The strangest and most unusual celebrity collections

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The strangest and most unusual celebrity collections
The strangest and most unusual celebrity collections

Some collections don't seem to make any sense. Why, for example, collect underwear? And what about the busts of Soviet and Russian leaders? However, some collections look just ominous - like David Lynch, for example. And some are very cute: like Dustin Hoffman.

Why does Reese Witherspoon collect knickers and David Lynch collect dead flies
Why does Reese Witherspoon collect knickers and David Lynch collect dead flies

Arnold Schwarzenegger - his wife hated his collection

Now the die-hard terminator's main hobby is cowboy boots. Real, with lapels and spurs. His eyes light up when he polishes each pair of shoes with his own hands and arranges the boots in the only order he knows. But earlier Arnold Schwarzenegger had a more interesting collection: he collected busts of Soviet political leaders. Just imagine a spacious dwelling filled with miniature Lenins, Stalins and Brezhnevs! They say that Arnie's wife rebelled when he began to order large sculptures instead of small ones and install them around the pool.

One fine day, the wife of the Terminator ordered a truck and simply took all this stuff in an unknown direction. Terrible Arnie had to accept and limit himself to boots. As a concession, a small bust of Lenin was left on his desk.

Johnny Depp - Barbie dolls

Johnny used to collect fancy hats, some of which he occasionally wore. Then he was fascinated by objects that inspired fear in him as a child: images of evil clowns and monsters, pigeon skeletons and dried beetles. Having matured, the actor began to buy Barbie dolls for his children and soon fell in love with this toy so much that he now indulges himself with new acquisitions. In addition to the most common shop dolls in his collection, there are exclusives: for example, dolls depicting Depp himself in the image of his heroes - the Mad Hatter and Jack Sparrow.

David Lynch - dead flies and human entrails

The creator of the dark yet exciting Twin Peaks series can't collect something banal! David Lynch has two favorite collections. One contains dead flies. Yes, he finds them charming and birdlike: "only the flies are smaller." In the second - chewing gum, but not new, but already used. Wow, you say? But no: in fact, as Lynch is convinced, these disgusting chewed lumps are similar to the human brain, they inspire him! In addition, the director is always ready for new proposals: he gladly accepts as a gift any things that cause horror and disgust in ordinary people, for example, human entrails in formalin.

Dustin Hoffman - teddy bears

But Dustin Hoffman gravitates towards completely different exhibits: he has a large collection of Teddy bears. The actor set aside an entire room for toys. If you are lucky enough to be there one day, you will not be able to help smiling: just imagine a spacious room with hundreds of adorable bears! So it's not difficult to please Dustin: all friends and acquaintances are now on holidays and just give him teddy bears on occasion, and every time he rejoices like a child.

Quentin Tarantino - movie board games

His hobby is perhaps as unusual as his films. The filmmaker has been buying board games for his collection for years. But not all in a row, but thematic ones - those that are related to television and cinema. Perhaps these games somehow inspire the creator of Pulp Fiction to new masterpieces.

Rod Stewart - playing railroad

He has long been a legend in rock music and can afford a hobby that takes a lot of money and time. Namely - toy trains and railways. Rod Stewart can spend 4 hours in a row laying out a new route. To do this, he has a huge room filled with trailers, trains, rails and sleepers. He especially likes to create exact copies of the train routes that already exist in reality.

Getting ready to go on tour, Stewart will certainly ask if there is a place in his hotel room to put a large table on which he will model the railway? It's funny to you? But in vain: after all, Rod just relaxes with the help of miniature trains.

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