Rating of the worst gifts for the New Year

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Rating of the worst gifts for the New Year
Rating of the worst gifts for the New Year

What not to give to loved ones, so as not to spoil their mood and not waste money.

Top Worst New Year'sts
Top Worst New Year'sts

While you are racking your brains on what to give your loved ones for the New Year, we have compiled a list of gifts that should not be given. Eliminate them and it will be easier to choose.

Souvenirs with New Year symbols

It is unlikely that a magnet or keychain can be considered a gift, besides, few people now stick them on the refrigerator. All year this gift will be gathering dust somewhere on the shelf and will become irrelevant by the next New Year.

Soft toy

Giving a soft toy to an adult girl is no longer fashionable. Yes, at the moment a huge bear can cause pleasant emotions, but then it becomes a real problem - it takes up a lot of space, collects dust and is not even very happy.


Of course, if you know exactly what the recipient wants and its size, then the gift will come in handy. But if you buy a sweater or, even worse, shoes, it is not a fact that the gift will be desired. Here, either agree in advance, or choose another gift.

Gifts with jokes

First of all, everyone has a different sense of humor. Secondly, T-shirts with jokes or mugs with supposedly funny inscriptions are echoes of the past. It is better to give a certificate for a fun quest or an amusement park.


Especially the ones that say something along the lines of "Happy New Year 2021!". This will no longer be relevant by the morning of January 1st. It's better to give a bathrobe or a set of really cool towels without inscriptions and the symbol of the year.


This is too much responsibility. An animal is not a toy to give thoughtlessly. Another thing is when you know that the recipient dreams of a golden retriever and will be insanely happy. But even here it is better to go together and buy a puppy, so that the owner himself chooses the future pet.


Many people buy dishes in a set and one purple mug among white porcelain is unlikely to take root. Yes, and we can’t know if a colleague needs a Teflon pan, all of a sudden she doesn’t cook at home at all. Such a gift can be given to mom, but obviously not for the New Year, but just like that. Still, in the New Year, everyone is waiting for magic, not household gifts.


Why try to become part of someone else's interior? Everything is already thought out there. Figurines are the most re-gifted gift, because no one wants to dust them off and litter the house with them. Give something that you want to leave and rejoice.

Hygiene products

Shampoos, shower gels, razors and more have already become the heroes of memes. But they stubbornly continue to give. Yes, they are now packaged as beautifully as possible, but leave the person the right to choose for himself which shampoo to wash his hair with. Better give a certificate to a cosmetics store and let him choose what he needs with pleasure.

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