Fashion rules that are outdated: don't follow these tips

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Fashion rules that are outdated: don't follow these tips
Fashion rules that are outdated: don't follow these tips

Collected 10 style "commandments" to leave in the past.

Don't wear white in winter? 10 fashion rules that are outdated
Don't wear white in winter? 10 fashion rules that are outdated

You must have heard that horizontal stripes visually increase the figure, fat ones do not need to wear tight clothes, and high heels. Well, rules are there to be broken, especially since they are no longer relevant.

You can't wear black with navy blue

Navy blue and black is a chic combination that looks great in one outfit. For example, a navy blue cashmere sweater, skinny jeans and black leather loafers are the perfect way to create an elegant look.

Big breasts should be hidden, and small ones should be enlarged

Stereotypes about women's breasts are a thing of the past along with women's complexes about their size. In fact, there are no rules about which size should be emphasized and which should be hidden. There are only your own preferences, moods and situations in which a deep neckline is appropriate or, conversely, a strict style is preferable. As for etiquette, formally a woman has the right to refuse even a bra, because not a single modern dress code prescribes its mandatory presence. Although, at business meetings, you should still appear in underwear.

No mini and long hair after forty years

Many women have already proved more than once that this rule has not been relevant for a long time. Any stylist will tell you that there is no universal hairstyle for women of elegant age. If everything is in order with the he alth of the hair, and the length suits you, do not listen to other people's advice. And when "the soul asks" to wear a mini-skirt, be inspired by the images of Hollywood beauties, they know exactly how to wear a mini at 40 and 50 years old and look spectacular at the same time.

The bag must be the same color as the shoes

And it's even better if gloves, a neckerchief and a hat are the same shade. Perhaps, dressed like this, you will look like an English queen, only now such sets will look outdated. This style remained in the distant 50s. And in our time, more and more often you can find a combination of massive sneakers with a feminine clutch or, conversely, studs with a fanny pack. You should not completely ignore the combination of accessories; when choosing the color of shoes and a handbag, it is enough for the shades to harmonize with each other.

Cannot wear yellow and white metal together

Instead of the old stereotype that silver and gold cannot be worn together, a new rule has appeared: you can mix and match metals, even famous jewelers and designers make jewelry by combining different shades of metals. Jewelry from such experiments only benefit.

You can not combine different prints in one look

Another outdated stereotype. You can, and young designers do it with pleasure, boldly combining different prints with each other. Of course, this requires a subtle sense of style, but if you are confident in your abilities, combine without being afraid to experiment. In the end, modern fashion only welcomes courage and originality.

White clothes are only suitable for summer

Don't wear black jackets and coats as soon as it gets cold outside. It is the white color that makes the image chic and allows you to stand out from the crowd. In addition, a white coat or down jacket is a kind of blank sheet of paper on which you can draw with bright colors. Add interesting color accessories to your outerwear, and you will look luxurious in white in autumn and winter.

Glitter is only good for evenings

Glitter was once part of the evening look. It was believed that in everyday life they look ridiculous and too pretentious, and lovers of sequins and lurex were classified as ladies with dubious taste. Now shiny things do not leave the list of top trends, jackets, dresses, jackets and accessories are increasingly sewn from shiny fabrics, but there is one rule: glitter details are best combined with the most neutral clothes.

Horizontal stripes make you fat

Even in the 19th century, the German physicist Hermann von Helmholtz argued that women's dresses with transverse stripes make the figure slimmer, but for 150 years it has not been possible to convince women of this. In fact, it all depends on the width of these strips. Provided that the gaps between them are narrow, horizontal stripes will not increase the volume. But things in a thin, light stripe on a dark background look the most advantageous on the figure.

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