10 fashion mistakes and wardrobe rules for women over 50

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10 fashion mistakes and wardrobe rules for women over 50
10 fashion mistakes and wardrobe rules for women over 50

What to wear for women over 50? In fact, you are free to choose whatever you want. But there is also a stylist's point of view. What things will add age, and what will look ridiculous? Here are 10 mistakes that older women make the most.

10 fashion mistakes women over 50 make
10 fashion mistakes women over 50 make

As we grow older, our wardrobe, like our habits, must change. After all, no one wants to look vulgar in a miniskirt, or add age to strange shoes (no, there are, of course, strange shoes that only add charisma at 50 and 70, but I’m talking about other cases now). Short haircuts, floral dresses, shapeless things and much more will not always adorn you. Using the example of bloggers from different countries who are over 50, we will tell you how to choose the right clothes for yourself. Let's break down what are the most common mistakes women make after 50.

1. Colorful colors

With age, you need to choose colors more carefully and accurately, because even young girls do not suit everyone, for example, floral prints, let alone adult ladies. No need to immediately throw stones at me and shout that you will not wear plain things all the time, no one forces you to wear black forever! It’s just that prints can be a little calmer, “more expensive”, less vulgar and less girlish. When choosing printed items, it is best to choose something simple and concise for them. And of course, the print should be proportional to your figure, because a large pattern can expand, and a small flower can be very forgiving.

2. Mini

The length of the mini is very insidious, and even if you have a great figure and you have accepted all the changes that have occurred due to age, abandoning all the complexes, you should not wear a mini after 50. At this age, it is better to look elegant and "expensive" than funny and ridiculous (nothing personal, stylist's point of view). It is for this reason that it is better to choose skirts, shorts and dresses of classic English length (two fingers above or below the knee) or midi, mid-calf length. This length will make the image more mysterious and comfortable for you.

3. Weird looking shoes

I often see how many women after fifty begin to choose “comfortable” shoes, neglecting heels and their appearance. This is a big mistake! You should not refuse heels, they always make the walk more feminine, the figure is more elongated and the posture is more majestic. No one forces you to walk on ten-centimeter stiletto heels, and from morning to evening, you can choose boats with a 3-4 centimeter glass, or ankle boots with a stable square heel. In addition, you can always put an orthopedic insole inside, which will relieve stress. If you still decide to give up heels, then you can always choose stylish loafers, slippers or even flat boots.

5. Shapeless and tight clothes

There are women who, trying to hide their figure, put on shapeless dresses, starting from afar to resemble a "pouch with a head." And there are those who, on the contrary, according to the old habit, continue to wear everything tight, demonstrating not their own virtues at all. So, no need to go to extremes, always choose the golden mean. For example, with a voluminous sweater, you can wear a silk skirt, and a voluminous shirt dress can be girded with a belt. The main thing is to correctly place accents and play on the contrasts of textures.

6. Lots of jewelry

Over the years of life, a lot of jewelry accumulates in the wardrobe of every woman, but this does not mean that they need to be worn all at once. Minimalism in the image will emphasize the aristocracy. Watches, rings and earrings will be enough. If you decide to wear a large necklace, then small studs in your ears, and not big "chandeliers", will be the best neighbors.

7. Too young stuff

Choosing clothes that are too youthful is also not worth it. You are at the age when elegance is your best assistant. Too torn jeans, leggings, mini-skirts, blouses with a deep neckline - all this can look vulgar. You just need to understand that the classics can be not boring, and skillfully use it.

8. Faded and dirty colors

Dirty and incomprehensible colors will not decorate you, choose those colors that will refresh you. At the same time, there is no rule that it can only be pastel shades, if you want something bright - do not be shy, age is not a reason to dress in black. The main thing is that this or that color suits your type. To do this, you just need to try on several shades of the same color and look at yourself in the mirror with all the criticality. In general, fitting rooms exist for this.

9. Cheap underwear

After 50, a woman cannot afford to wear cheap, low-quality underwear. Now underwear should already perform several tasks at once: support in one place, pull in another, be comfortable and … of course beautiful. Here, any bra from a youth store will not cope with this. And yes, do not be shy about wearing shapewear, especially if you are going out somewhere. After all, even Hollywood stars do not disdain them, and you should not.

10. Short haircuts and dark coloring

Many women over 50 try to make their haircut so as not to spend much time in front of the mirror. Someone thinks that a short haircut and dark shades are young. But at this age, when you are already confident in yourself and know what you like, you can experiment. Maybe grow your hair out? First, try a bob, then - longer, repaint in a radically different color or do highlighting. Or maybe it’s worth accepting your age and not painting over the gray hair at all, but emphasizing it? Find a hairstylist who can make all your wishes come true.

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