Why do we need a genetic beauty test?

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Why do we need a genetic beauty test?
Why do we need a genetic beauty test?

It is enough to take this test just once to start spending money on beauty correctly.

Expensive cream is not needed! How a genetic beauty test can save money
Expensive cream is not needed! How a genetic beauty test can save money

Today genetic tests are at the peak of popularity. They are made not only to detect diseases, but also to select individual skin care. Do genetic tests really “know” everything about us and how it works, says European Medical Center geneticist Vera Zarubina.

What is a genetic beauty test?

For the reaction to procedures, aging and the general condition of our skin, a certain combination of genes is responsible. For everyone, this combination is individual, which is why what suits your girlfriend can harm you. The My Genetics beauty test helps determine how your skin will react to certain cosmetic items and tell you in advance whether, for example, laser resurfacing will help you.

The results of the test will show how prone your skin is to photoaging, how well it retains moisture and how quickly it loses elasticity. Yes, all this can be calculated in advance and prevented. For example, if your genes do not retain moisture in the skin, you need to focus on biorevitalization, and you continue to do peels and be surprised at the lack of effect. Based on the test data, you will be able to choose the right care and go to beauticians with them.

How to pass the test?

The phrase "DNA test" gives the impression that this is a complex and lengthy procedure. In fact, everything is simple. At a convenient time for you, the courier will bring a tube containing an envelope with sterile probes and instructions. The probe is a special cotton swab that needs to be drawn along the inside of the cheek (for 30-40 seconds, and then let the cotton tip dry a little) - genetic material is collected from it. The procedure must be repeated with all three probes. Then the courier arrives, picks up the samples packed in an envelope and transfers them to the My Genetics laboratory. After 2-3 weeks, an e-book with test results and comments appears in your personal account on the site.

What is a genetic passport?

This is the same report that you get after testing. It has as many as 104 pages dedicated only to you, the book itself is conveniently divided into chapters:

Mechanical properties

Here you will find out how your skin is prone to stretch marks, whether collagen is produced well in the tissues. See if there is a predisposition to bone tissue disorders. Based on these results, you can understand whether it is worth doing aggressive procedures like grinding and cleaning - if the skin is prone to the appearance of keloid scars, this is contraindicated.


The results show how quickly the skin loses moisture. If too fast, then the risk of early wrinkles is quite high - you need to focus on injections and choose cosmetics with hyaluronic acid.

Antioxidant protection

The section will talk about the body's ability to counteract free radicals. If the ability is low, anti-oxidative creams should appear on your shelves much earlier than the conventional 35 years.

Vitamin Needs

It's not just about deficit and surplus. This section shows how your skin will react to the lack of certain components. You will be able to take regular tests and quickly adjust the process.


Everyone talks about the dangers of sugar, but you may not be afraid of it. This chapter will talk about how your body reacts to sweets and whether it makes sense to give up cakes and chocolates in the fight for clear skin.


Genetics determines the body's response to solar radiation. We all are told that the sun is bad for the skin, but in fact, the susceptibility to the sun's rays is individual. For some people, the sun is good for them - they produce vitamin D and get rid of acne, while for others, skin cells begin to break down, which leads to dryness, inflammation and even burns.


Here you can clearly see how the skin reacts to certain components in cosmetics. Perhaps the retinol that you use to smooth out wrinkles provokes acne or rosacea. Or one of the components of the meso-cocktail nullifies all efforts. Then it will be enough to remove the unwanted element in order to get the most out of both home and salon care.


Have you noticed that some girls curl their hair every day or dry it with a hot air dryer and at the same time walk with gorgeous hair? Unfortunately, the beauty of hair is 90% a gift from the ancestors. Here you will find out how your hair reacts to thermal effects, how it grows, what it lacks and whether there is a risk of falling out.

Despite the fact that today genetic tests have become more affordable, they still remain relatively expensive. That is why we recommend that you first consult a geneticist and, based on his recommendations, make a diagnosis. Only in this case you will pass the examination that you need and will give the doctors comprehensive information about your he alth.

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