Who led "Good night kids": presenters of the times of the USSR and later

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Who led "Good night kids": presenters of the times of the USSR and later
Who led "Good night kids": presenters of the times of the USSR and later

Several generations of children run to the TV in the evening to watch "Good night, kids!". Khryusha, Stepashka, Karkusha and Filya are constant presenters, but their partners change from time to time. Who hosted the program "Good night, kids"?

Uncle Volodya, Aunt Tanya and even Kolya Valuev: who else led "Good night, kids!"
Uncle Volodya, Aunt Tanya and even Kolya Valuev: who else led "Good night, kids!"

Vladimir Ukhin

The very first in the USSR hosted the program "Good night, kids!" Vladimir Ukhin. "Uncle Volodya" was loved by all Soviet children, because it was he who became the first presenter who wished sweet dreams to the kids from television screens. Together with toy colleagues, he continued to do this for 30 (!) years.

Ukhin's creative path began 4 years before the first release of "Good night, kids!". Then he just got a job as an announcer on television. The finest hour came after the competition of the hosts in a new children's program.

Vladimir Ukhin was a professional and was not limited to work in only one project: he acted in films and participated in other television programs. For example, Uhin is familiar to Japanese viewers as the host of Speak Russian. He did not forget about domestic kids either, touring with the plush team “Good night, kids!” throughout the country.

Giving joy to other people's children, the artist himself became a father only at the age of 62. His first marriage ended in divorce. But after a while, the host of the program “Good night, kids!” married again. The young wife bore him a son. Unfortunately, in 2012, the artist died of a stroke.

Valentina Leontieva

The first female host of the children's program "Good night, kids!", The first kind "aunt" who sees the kids into the world of dreams. Young fans adored her, sent thousands of letters asking her to never go on vacation. But she never left, continuing to read fairy tales with Khryusha and Stepashka for almost 30 years.

In the life of the honored artist, the host of the program "Good night, kids!" back in the USSR, there were many joyful and sad events: the blockade of Leningrad, studying at the opera and drama studio of the Moscow Art Theater, working in the Tambov theater and even an attempt to move to America. Leontyeva's personal life also evolved differently. Unfortunately, both of her marriages ended in divorce. In the second marriage, a son Dmitry was born.

But Valentina's main outlet and love has always been television. It is difficult to imagine such programs as "Good night, kids!", Alarm clock "and" With all my heart "without her participation. It is all the more surprising that in the 90s she faced a creative crisis. Unexpectedly, the national favorite was left without work. In the last years of her life, Leontyeva's he alth deteriorated, serious vision problems began. She passed away in 2007.

Svetlana Zhiltsova

A pleasant voice, kind eyes and soft features - Aunt Sveta quickly won the hearts of children. If she was familiar to the kids from the program “Good night, kids!”, Then adult viewers remember her as the host of “Song of the Year”, “Morning Mail” and, of course, “KVN”. It was this program that made her and Alexander Maslyakov real stars.

But Zhiltsova's life could have turned out completely differently. As a student at the Institute of Foreign Languages. Maurice Thorez, she was cast for the position of translator in one television project. Then, a talented girl with excellent diction was noticed and offered a job in Ostankino, first in children's projects, including the Good Night, Kids! program. Who then would have thought that a few years later she would teach young journalists at the Higher National School of Television?

Now "Aunt Sveta", the former host of the program "Good night, kids!", is already retired and tries to spend all her free time with her granddaughters and her husband.

Dmitry Poletaev

For Soviet children, he was just Uncle Dima. Like many of his colleagues, hosts of the Good Night, Kids! program, Poletaev has an acting education. But he found his calling precisely in his work on television. Despite the large number of successful projects with his participation, in the 90s Dmitry moved to New York. There he became the host on the first Russian-language cable channel. The artist did not stop there and later wrote the novel Fort Ross.

Tatiana Vedeneeva

It seems that even when she entered GITIS, reading out to the commission an excerpt from the fairy tale "The Ugly Duckling", Tatyana herself prophesied participation in the popular children's program "Good night, kids!". And so it happened. The kids liked the presenter, and not only them. She became the favorite of Leonid Brezhnev and even hosted a concert in honor of his birthday.

Vedeneeva began her career as a theater and film actress. She then worked as a television announcer. At first, she was trusted mainly by night broadcasts. But after a successful business trip abroad, more interesting projects appeared, including “Good night, kids!” and Good Morning.

