Evgeny Zharikov and Natalia Gvozdikova: the history of marriage

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Evgeny Zharikov and Natalia Gvozdikova: the history of marriage
Evgeny Zharikov and Natalia Gvozdikova: the history of marriage

Natalya Gvozdikova forgave her husband, who had another family for 12 years. We remember the fate of the actress on her 74th birthday.

Forgive the betrayal. The story of Natalia Gvozdikova
Forgive the betrayal. The story of Natalia Gvozdikova

Relationships can continue even after betrayal, if you find the strength in yourself for real forgiveness and trust your loved one, as before. It's not easy, but if you want to save your family, there is no other way. Actress Natalya Gvozdikova learned this from her personal experience.

Take a closer look and get married

All her life everything went smoothly and correctly for Natalia: she grew up in a good family, came to Moscow from the town of Borzya, Chitir Region, entered VGIK, on a course with excellent teachers Tamara Makarova and Sergey Gerasimov. As a student, she played her first notable, albeit small, role in the film "At the Lake" - Vasily Shukshin was a partner in the film. She married a nice guy, a physicist. She played Polina in "Big Break" and became a famous actress, although the director cut her role in order - Gvozdikova resolutely rejected his harassment.

Natalia met Yevgeny Zharikov on the set of the film Born of the Revolution. At first she did not like him at all, but then they looked at each other. Zharikov fell in love first, Natalya also felt that something very good began to happen to her heart. She left her first husband, Zharikov also divorced, they got married.

General in a skirt

Natalia was called "general in a skirt", and Zharikov was very gentle and conscientious. They complemented each other. It seemed to Natalya that such a man needed help and support: everyone around used his kindness as they wanted. It was important for Zharikov that Natalya always took his side. And so it was.

All relatives believed that how a father brings up his son there does not concern them, and, as is customary in our country, "we did not get into other people's business." Gvozdikova told her father-in-law everything she thought about him. Since then, they have had a very tense relationship, but she did not regret it.

The family of Zharikov and Gvozdikov was considered exemplary. They worked hard and always supported each other, raised their son Fedya, were together in sorrow and joy. They even had a nickname for two "Fried nails", so they were inseparable. It never occurred to Natalya that her husband could cheat on her.


Natalya found out about everything in the most disgusting way. A familiar journalist called her and in some kind of hysteria screamed:

- Natasha, I caught Zhenya in a room with a girl!

Repealing the treacherous trembling in her voice, Natalya asked with all her might in a calm voice:

- What about you?

And then she heard something that made her legs buckle.

- Zhenya and I have been together for 12 years. And we have two children.

For a while she just sat and looked at the phone, there was not a single thought in her head, a ringing emptiness in her heart. In some kind of trance, she called her husband, asked:

"Is it true that you have a second family?"

And he said yes, it's true.

Fried nails-2

When Natalia was asked about her husband's affair (and they often asked), she did not indulge in frankness, she only said:

- No one can destroy our family.

And it really was. Zharikov realized that he had made a mistake. He said he only loved his wife, and the other woman…

He didn't immediately start asking for forgiveness. At first there was a strange pause, neither side of this triangle knew how to behave. Natalya, with her usual decisiveness, said: "Choose." Of course, Eugene chose her. And she forgave. It was terribly difficult to open up again to the person who betrayed, and how! But she said:

"How do you live with someone you don't trust?"

The Fried Nails stayed together. Then Natalya said that the forgiveness was sincere, that there was no resentment left in her heart, and she again absolutely trusted her husband. This new foundation was the basis for their family.

Several years have passed, and Yevgeny Zharikov fell ill. Once upon a time, on the set, he fell from a horse, injured his spine and hip joint. Later, the old trauma reminded of itself. Every day he got worse, he stopped walking. Natalia looked after her husband until his last day. They were one again, "fried nails".

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