Catherine Deneuve: 10 facts from the life of one of France's most beloved actresses

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Catherine Deneuve: 10 facts from the life of one of France's most beloved actresses
Catherine Deneuve: 10 facts from the life of one of France's most beloved actresses

The legend of world cinema is 78 years old today. In honor of the star's birthday, we talk about the brightest events in her life.

Catherine Deneuve: 10 rare photos and interesting facts about the actress
Catherine Deneuve: 10 rare photos and interesting facts about the actress

Legendary French actress, symbol of femininity and muse of great directors celebrates her birthday today. The real name of the actress is Catherine Fabien Dorléac. She was born in the family of French dramatic actor Maurice Taignac (pseudonym-Dorleac) and Rene Deneuve. The family had three daughters. Katrin was average and the only one of all who did not want to link her fate with the acting profession, Katrin dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

She got on the set thanks to her older sister - Francoise Dorléac, the girls had a difference of 1.5 years. In order not to confuse the public, they took different surnames: Françoise - the father's pseudonym - Dorleac, and Catherine - the mother's maiden name - Deneuve.

Fame came to Catherine Deneuve in 1964, after the triumphant release of the musical film "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and success at the Cannes Film Festival.

In the summer of 1967, Catherine's sister, Françoise, was driving a car to the airport in Nice. On a difficult section of the road, she lost control, the car turned over and caught fire. Witnesses saw her try to get out of the burning car but couldn't. After the tragedy, the film "Girls from Rochefort" was released, in which the sisters played together.

The death of her sister was a terrible shock for Catherine Deneuve, but she found salvation in work, filming wherever possible. The audience's interest in the young actress began to grow, and soon Catherine Deneuve received leading roles only from the best directors in France.

When Catherine was seventeen, she met director Roger Vadim, who was twice as old as the actress. She ran away from home, moved to live with her lover, and three years later gave birth to a son, Christian, becoming a young mother at twenty.

After the birth of the child, Roger Vadim proposed to Deneuve, but she refused.

Son Christian Vadim, at birth Christian Igor Kristof Plemyannikov, has Russian roots. His paternal grandfather was the Russian nobleman Igor Plemyannikov, who emigrated to France after the revolution.

The only official husband of the actress was British photographer David Bailey. They were married for 7 years, but in fact, Deneuve left David a year after the wedding, making sure that she was not created for family life and marriage.

Much later, as a result of a long romance with actor Marcello Mastroianni, daughter Chiara was born. Roman Catherine and Marcello was stormy and bright, Catherine was especially happy and beautiful in those years, but the actress still refused the offer to become Marcello's official wife, shortly answering "no". For some time, the lovers lived in a civil marriage, but a year after the birth of their daughter, relations began to deteriorate and soon the couple broke up.

During the filming of the film "Policeman" in 1972, which took place almost immediately after the birth of her daughter Chiara, there were rumors about the romance of Deneuve and her partner in the film, Alain Delon. Later, the actress admitted that it was just a PR campaign for the upcoming film.

Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu are old friends. Once Depardieu said in an interview: "Catherine is the man I would like to become." Of course, they were credited with a romantic relationship, but they never gave reason to doubt their real, strong friendship.

Catherine Deneuve was never able to cope with her main bad habit - smoking. She smokes thin cigarettes, starts her day with coffee and the news, and all questions about her appearance and talk about how good she looks, replies that this is nothing more than a cliché.

By the way, the actress has a tattoo on her back.

Catherine Deneuve is very close with her children, and besides she has five grandchildren. “Children are my biggest success in life,” the actress is sure.

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