10 stars who became fathers in the last year

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10 stars who became fathers in the last year
10 stars who became fathers in the last year

Actors, singers and athletes forget about star status when they take a baby in their arms for the first time. Timati, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Grigory Antipenko - who recently rejoiced at the addition to the family?

Dad's joy: 10 famous men who became fathers in the last year
Dad's joy: 10 famous men who became fathers in the last year


(son David, February 18, 2020, mother - Oksana Samoilova)

Rap artist Djigan (Denis Ustimenko-Weinstein) met model Oksana Samoilova in a nightclub and did not immediately realize that he had met his fate. The lovers quickly became inseparable, and in July 2011 the couple had a daughter, Ariel. In December 2012, Oksana and Denis got married. In September 2014, the second daughter, Leah, appeared in the family. Two years ago, Djigan and Oksana Samoilenko became the parents of a third girl, who was named Maya.

In early November 2019, the couple announced that they were expecting their fourth child - unplanned but desired. In January, the family flew to Miami for several months, where Oksana gave birth to a boy on February 18, 2020. Djigan and his wife named their long-awaited son David. The musician was present at the birth of Oksana and took the boy in his arms in the first minutes of his life. David Denis Ustimenko. 2020-18-02,” the artist triumphantly told the fans.

Timati - Anastasia Reshetova

(son Ratmir, October 16, 2019, mother - Anastasia Reshetova)

Hip-hop artist Timati has shown himself to be an involved caring father since the birth of his eldest daughter. Alice was born on March 19, 2014 in an elite clinic in the Dominican Republic. The musician was present at the birth of Alena Shishkova and cut the girl's umbilical cord himself.

Since 2015, the artist has been dating fashion model Anastasia Reshetova. On October 16, 2019, the couple had a son, Ratmir. Timati introduced Alice to his brother in the very first days, and now the musician's 5-year-old daughter willingly helps her father and grandmother take care of the baby.

Tigran Keosayan

(daughter Maro, October 19, 2019, mother Margarita Simonyan)

Tigran Keosayan is a father of many children. In the first marriage with actress Alena Khmelnitskaya, the director had daughters Alexander (1994) and Ksenia (2010). Since 2013, Keosayan has been living in a civil union with Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Russia Today channel. Even before the director's divorce from Alena Khmelnitskaya, the journalist gave birth to his daughter Maryana. In September 2014, the couple had a son, Bagrat

In the spring of 2019, Keosayan and Simonyan announced that they were expecting their third child together. On October 19, 2019, the couple had a daughter, Maro. Keosayan and Simonyan do not show the faces of children to fans. The couple prefers to leave their daughters and son the opportunity to make their own decisions about publicity when they grow up. Occasionally, Margarita publishes photos of children, covering their faces with stickers.

Dmitry Vlaskin

(daughter Lukerya, November 2019, mother Anna Begunova)

Dmitry Vlaskin married Anna Begunova in October 2018. The star of the films "In the constellation of Sagittarius", "Elastico" and the TV series "Fizruk" does not advertise his private life and rarely publishes joint photos with the actress. The couple managed to hide the second pregnancy of the actress and childbirth from journalists and fans. Only at the end of November, Dmitry Vlaskin said that he had become a father - Anna gave birth to a daughter, Lukerya. The couple also brings up the three-year-old Fedor, the son of Begunova from a civil union with the actor of the TV series "Kitchen" Sergey Lavygin.

Konstantin Khabensky

(daughter, hides name, February 1, 2019, mother - Olga Litvinova)

One of the most popular Russian actors, Konstantin Khabensky in 2018 presented his directorial debut - the film "Sobibor". In January 2000, the artist married journalist Anastasia Smirnova. In September 2007, the couple had a son, Ivan, and a year later, the artist's wife died of brain cancer.

June 3, 2016, the couple had a daughter, Alexandra. In early February 2016, it became known that Konstantin and Olga became parents again. The couple still hides the face of the youngest daughter and her name from the public. In July, Litvinova published a photo in which Khabensky plays with both girls, but soon deleted it.

Kirill Safonov

(son Leon, March 27, 2019, mother - Alexandra Savelyeva)

Kirill Safonov lived for 10 years in his first marriage with Elena, the mother of Anastasia's eldest daughter. Last year, the 24-year-old daughter of the artist got married, playing a wedding in Israel. In 2010, Kirill Safonov married the soloist of the Fabrika group Sasha Savelyeva, who is 10 years younger than him.

Fans have been waiting for news of a new addition to the family for almost nine years and "figured out" the singer's pregnancy, despite the couple's silence. On March 27, 2019, Sasha and Kirill had a son, Leon. The couple hide the child from journalists and the public, publishing only a photo with a stroller.

Stanislav Bondarenko

(daughter Michaela, March 26, 2019, mother Aurika Alekhina)

The star of the series "Give My Love Back", "What Men Want", "Ten Arrows for One" Stanislav Bondarenko does not make secrets from his personal life. The actor actively leads Instagram and talks about growing up daughters. Stanislav and his wife are happy to arrange informal photo shoots and do not hide the faces of the children.

The couple's first daughter, Alexia, was born in November 2017, and on March 26, 2019, Michaela was born. Stanislav's eldest son Mark is also growing up from his marriage to Yulia Cheplieva. The actor remains an involved father for the boy. Mark regularly spends time with the family of Stanislav and Aurika and is friends with his younger sisters.

Oskar Kuchera

(son Mark, July 9, 2019, mother - Yulia Kuchera)

Actor and TV presenter Oskar Kucera on July 9, 2019 became a father for the fifth time. His third wife Julia gave birth to a son. Mark became her fourth child, while the artist's 15-year-old son Alexander is growing up in a previous marriage. Julia and Oscar got married in 2007.

“Only when my fifth child was born, I realized what this great gift of God means - to be the father of a small bundle of happiness. Previously, I didn’t particularly strive to spend a lot of time with children, while they were quite crumbs,”Kuchera admitted.

Grigory Antipenko

(son Athanasius, July 3, 2019, hides his wife's name)

Grigory Antipenko became a father for the fourth time on June 3, 2019. His son Athanasius was born exactly 10 years after the actor's third child, Fedor. The star of the series "Don't Be Born Beautiful", "Retribution", "Black Label" hides the name of the new darling, saying only that he entered into an official marriage with her.

The actor maintains a relationship with 12-year-old Ivan and 10-year-old Fedor and takes part in their upbringing. Antipenko managed to avoid a violent conflict during parting with Takshina and maintain friendly relations. The eldest son of the artist, 20-year-old Alexander, was born in Grigory's first marriage.

Emmanuel Vitorgan

(daughter Clara, August 28, 2019. mother - Irina Vitorgan)

Emmanuel Vitorgan became a father again two years ago - on February 26, 2018, the artist and his wife Irina had a daughter, Ethel. On August 28, 2019, the couple became parents again - their second joint daughter Clara was born. Emanuel Vitorgan, 80, has two adult children - Ksenia Rumyantseva from her marriage to Tamara Rumyantseva and Maxim Vitorgan from actress Alla B alter.

The actor managed to become the grandfather of five grandchildren. Maxim Vitorgan has three children: 23-year-old Polina and 19-year-old Daniel from actress Victoria Verberg, three-year-old Plato from Ksenia Sobchak. The eldest daughter Ksenia Rumyantseva gave Emmanuel Gedeonovich a granddaughter Alexander and a grandson Nikita. Alexandra made Vitorgan Sr. twice great-grandfather - her son Mark and daughter Alice are growing up.

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