Stars who were soldered by loved ones

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Stars who were soldered by loved ones
Stars who were soldered by loved ones

Sometimes strange things are done out of love. Let's remember the stars whose alcohol addiction was influenced by someone close to them.

Husbands and even grandmothers: how relatives influence the addiction of stars to alcohol
Husbands and even grandmothers: how relatives influence the addiction of stars to alcohol

Last year, a rumor spread in the media: the singer Tatyana Ovsienko was getting drunk by her husband. Soon after that, the artist herself got in touch and said: it's all fiction. But the anxiety of the fans can be understood - after the death of Valentina Legkostupova, who drank with her husband before an emergency hospitalization, the "disappearance" of her beloved star from the radar causes concern. Let's remember which of the stars really got drunk with the participation of relatives.

Valentina Legkostupova - fatally injured at home

The death of the singer, performer of the famous "Yagoda-raspberry", caused a wide resonance. Valentina Legkostupova was brought to the hospital with a severe head injury, and she died a few days later. Almost immediately, information appeared that Valentina was soldered by her husband, yachtsman Yuri Firsov, and that it was he who was guilty of her death. Dana Borisova repeated this especially insistently: she assured that Firsov purposefully accustomed his wife to alcohol. Legkostupova's relatives also adhere to this version. It is known that the singer's son, Matvey, tried to prevent his mother from drinking, which caused a scandal between him and his stepfather. Firsov reportedly left for Turkey after his wife's death.

Edith Piaf - grandma got drunk

Edith Piaf was born "at the wrong time": in the midst of the First World War. Her father was at the front, her mother had nothing to live on, the girl ended up in the village with her grandmother. She never went a day without wine. And so that the little granddaughter would sleep soundly and not bother her with crying, the “kind” grandmother mixed wine into milk. As an adult, Edith struggled with her addiction to alcohol and drugs for a long time.

Elizabeth Taylor - drank with her husband

The American actress sought to save her husband, British actor Richard Burton, from addiction. But more and more I drank with him. Soon the actress drank no less than her husband, grew stout, lost her beauty … At some point, however, she managed to pull herself together. But Burton couldn't. She mourned his death for many years.

Irina Rodnina - parents started pouring in childhood

According to some media reports, Irina Rodnina admitted: she used to drink a glass or two of red wine at dinner as a teenager, her parents poured it, and the athlete always repeated that there was nothing “such” in this. And then, already an adult, depression once fell on Irina: once in America, she could not get used to the new reality for a long time, she did not know English, eminent athletes did not want to work with her, there was no coaching experience.

Then things got better with work, but the second husband left Irina, and she was very afraid that he would take her daughter away from her through the court. The athlete began to drink. Her son brought her out of this state. Only then did Rodnina seem to wake up. She returned to her homeland as a different Irina - the former invincible athlete, as everyone here knew and remembered her. Now in an interview, Irina Rodnina says that in fact she would never drink herself even in a difficult situation, those small portions that she allowed herself helped her not to break.

Tatyana Dogileva - she was almost killed by parties

Popular artists always have a lot of fans and those who want to drink with them. Tatyana Dogileva has repeatedly admitted her problems with alcohol: according to the actress, she started drinking while attending parties and premieres, and then she could not stop for a long time. Soon she was no longer offered roles, and she felt that she was sinking deeper into alcoholism.

Realizing that everything could end badly, Dogileva decided to be treated. Now, as the actress said in an interview, she should not touch alcohol at all. Unfortunately, she has occasional breakdowns.

Larisa Guzeeva - saw with her husband

Becoming a star after the release of the film "Cruel Romance", Larisa Guzeeva began to drink. However, addiction appeared after marriage: as it turned out, her husband suffered not only from alcoholism, but also from drug addiction, and Larisa quickly got used to drinking with him. Doses were increasing, he alth was leaving. This went on for seven whole years. Only then did Guzeeva finally realize that she was in danger of losing not only her profession, but also her life. The actress pulled herself together and promised to stop drinking forever. Larisa kept her word: she still does not drink.

Natalya Andreichenko - nearly died of alcohol abuse

She was only 24 when her husband, Maxim Dunayevsky, the famous composer, started pouring alcohol on her. Young Andreichenko quickly felt all the “charms” of female alcoholism. Once her father saw her in a drunken state. He tried to take the bottle away from his daughter, but he couldn’t… The actress for a long time did not agree to admit her addiction and go to the clinic. The actress made the final decision only after she suffered a clinical death. According to some reports, the treatment was successful, and Andreichenko does not drink anymore.

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