The most popular and best fragrances for women and men

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The most popular and best fragrances for women and men
The most popular and best fragrances for women and men

Musk, jasmine, oud and other notes that cost women billions of dollars.

The 7 best selling fragrances of all time
The 7 best selling fragrances of all time

According to a study by Cosmetics Business, we spend $51 billion a year on perfumery. So what fragrances have women around the world been investing in for decades?

J'adore, Dior, from 4120 RUB

Fragrance released in 1999, the literal translation from the French "J'Adore" means "I adore!". The face of the novelty was Charlize Theron, personifying he althy feminism and the independence of women, who, with a strong character, remained feminine and tender. The perfume justified its philosophy, thousands of women around the world fell in love with it. We are sure that you once had a coveted golden bottle on your dressing table. Or maybe you still use it? Indeed, for 20 years, the demand for J'Adore has not fallen at all, it is still the bestseller of the House of Dior.

Chanel №5, Chanel, from 5600 RUB

The legendary fragrance turns 100 next year. In 1921, Coco asked to create "a perfume for a woman that smells like a woman". Ernest Beaux, a perfumer of the Russian royal court who fled to Paris during the revolution, gave her a choice of 10 compositions. Mademoiselle opted for the fifth fragrance, hence the name of the perfume.

33 years after the fragrance was born, Marilyn Monroe will tell reporters that she only wears "A few drops of Chanel Nº 5" at night. It was the best advertisement for an already popular fragrance. Chanel Nº 5 has been swept off the shelves for a century, no wonder if it continues to be relevant in the next.

Black Opium, YSL, from 3400 RUB

The first Opium appeared in 1977 and caused a wave of negativity and aggression. The fashion house was accused of promoting drugs and a hectic lifestyle. It is not surprising that black PR played in favor of the novelty - people wanted to make a personal little rebellion by buying provocative perfumes. Sales in France exceeded forecasts by 15 times. For many years, the perfume remained the brand's bestseller, until its flanker, Black Opium, was released in 2014, which broke the pillar record. According to statistics, the new product is bought twice as often as the very first Opium.

Oud & Bergamot Rich, Jo Malone from 6600 RUB

Relatively young fragrance in our selection. According to research by the American website Byrdie, it is Oud & Bergamot Rich that is bought by all millennials. The cologne became the brand's most recognizable perfume and broke all sales records. Perhaps the performance was influenced by the fact that perfume is equally loved by both women and men.

Mon Guerlain, Guerlain, from 4000 RUB

D 2017, when Thierry Wasser finished work on Mon Guerlain, said that he sees only one woman as the face of the brand - Angelina Jolie. The only problem was that the actress rarely agrees to take part in advertising campaigns, but she could not resist. The bet was extremely accurate: Jolie's fans now wanted not only her profile and lips, but also her perfume. Mon Guerlain was swept off the shelves in the first week. And today, the perfume remains one of the best-selling women's fragrances, they take it as a gift, replenish the collection and millions of women do not even risk cheating on it.

L'Air du Temps, Nina Ricci, RUB 3198

The fragrance was created in the post-war 1948. The son of Nina Ricci asked the perfumer Francis Fabron to enclose in the bottle a feeling of happiness, peace and tranquility for war-weary European women. Musk and amber are felt in the fragrance, but the exact formula of L'Air du Temps has been kept secret for more than 60 years. Even the bottle of the legend has become symbolic: its lid is decorated with a pair of doves - messengers of peace.

3 L'imperatrice, Dolce&Gabbana

The legendary "empress" has nothing to do with the royal title. The perfume is part of the Dolce & Gabbana Anthology perfume line dedicated to Tarot cards, where the third of the Major Arcana is called the Empress. The fragrance's star ambassador is Naomi Campbell - wild, bold and unusual, just like the fragrance itself. The trio eclipsed the other four fragrances of the collection, already at the start of sales in 2009, 3 L'imperatrice brought Dolce & Gabbana more money than the rest of the fragrances in the line. Admit it, did you also remember this sweet trail as soon as you read the title?

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