7 interesting facts about Renata Litvinova

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7 interesting facts about Renata Litvinova
7 interesting facts about Renata Litvinova

She is called one of the most stylish actresses in Russian cinema. Today she turns 55 years old, and last year she admitted that she was in love again. What else is going on in the life of Renata Litvinova?

An affair with a millionaire, an apartment in Paris, a supermom: 7 facts about Renata Litvinova
An affair with a millionaire, an apartment in Paris, a supermom: 7 facts about Renata Litvinova

Fact 1. Declassified an affair with the owner of castles and hotels

In the February 2021 issue of Tatler magazine, a long interview was published with Renata Litvinova, in which she mentioned an affair with a French millionaire. Here is what journalist Zinaida Prochenko said: “Yes, the goddess is ready to fall in love again. And not someone out there banal, a young ephebe from the crowd, taken under the wing out of respect for the beautiful. And not a jacket from the locals, uncle, that it will be stuffy to patronize her, to allocate funds in the name of eccentrics, because of the existential emptiness. No, Renata has a new boyfriend from crème de la crème, from the privileged caste of French millionaires, the owner of castles and hotels and, probably, newspapers and steamships. Monsieur X, who opened the legendary Caviar restaurant at the Place de la Madeleine for her at the height of the pandemic.”

Recall that the actress was married twice. In the late nineties - for producer Alexander Antipov, and in 2001 she became the wife of businessman Leonid Dobrovsky, from whom she gave birth to a daughter, Ulyana. In 2007, this marriage also broke up. The divorce of the spouses was extremely difficult. Renata was also credited with a relationship with the famous rock singer Zemfira, but both of them never directly confirmed this.

Fact 2. Starred in a movie with her daughter

In February 2021, Renata Litvinova's film "The North Wind" was released in Russia. Renata is not only the director of this tape, but also a screenwriter, producer, performer of one of the main roles, and even a costume and scenery designer. The music for the film was written by Zemfira.

"The North Wind" is a colorful fairy tale in which the characters live in a time of matriarchy and are waiting for love. In the main female roles, in addition to Litvinova, her 19-year-old daughter Ulyana Dobrovskaya, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Galina Tyunina, Tatyana Piletskaya, Sophia Ernst starred. “I love all my actors - how they played and how much effort they gave to their characters. Some were not at all like their former self,”Litvinova shares. By the way, she has already staged a production in a theater with that name. However, the "North Wind" in the cinema became a new milestone in Litvinova's career. The picture is eagerly awaited by the audience and critics.

Fact 3. Daughter posed nude for a men's magazine at the age of 19

20-year-old Ulyana looks very similar to Renata. Ulyana admits that she went to her mother not only with beauty, but also with a strong character: “We generally resemble each other in many ways. Sometimes my mother says that I put pressure on people and always achieve what I want … As if I'm not like that myself! But in general we are meek and intelligent.” The girl received an excellent education: she graduated from the Ecole des Roches boarding school in Normandy, after which she entered the acting department at Hurtwood House in England. Now Ulyana is studying fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Belgium) and dreams of becoming a designer.

Note that Litvinova's daughter began acting in films from the age of 8. She has already played leading roles in several films by Renata Litvinova: “The Case with Mrs. K. in Madrid” (2015), “Petersburg. Only for love” (2016) and in the upcoming premiere of “Northern Wind” (2021). Recently, the young beauty starred for the men's magazine Maxim - one of her shots graced the cover. “When else, if not at 19,” commented her mother. Many who know Renata closely say that she is an ideal mother for her daughter: she supports her in everything, but does not press, they have a lot of fun together.

Fact 4. I had coronavirus

In December 2020, on her Instagram page, Renata Litvinova wrote that the coronavirus infection had reached her. Ironically, she was just working on the editing of the social video "We are here to tell you …", where famous actors reflect on the coronavirus, its prevention and treatment. “Having barely completed the editing of a conversation with actors, teachers, doctors, even with my mother - how important it is to take care of each other, I immediately fell ill with covid and now I’m even more afraid for all our age loved ones - for my mother, for the mothers and fathers of my adult friends, for the most helpless…” Litvinova shared.

Fact 5. Refused 10 thousand euros

In one interview, Litvinova spoke frankly about her income. “I get fees as an actress, they are quite large. I ask for 10 thousand euros for one shooting day (more than 900 thousand rubles. - Ed.), And they pay. I conduct creative evenings and lectures, I receive 30,000 euros (more than 2 million) for my performance,” Renata Litvinova voiced. As it turned out, the artist is invited not only to creative evenings and corporate parties, but also to … funerals. “I had a fan, he died and left a will: he asked me to stand on the edge of the grave in a black hat with a veil and throw the first clod of earth to the music of the orchestra. Such is the funeral muse. They offered me a huge amount for that time - 10 thousand euros, but I refused the will of the deceased,”said the actress.

Fact 6 Losing jewelry

Renata loves rings, spends millions of rubles on them. According to Litvinova, she purchases expensive jewelry at a discount from friends,. She also admitted that she regularly loses them. For example, she lost her diamond earrings after jumping into the water from a springboard - she did not take off her jewelry.

Fact 7. Bought an apartment in France

The actress owns real estate abroad: she has a house in Spain - a gift from a friend, a cottage on the shores of the Geneva Sea in Switzerland. She recently purchased property in France, in Paris. Apartment of 100 sq. m. are located on the right bank of the Seine. The approximate cost of such housing is $ 600 thousand. In Moscow, Renata lives in a house on Patriarch's Ponds. In the atmosphere - a lot of antiques and other interesting things. Some of them the actress made herself. For example, she sewed a lampshade from fabric left by her grandmother, and she also painted several paintings herself. The actress prefers to relax from the bustle of the city at her dacha, which is located in the village of Peredelkino.

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