Stars from the decree - have they just given birth?

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Stars from the decree - have they just given birth?
Stars from the decree - have they just given birth?

It is not easy for all women to return to normal life after the birth of a child. What can we say about the stars? But the mothers from our selection did not sit at home and very soon appeared in public. And they did it very effectively!

Mom chic: who would have thought that these stars are only from the hospital
Mom chic: who would have thought that these stars are only from the hospital

1. Blake Lively

Looking at the photo, it's hard to believe that just recently this woman became a mother for the third time. Blake Lively can rightfully be considered the queen of the red carpet - neither pregnancy nor the birth of a child prevent her from shining in luxurious outfits. The actress proves with her whole appearance that "motherhood" adorns a woman - she looks insanely happy!

2. Irina Shayk

Less than two months after the birth of her daughter, Irina Shayk already shone on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in a seductive yellow Atelier Versace dress. The fitted cut of the outfit, a deep neckline and a slit to the thigh made it clear that the model is in great shape. Moreover, many fans noted that Irina began to look only more attractive!

3. Meghan Markle

Just two days after giving birth, Meghan Markle appeared in front of the cameras in a white dress with an emphasis on the waist. We admire the courage of the ex-duchess: while many hide the figure after giving birth, she consciously demonstrated that the female body changes, and this is normal. By the way, all our attention was rather focused on the face of a young mother - just look how much happiness and tenderness is on it!

4. Anastasia Reshetova

Beloved Timati very quickly got into shape after giving birth, as the photos on her Instagram clearly showed. The followers were all waiting for Anastasia to appear in public. The girl did not long torment her fans and a month after the birth of her son she was published. Together with Timati, she came to support the 16-year-old sister of rapper Anna Yunusova at the annual Tatler Debutante Ball. The celebrity chose an airy black floor-length dress with bare shoulders, which favorably emphasized her stately figure and rounded shapes.

5. Svetlana Loboda

The first appearance of Svetlana Loboda after childbirth happened just a month later: the singer visited the annual music award MUZ-TV. For the red carpet, she chose a tight-fitting black midi dress that accentuates her figure. It is worth noting that Svetlana looked great - a real superstar!

6. Anne Hathaway

For her first appearance at the Critics Choice Awards, Anne Hathaway opted not to wear a revealing outfit, but instead appeared in a figure-hugging gold dress with a plunging neckline. The fans appreciated the choice of the actress, and so did we: she looked just great.

7. Kate Middleton

In the morning, Kate gave birth to her third child, and in the evening she appeared before the cameras in an elegant dress, with neat styling and a sincere smile, as befits a true English lady. Not a trace of fatigue on her face - we applaud the Duchess's self-control.

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