Kitchen cleaning hacks: where the dirt hides

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Kitchen cleaning hacks: where the dirt hides
Kitchen cleaning hacks: where the dirt hides

Even if you think your kitchen is clean, it may turn out that it only seems that everything could be much cleaner. Sometimes we don't know about it until someone tells us. Here are some of these places in your kitchen.

Could be cleaner! Kitchen Cleaning Hacks
Could be cleaner! Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

1. You don't wash glasses by hand

Of course, putting them in the dishwasher is easier than washing them by hand. But not all cookware agrees. For example, crystal is not recommended for washing in a car, and gilding from glasses easily flies around under the influence of strong cleaners.

2. You put utensils in the dishwasher incorrectly

It is very convenient to arrange the forks in a row so that you can put them in a storage container later. But it is better to put the forks and spoons with the handle down, then up, so that they are all washed well.

3. You are using an all-purpose cleaner on steel surfaces

For steel, there are special products that do not spoil the surface and give it a shine.

4. You don't clean the outside of the kettle and coffee machine

But a lot of dirt settles on them! Wash them once, and then wipe after each use - and then they will always be clean. And inside they need to be cleaned once a month.

5. You wash your knives incorrectly

Most of them should not be machine washed, especially wooden handled knives that dry out in hot water.

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