Vedeneeva was married twice. In the first marriage, a son was born, but due to the alcoholism of her husband, the couple broke up. With the new chosen one, the host of the program “Good night, kids!” lived together for almost 15 years. The reason for the divorce was the infidelity of the chosen one. Now Tatyana rarely appears on television. She has returned to her acting career and is performing on stage at the School of Contemporary Play.

Angelina Vovk

In "Good night, kids!" Vovk got absolutely by accident. She was asked to replace the late presenter in the frame. But the radiant smile of Aunt Lina was liked not only by small viewers, but also by the management of the program. So Karkusha and Fili got a new colleague.

And at the beginning of her career, Angelina Vovk wanted to become an actress. She even graduated from GITIS and starred in several films. Then the cinema was replaced by work in the modeling business. But the woman found a real vocation only when she took an announcer's course. Thus began her story on television. At various times, Vovk hosted "Morning Mail", "Blue Light" and other programs. She was even the announcer of the Vremya program. But as Angelina herself admitted, it was very difficult for her to keep a serious expression on her face. But her light nature came in handy in children's programs, including "Good night, kids!".

The presenter has been married twice. But none of the marriages gave her the joy of motherhood. Today, Angelina gives all her love and attention to numerous godchildren, students and, of course, spectators.

Tatiana Sudets

When the smiling and cheerful Aunt Tanya appeared on the screens, the host of the Good Night, Kids! program, none of the viewers could remain indifferent. She admitted to her little fans that Piggy was her favorite character. In her opinion, the pig is as funny as the children themselves.

Sudets' television career began in 1972. She successfully passed the audition for the vacancy of the announcer and has not disappeared from the screens since then. Tatyana hosted the programs "Time", "Blue Light", "Song of the Year", "Women's Fates", of course, "Good night, kids" and others. Tatyana also tried herself as a teacher.

Yuri Grigoriev

Before becoming the host of "Good night, kids!", Grigoriev managed to work as Santa Claus. Apparently, the artist has always liked to bring joy and fun to children. His creative path began with the Shchukin Theater School. Then there were filming in films and participation in performances. The actor still, albeit rarely, plays small roles in television series and children's theater productions.

Yuri is married and has a daughter. The host recalls with a smile how, in early childhood, she looked with surprise at him, then, during the program “Good night, kids!”, at Uncle Yura from TV.

Grigory Gladkov

Uncle Grisha is perhaps the most musical presenter of the Good Night, Kids! program. Of course, the children remembered him first of all for his cheerful songs with a guitar. Gladkov is famous for his music for the cartoons "Plasticine Crow", "Last Year's Snow Was Falling", as well as melodies from the program "Dog Show". After the first unsuccessful marriage, Gregory married a second time. The couple had two children.

Yuri Nikolaev

Uncle Yura became the host of the children's program "Good night, kids!" in the 90s. By that time, he was already considered a famous personality on television, but he won the love of the kids during the filming of Good Night. As a graduate of the acting department of GITIS, Nikolaev acted in films a lot. The artist began his journalistic career as a freelancer, but then became a permanent host of the Morning Post. This program made him famous all over the country.

In the future, Yuri had many more successful projects. He led not only the program “Good night, kids!”, But, for example, “Dancing on Ice” and “Property of the Republic”. He also became the creator of the UNIX television company and the producer of the Guess the Melody show. The artist was married twice. But the idol of children never had a chance to become a father himself.

In 2014, the media reported on the terrible diagnosis of Nikolaev: doctors discovered he had bowel cancer. Close friends, his wife and, of course, his favorite job help him fight the disease. The presenter is still in demand in the profession.

Yuliya Pustovoitova

Due to age, the host of the program "Good night, kids!" was for little viewers just Yulia. But they loved her no less than their older colleagues. Pustovoitova was educated as a musical theater actress. She took part in theatrical productions and even starred in the film "Saint Anna". Now Julia continues to work as a host in other children's programs, and also plays on the stage of the theater "At the Nikitsky Gate".

Hmayak Hakobyan

The most mysterious and magical presenter of the children's program "Good night, kids!". Hakobyan was remembered by the children for his bright outfits and the famous phrase “sim-salabim-akhalai-mahalai”. Once the main magician of the country dreamed of becoming an artist. Then there was study at a circus school, filming a movie and touring with shows around the world. Now the fame of the magician has subsided.

