Star slim moms with 3 or more kids

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Star slim moms with 3 or more kids
Star slim moms with 3 or more kids

In films, women who have many children are portrayed as buxom matrons. But life is not a movie. We have compiled a selection of artists who break this stereotype.

Mom can: 10 stars with many children who have kept their figure after childbirth
Mom can: 10 stars with many children who have kept their figure after childbirth

Kristina Orbakaite

Three children of Christina Orbakaite - Nikita, Denis and Claudia, have different fathers. The eldest son of Christina is already an adult young man and managed to get his own family. Their mother is often called the older sister, she looks so young. Orbakaite monitors her figure and strives to eat right. In addition, her harmony contributes to the fact that she loves dancing. By the way, Alla Borisovna's daughter started her career as a backup dancer.


The singer, like Christina Orbakaite, has three children. But this is where the comparison ends. Alsou gave birth to two daughters, Mikella and Safina, and a son, Raphael. All three children were born from the same father. And if Christina practically did not leave her career even after giving birth, then Alsou, after the birth of her child, each time for a long time disappeared from the field of view of her fans. The star said that it is not the rejection of high-calorie foods that helps to maintain harmony, but small portions. The only thing she never drinks at all is milk.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova secretly married her current husband Yevgeny Vasiliev in August 2013. Soon the couple had their first child, Ivan. And then, one after another, two more sons - Maxim and Vasily. During the first two pregnancies, she gained 40 kilograms, but quickly got rid of them.

“I did exercises for the press, but without fanaticism, adhered to proper nutrition - it was my usual way of life, nothing supernatural. Now I don’t have any special secrets. First of all, it is, of course, proper nutrition. I also drink a lot of water,” says the artist.


In her second marriage to producer Alexander Shulgin, Valeria gave birth to three children - two boys and a girl. Anya was born 26 years ago, a year later Valeria became the mother of Artemy, and three years after the second birth, the family was replenished with another child - Arseniy.

The artist's fans have always wondered how she manages to get into shape so quickly and not get better after that for almost a quarter of a century. Valeria talked about this repeatedly. She constantly plays sports and severely restricts her diet, trying not to abuse high-calorie foods.

Maria Shukshina

Maria, daughter of Vasily Shukshin, has four children. The two younger ones, the twins Foka and Foma, were born when the actress lived in an unregistered marriage with lawyer Boris Vishnyakov. The eldest daughter became the first and only girl with Mary. She was born over 30 years ago. Shukshina was then officially married to classmate Artem Tregubenko. And the father of the middle son, Makara, is businessman Alexei Kasatkin. What the actress has to sacrifice for the sake of harmony is unknown. Maria does not like to talk about her personal life and reveal her female secrets.

Anna Sedokova

The ex-soloist of "VIA-Gra" gave birth to three children (two daughters and a son) from three different men. But even after recovering during pregnancy, she stubbornly lost weight and now boasts magnificent forms. Anna does not restrict or slightly restrict herself in food. But she devotes a lot of time to training. In her opinion, you need to run at least 40 minutes a day or engage in movement in the mountains (hiking).

"In addition to running, I also do abs, push-ups and stretches. The most important thing here is the regularity of training. You can do the most basic things according to the formula 30-30-100 (for example, sit down 30 times, push up 30 times, and pump the press 100 times), but every day. And in a couple of weeks you are guaranteed to see the result,”the singer says in an interview with the portal.


The singer, whose hit “The Wind Blowed from the Sea”, which is known to almost everyone who lived in the 90s, also told reporters about her nutrition system. It is difficult to call it a diet, since the main principle of a proper diet “according to Natalie” is to eat in small portions every three hours. One serving should fit as much of any food as it fits into two bent palms. Thanks to this technique, Natalie very quickly returned to her previous shape after all three births.

Maria Boltneva

The star of the TV series "Capercaillie" was able to surpass all of the above famous artists. Mary gave birth to three twins on the same day. Since she does not seek to be at the epicenter of scandals, there is little information about her personal life on the Web. And the artist usually does not talk about how she manages to be so elegant. One can only assume that raising three children of the same age is such hard work that calories burn out on their own, not having time to be deposited on the waist and buttocks.

Ekaterina Klimova

The actress was married three times and gave birth to four children from now ex-husbands. In a marriage with Igor Petrenko, Ekaterina Klimova had two children: in 2006, a son, Matvey, and two years later, a boy was born who was given the rare name Korney. In 2014, the acting couple broke up, and in 2015 Ekaterina married Gella Meskhi, from whom she gave birth to a girl, Bella. She gave birth to her eldest daughter Lisa Klimova 17 years ago. This was her first child, whose father was Ilya Khoroshilov. According to the actress herself, she owes her figure to good genetics. But the gym helps to keep the muscles in good shape: a mother of many children always breaks out for training twice a week.

Natalia Vodianova

The fashion model is the record holder among all the stars listed here. She already has five (!) children from two husbands. Even if Natalya had not put in a lot of effort to maintain her figure, she still could not have become much fuller than she is now. Just imagine what it's like to be a mother of five!

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