What happened to those who won large sums

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What happened to those who won large sums
What happened to those who won large sums

Win a large amount of money - what happiness! Almost everyone dreams about this. It seems that all the problems after winning should be left behind. Does this easy money really bring happiness?

Crazy stories of lottery winners: how to get rid of money quickly
Crazy stories of lottery winners: how to get rid of money quickly

Gave all the winnings to the first woman she met

A resident of Nigeria named Rosemary once won a rather serious amount in the lottery - about 16 thousand euros. It was shown on local television. To the question - where will she spend the winnings? - Rosemary, without hesitation, replied: "I'll give it to the first person I meet!". Everyone thought it was some kind of joke. But the woman actually cashed the check in the bank and then handed the full amount to a beggar woman with a small child who was sitting on the street begging.

The beggar could not believe her eyes, and then began to warmly thank, hug everyone around and scream with happiness. She promised to “tie up” with begging, because this amount allowed her to start some kind of business like selling food. When asked why she made such a decision, Rosemary explained that she had heard many stories about the misfortunes that fell on those who won a lot of money, and she decided to avoid such a fate.

5 year shopping craze

Vivian Nicholson became famous back in 1961 after she won $3 million. She answered the question of journalists in a completely different way than Rosemary. The woman admitted that she dreams of only one thing - “spend, spend and spend!”. Three million at that time was a really huge amount, which was enough for 5 years of crazy shopping. Vivian bought everything indiscriminately: beautiful clothes, jewelry, cars, cosmetics…

All these 5 years her life was in full swing: she became a widow, married and divorced five times, suffered a stroke, recovered, became addicted to alcohol, then got rid of this addiction, attempted suicide twice and visited a psychiatric clinic. Today, according to the media, Vivian is a modest pensioner who receives a $300 pension and lives alone, remembering her former we alth.

I increased my breasts, skipped the rest

Kelly Rogers became lucky as a teenager: when she won 1.9 million euros, she was only 16 years old. Is it worth expecting a reasonable attitude towards money from a teenage girl? First of all, Kelly fulfilled her dream - she enlarged her breasts. And the rest of the money just squandered, spending on dresses and parties.

After 6 years, Kelly became a mother of two children, during this time she tried to commit suicide twice, and she has no money: only those that she receives working as a maid.

Damned ticket took everything away

West Virginia's Andrew Jackson once won an after-tax amount of $144 million. He was a fairly we althy 55-year-old man, with his own construction business. Andrew's large friendly family was happy for him and began to wait for changes for the better.

But everything turned out sadly. At first, Andrew donated 10% of the winnings to charity, but then negative character traits apparently took over: she started driving drunk and got fined several times, threatened the bartender, and was held accountable.

Then he was twice robbed of large sums of money. The casino sued him for counterfeit checks he used to pay. His wife left him. The granddaughter, whom he gave a lot of pocket money, became a drug addict and died of an overdose. In the same year, the daughter died. Andrew said in an angry interview: "I wish I had torn that damned ticket!".

Killed by envious relatives

An American named Jeffrey hit the jackpot in 1986. The generous guy, without a shadow of a doubt, began to give gifts to all relatives: someone bought a car, someone tickets to an expensive resort, someone even a house. But there were relatives who didn’t have enough gifts: they wanted everything at once. Jeffrey's daughter-in-law was called Victoria, and this woman, conspiring with her boyfriend, kidnapped the happy millionaire and shot him. When they were arrested, she confessed: the only motive for the crime was black envy. The killers received life sentences.

Giving and losing everything I won

Evelyn Adams won over $5 million. All the acquaintances immediately began to stretch out their hands to her, and the woman, as she later admitted, could not learn the word "no": she could not refuse anyone. In addition, she became addicted to slot machines and lost a lot of money on them. Very quickly, there was nothing left of the winnings, and she settled in the trailer, losing all her we alth.

I still owe the state

In 2009, all the media wrote about this man: Albert Begrakyan became the proud owner of 100 million rubles by winning the lottery. What did he spend it on? To begin with, he fulfilled his dream - he bought an apartment in St. Petersburg. Then he forked out for a luxurious Lexus. And in order to secure his future, he bought a plot in the Krasnodar Territory, deciding to build a hotel there. In addition, approximately 10 million Albert distributed in debt. And I also managed to have a good vacation with my family.

Then the money melted at an alarming rate. And it soon became clear that Albert was deeply in debt: after all, he had not paid the tax on winnings, that is, he had violated the law. Now he owes 5 million rubles, he is forbidden to leave the country. But he became famous: he still continues to be invited to talk shows, and he once again talks about his adventure, admitting that he is very sorry for how unwisely he acted.

The win became the salvation

But winning doesn't bring bad luck to everyone. A woman named Margarita was in despair: her husband left her with two children and sued her apartment! Problems piled up on all sides. To somehow get distracted, Margarita decided to visit a friend and bought a train ticket. The conductor offered a lottery ticket, and the woman did not refuse. Imagine her astonishment when she realized that she had won a huge amount! The journey of despair has become a journey of happiness. She was able to buy good housing for herself and the children, a car, and happily conveyed to her ex-husband: “You can keep everything for yourself, we can manage without you.”

Happy farmer

Locksmith Yevgeny Sidorov, after winning 35 million rubles, acted very reasonably: from Moscow, where he lived with his family, the man moved to his homeland, to the Lipetsk region, and there he took up the development of farming with might and main. Eugene created a pond with carps, built cowsheds, and repaired roads. One must think that the locals are very happy about his win.

Convinced drunks money will not bring happiness

And this story will make you think about the chance that fate gives everyone, but not everyone can take advantage of this chance. The Mukhametzyanovs were known in the Ufa region as a family of drunkards; they did not work anywhere, surviving on odd jobs. In 2001 they won a million dollars. It would seem that here it is, the opportunity to start all over again!

The Mukhametzyanovs bought several apartments. But one of them burned down. We bought several cars - but quickly crashed one of them, driving drunk. Children dropped out of school and began to live life with might and main, not counting alcohol and drugs. Out of nowhere, crowds of relatives appeared…

In 2006, Nadezhda Mukhametzyanova died. By then, the family had become destitute again, having lost everything.

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