Andrey Saminin's personal life

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Andrey Saminin's personal life
Andrey Saminin's personal life

Saminin is a famous Ukrainian theater and film actor, in Russia he is known mainly from TV series. He was made recognizable by our country's favorite hero - investigator Alexei Leonidov from the series "Dog".

All this is Andrey Saminin: Chinese Pavka Korchagin, a cat from Shrek and, of course, an investigator from Psa
All this is Andrey Saminin: Chinese Pavka Korchagin, a cat from Shrek and, of course, an investigator from Psa

The son of an actress, he spent his entire childhood behind the scenes. The magical profession beckoned the baby. As a teenager, he tried to organize a theater studio at the school, and in literature lessons he encouraged his classmates to read by roles. No one doubted that Andrei would enter the theater.

In the mid-90s, he graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Theater and Cinema. Karpenko-Cargo and went to serve in the Theater on the left bank of the Dnieper. There, the actor finally felt "his". The actor says that surrounded by talented people, his talent began to open up.


But the theatrical stage for Saminin was not enough. As a young man, he began to go to auditions in a variety of projects, as a result, he starred in a huge number of films and TV shows popular in Ukraine, but in Russia he became famous only when his age was over thirty. One of the series that made him popular is the famous Dog, which conquered the whole country. Saminin played investigator Alexei Leonidov in it.

But Russia is not the only country that wanted to see a talented actor in their country. The first significant role of the actor was a joint work with China in the film How the Steel Was Tempered. Andrei played Pavka Korchagin in it.


In an interview, the actor says that when he heard that the Chinese were filming "How the Steel Was Tempered" in Ukraine, he laughed. It sounded so unbelievable. However, when he received a call with an invitation to the casting, he finally believed.

The artist notes that the work was very intense. Each piece of the future film was sent to China, where it was carefully studied and sent back with notes. After the premiere, the actors who acted in films went to China. It seemed that the whole country saw the film. Every second person approached the actors on the street, took an autograph, took pictures.

Saminin and Samaeva

He starred in the film with Lesya Samaeva, a talented Ukrainian actress. On the set of the then very young actors, an affair broke out, which was transferred outside the filming process, and then went with the actors to a common apartment.

Lovers got married. In 2002, their daughter was born. It is known that the marriage of Samaev and Saminina is considered one of the strongest in the Ukrainian acting party. They have been together for over twenty years.

He's Tom Cruise, he's Johnny Depp

In addition to working in theater and cinema, Saminin is in great demand as a dubbing actor. Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, Christopher W altz speak his voice in films at the Ukrainian box office. The actor says that he enjoys watching the game of world celebrities and learning new things from them.

The actor considers dubbing one of the most interesting processes in cinema. Saminin not only conveys intonation and tempo, he tries to understand the motivation of the actor to say exactly that, to feel at the moment of voice acting what Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp felt. The job of a professional artist is to adapt a foreign film to the "Ukrainian ear" and not just translate it.


One of Saminin's favorite dubbed characters by the artist himself and his fans is the cat from Shrek. He calls this work special because in the original version the cat spoke in the deep erotic voice of Banderas. Saminin had to give the cat the same subtext. It is known that all of Ukraine paid attention to the special voice of the cat, and one of Andrei's friends even asked the actor to congratulate his little son on his birthday over the phone with this "cat" voice. The child was happy.

From the latest works of the artist, fans note the regular season of the series "Dog" released last year. The artist continues his work in the theater.

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