Hairstyles of stars

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Hairstyles of stars
Hairstyles of stars

No one will remember what celebrity hairstyles were originally. Everything has changed radically - both hair color and shape. And what was originally? Let's find out?

Changed color and straightened curls: do you remember the natural hair of the stars?
Changed color and straightened curls: do you remember the natural hair of the stars?

Mandy Moore

If you've watched This Is Us, you probably remember how Rebecca Pearson looks in different episodes. And as a teenager, the actress starred in commercials for gum and music videos - and everyone knew her as a blonde!

In a 2017 interview, Moore admitted that the decision to dye her hair brunette in 2002 was the best decision of her life: “I feel like myself. Then they saw me as the blonde in the music video and reacted accordingly, and then they started to take me seriously.”


It's hard to imagine, but naturally the actress has very curly hair! In early film work, you can still see her with a regular hairstyle, and then she began to straighten her curls: "It was difficult for me to put up with curls, all the girls looked different, and few people knew how to handle them at all." However, Zendaya admits that straightening is also not easy for her, but she does not want to return to curls for anything.

Blake Lively

The actress is better known in recent years as the wife of Ryan Reynolds and the mother of their three closely guarded children. But for Gossip Girl fans, she will remain Serena van der Woodsen. It's hard to imagine her not blonde, but in fact her natural hair color is chestnut!

During one of her pregnancies, she stopped dyeing them, but then returned to her usual light color.

Nicole Kidman

In the first films, the actress starred with red curly hair. Real. As she became more popular, Kidman began to straighten and lighten her hair. Few people remember her differently!

In an interview, she once said that she would advise her 20-year-old self to leave her hair alone: “When I started straightening, they told me how beautiful my curls were, but I didn’t believe anyone … I would like to return them "".

Katy Perry

The singer dyed her hair in many colors, and it's hard to remember which one is native.

When she recorded her first album, her hair could be called chestnut. And Katy just hated this color! She said she experimented with coloring since she was 15.

In 2016, Katy got a very short pixie haircut and became a platinum blonde. The singer admitted that she wants to be more authentic: "I want to be Katherine Hudson, like before, that sometimes I don't want to have anything to do with Katy Perry."

Olivia Wilde

Now the actress has a pretty ombre: a rich chestnut color at the roots and lightening at the ends. And once she was a natural blonde! “For several years I starred as a blonde, and then I repainted for one role - and I began to receive much more interesting role offers!” she recalls.

Wylde still wants to change his hair color for the next film, but complains that his hair does not respond well to frequent dyeing.

Kate Hudson

In 2017, the actress shaved off her famous blonde curls. And when her hair began to grow back, fans were surprised to notice that she was actually a brunette!

“It was strange for me to find out that people perceive you differently with a different hairstyle. And I was glad to get rid of the old hair,” Hudson shared in an interview.

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