The private life of an illusionist is as mysterious as he is. It is known that Hakobyan was married three times and has a son.

Dmitry Khaustov

The youngest presenter of the program "Good night, kids!". For the smiling Dima, the children's program was a brilliant start to the world of art and journalism. Khaustov is a musical theater actor by profession. But now his main activity is connected with television. Viewers could see the man in Good Morning Russia and commercials.

Vladimir Pinchevsky

He's the Wizard, he's the Doctor, he's Munchausen. For kids, Pinchevsky was a real master of disguise. Vladimir graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. He has been involved in several films and theatrical productions. About the fate of the former host of the program "Good night, kids!" almost nothing is known, except that he has been living and working in Denmark since 1991..

Anna Mikhalkova

How strong the little viewers of the program "Good night, kids!" Aunt Anya fell in love, it became clear when the presenter received the TEFI-kids award. A well-deserved award, because for almost two decades the actress has greeted all the kids of the country with a smile in the new editions of Good Night. Anna is the eldest daughter of the famous Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov. Since childhood, she grew up in a creative atmosphere. It is not surprising that the girl decided to continue the family business and became a successful actress.

Almost every year new film projects with the participation of Mikhalkova are released, but the host still does not quit the program "Good night, kids!" For the film "Love with an Accent" she was awarded the "Golden Eagle" award. In the personal life of the star, everything is also stable: she is happily married to the former vice-governor of the Ulyanovsk region Albert Bykov. The couple has three children.

Viktor Bychkov

Together with Uncle Vitya, 10-year-old young viewers participated in labor lessons. Having diluted the female team of the “Good night, kids!” program with his presence, he became the head of the “crazy hands.”

The presenter gained popularity even before participating in a children's program. The public knew him from his numerous film roles. One has only to recall his character Kuzmich from "Peculiarities of the National Hunt", as a smile immediately appears on his face. Bychkov continues to act in films and TV shows to this day.

The artist was married three times. Each of the women bore Victor a child. And this is not surprising, because, as the former host of the Good Night, Kids! program himself admitted, he loves children very much.

Oksana Fedorova

Aunt Oksana gathered at the screens not only children, but also their fathers. What man does not dream of hearing "Good night, kids!" from such an attractive woman!

Young viewers hardly knew that it was not just a kind girl smiling at them from the TV screen, but a former police captain and Miss Universe! Fedorova's life has always been full of unexpected twists and turns. Once the host of the program “Good night, kids!” even gave up the crown and the prestigious title of the most beautiful girl for scientific work and a loved one.

Oksana's first marriage to a German entrepreneur lasted only a couple of years. However, she found real happiness already with the FSB officer Andrei Borodin. The couple have two children.

Now the presenter continues to broadcast "Good night, kids!", act in films and TV shows, and also does charity work and tries herself as a fashion designer.

Dmitry Malikov

Uncle Dima came to replace his colleague Oksana Fedorova when she left the TV show "Good night, kids!" during the decree. The calm character of the musician was liked not only by the little audience, but also by their parents.

Malikov is a bright Russian pop star. After graduating from a music school, he began to take his first steps in the profession. Soon his talent was appreciated by the whole country. At first, Dmitry wrote songs for other performers, but later he himself began a musical career. Almost every song of the artist becomes a hit.

In the past, Dmitry was in a civil union with Natalia Vetlitskaya. Now, together with his legal wife Elena, he is raising his daughter Stephanie and son Mark.

Nikolai Valuev

Big Uncle Kolya was able to quickly win the trust of little viewers. The offer to star in "Good night, kids!" the man received after participating in a children's program on the Karusel TV channel.

A slightly unexpected turn in the career of the former boxer, who has 53 fights in the ring behind him, 50 of them ended in his favor. According to Alexander Mitroshenkov, chairman of the board of directors of the Klass company, this presenter will speak with the small viewers of the Good Night, Kids! about sports and exercise. Nikolai no longer knocks out opponents. Now, as a deputy of the State Duma for physical education, he helps other athletes. Valuev is not without creative potential. There are several movie roles in his biography.

Among other things, the athlete and politician is an exemplary family man. Together with his wife Galina, he is raising three children.

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