Celebrities no one believed in

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Celebrities no one believed in
Celebrities no one believed in

Yes, many “well-wishers” told these celebrities at the dawn of their careers: “What kind of actress (singer, etc.) are you!” But they did not give up and succeeded. Here are some of these stories.

Lessons in Resilience: 16 Celebs No One Believed In
Lessons in Resilience: 16 Celebs No One Believed In

Kate Winslet

When she was 14 years old, an acting teacher said that she would at best play fat girl roles.

Spice Girls

Producer Simon Cowell turned down an audition for one of the most famous British pop bands in the history of music in the early 90s. Victoria Beckham remembers him firmly saying that they would never perform.

Winona Ryder

At one of the first castings, the director took her aside and said that she would never become an actress because she was not beautiful enough, and let her return to where she came from.

Reese Witherspoon

Before becoming Legally Blonde, Reese was repeatedly rejected as not being tall, pretty or smart enough.

Elvis Presley

After the first tryout, the manager told the singer that he would not achieve anything. And let him go back and drive trucks like before!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not one or two people in Hollywood have said he can't make the transition from bodybuilder to actor because he's too bulky, has a terrible accent and an unpronounceable last name.

Gisele Bundchen

At the beginning of her career, the model was told that she would never appear on the cover of a fashion magazine because of her too big nose and small eyes.


The singer was told that she bleats like a goat when she sings. Since then, her amazing timbre has definitely not been confused with anything!

Meryl Streep

At the beginning of her career, the actress dreamed of getting to the casting in the film "King Kong" and asked the son of the producer to agree. At the meeting, producer Dino de Laurentiis asked his son in Italian: “Why did you bring this terrible woman?” Streep responded in Italian, "Sorry I'm not pretty enough for King Kong."

Stephen King

The publisher, to whom he showed the manuscript of the novel "Carrie", said that no one would publish a negative utopia. After 30 rejections, the writer put the manuscript on the table, but his wife forced him to keep looking.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress was told she was too plump for Hollywood and her curves were too feminine. She received her first Oscar nomination at the age of 20.

Clint Eastwood

He was denied screening in the 60s due to a protruding Adam's apple, slow speech and dental problems. Actor Bart Reynolds, who didn't get to shoot because he didn't play well, told Clint: "I'll learn, but you're not going anywhere with your Adam's apple!"

Jessica Chastain

At the beginning of her career, she heard several times that she was ugly and should dye her red hair blonde.

Keira Knightley

Before auditioning for a role in The Jacket (far from the first of her career), the director said that he did not understand the hype around her, did not consider her talented and would not give her any role. She made him audition to the end and got the role.

W alt Disney

At 22, cartoonist was fired from a newspaper in Missouri for "not being creative enough".

Harrison Ford

In 1966, he got the role of a messenger in the film "Death Heat on the Carousel", and the director said that he would not become a great actor. Like, when Tony Curtis played the same role, everyone could see his bright future. Ford doesn't have that future.

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