Romantic stories of Hollywood men

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Romantic stories of Hollywood men
Romantic stories of Hollywood men

While in the movies men do beautiful things for women, in real life things are not so simple. But it turns out that in real life, famous men can surprise, so much so that any movie will be envious! 10 most incredible surprises - in our selection.

Madness for Love: The Actions of Alec Baldwin, The Rock Johnson and Other Stars
Madness for Love: The Actions of Alec Baldwin, The Rock Johnson and Other Stars

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

On screen, Dwayne Johnson is a formidable guy who, in our opinion, is not afraid of anything at all. And in life, the actor is still a romantic and a very sentimental person. In an interview, "The Rock" told fans about the surprise that Lauren Hashian organized for his beloved. Once, during dinner, he unexpectedly turned on the girl's favorite song - the song of the soul singer Percy Sledge When a man loves a woman and invited Lauren to dance. Later, the actor admitted that it was the most romantic act in his life. It's hard to imagine Dwayne as a romantic, but we'll try. In the meantime, enjoy his fearlessness in Amazon Treasures, an action-adventure comedy that airs on Cinema on February 21.

Ben Affleck

Another romantic on our list is Hollywood actor Ben Affleck. For his beloved Jennifer Garner, he prepared an unusual surprise. On the day of her 33rd birthday, a truck with a huge gift box drove up to the restaurant where the celebration took place. The actress was sure that nothing more than a car was hidden in it. Imagine her surprise when instead of an iron friend there was a very tiny box. Inside lay the coveted diamond ring.

David Beckham

What do you think of the remarriage idea? This is how the legendary footballer decided to surprise his wife. He secretly organized a ceremony at which they once again pronounced their marriage vows, and then took Victoria to Paris. In the French capital, David gave his wife full carte blanche in choosing a wedding gift. We think there is one more reason to admire Beckham!

John Legend

The American singer, Grammy and Oscar winner decided to surprise his beloved in a special way. His wife (model Chrissy Teigen) dreamed of becoming a ballerina since childhood. Imagine her surprise when, having come home for her and her husband's anniversary, she found a ballet troupe in her living room, which prepared a small show for her. The girl was delighted with the surprise and later admitted that her husband literally fulfilled her childhood dream.

Alec Baldwin

This Hollywood handsome man did a real man's deed in the name of love. Having met Kim Basinger on his bachelor path, he completely lost his head and was ready to follow her even to the ends of the world. At that time, the actress experienced serious financial difficulties. She refused to fulfill her obligations under the contract for the film "Elena in a box", and she was fined $ 9 million. Agree, the amount is rather big even for Hollywood stars. Alec was ready to do anything for his beloved and paid off the ill-fated debt to the filmmakers. This is truly generosity that knows no bounds!

Travis Scott

Travis Scott prepared a truly fabulous gift for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner on her birthday. The rapper literally strewed her mansion with scarlet rose petals. The singer accompanied this flower madness with a touching card with a declaration of love.

Kanye West

Another virtuoso of surprises is Kanye West. For Valentine's Day, the rapper invited the legendary Grammy award-winning saxophonist Kenny G to his and Kim's home. The living room, where the performer was supposed to perform, West made hundreds of multi-colored roses in vases - to finally defeat his beloved. It must be assumed that he achieved his goal and Kim was delighted.

Ashton Kutcher

Hollywood actor tries as often as possible to pamper his wife Mila Kunis with all sorts of pleasant surprises. After the story with the book of his ex-wife Demi Moore, in which she frankly told how despotic Kutcher can be in a relationship, the public began to condemn the behavior of the actor in order to somehow distract himself and save his wife from worries, Ashton organized a romantic trip to Disneyland Paris. The lovers took their children with them: five-year-old daughter Wyatt and three-year-old son Dimitri.

Alex Rodriguez

It is unlikely that on the day of her 50th birthday, Jennifer Lopez expected to see a brand new Porsche under the windows of the mansion, tied with a red bow. This is how her fiancé Alex Rodriguez decided to congratulate her beloved. The baseball legend prepared thoroughly and even kept a diary of anguish over the gift. Rodriguez then published his agony of choice on social networks.

Ryan Gosling

And for dessert, we left Ryan Gosling and his heartfelt speech during the Golden Globes. The actor received the coveted statuette in 2017. Having risen to the stage, the handsome man gave the audience his trademark intriguing look from under his brows and said that he owes all his achievements to his wife, Eva Mendes. How we would love to be in her place!

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