.


Fans of the famous show on TNT almost until the very end saw Polina as one of the favorites of Dr. Krivorotov - a bachelor of 2020. In Portugal, where the girls lived, the actress behaved naturally and emotionally. The viewer watched the sympathy between her and the bachelor.

She admitted more than once that she wants to fall in love, but the moment came when, in the traditional video message that the girls recorded for Anton before the rose ceremonies, Polina turned to him with a request to let her go home. Whether she had a chance to win the heart of a bachelor, we will never know. After all, history has no subjunctive mood.

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