Personal life of Mikhail Mamaev, biography of Mikhail Mamaev

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Personal life of Mikhail Mamaev, biography of Mikhail Mamaev
Personal life of Mikhail Mamaev, biography of Mikhail Mamaev

Mikhail Mamaev has always been loved by women. Handsome, charming, talented, who played one of the midshipmen in the cult serial film by Svetlana Druzhinina, he seems to be very happy in his personal life. However, despite the popularity and abundance of fans, the actor never started a family.

Mikhail Mamaev and his fans: why the "midshipman" never got married
Mikhail Mamaev and his fans: why the "midshipman" never got married

Mikhail Mamaev was credited with novels with the brightest girls in Russian show business: Elena Korikova, Kristina Orbakaite, and also with his partner in the scandalous film "The Red Shoe Diaries". But all the rumors turned out to be just rumors: at least Mamaev did not start a family with any of his girls.

Sports and poetry

Mikhail owes his excellent physical shape to his father: he was a military man, rose to the rank of major general, so from childhood he taught his son to sports and kept him strict. And dad taught the boy to write articles, which were then willingly published by Pionerskaya Pravda, Soviet Sport and other publications. So it's not surprising that after school the guy took the documents to MGIMO to the faculty of international journalism. Mikhail showed a clear poetic talent: his poems now and then appeared on the pages of popular literary magazines - Youth, Change. And, after graduating from the institute, he came to work in perhaps the most famous Soviet magazine - Ogonyok.

Mamaev also had to deal with this: otherwise it was impossible to survive. But it was very difficult for a Moscow guy, accustomed to sharing everything with friends from childhood.

"Midshipmen" changed my whole life

Even Hollywood producers did not ignore our "Midshipman": Mikhail starred in the films "The Red Shoe Diaries" and "Marquis de Sade". True, as he later recalled with a smile, “There were no offers from Steven Spielberg,” so the actor soon returned to Russia. Well, here he was welcome: Druzhinina, continuing to use the familiar image, removed him in "Secrets of Palace Revolutions" and, of course, in the continuation of "Midshipmen". Mamaev also worked with other directors.

All screens

Charming Mamaev became a real TV star: he participated in "Dancing with the Stars", fought in the "Culinary duel" and in the "Fear Factor". The audience enjoyed watching the programs in which he was the host: “Mom, dad, I am a sports family”, “Conspiracy Theory”. At the same time, some did not even know that this handsome, educated, intelligent young man is the author of novels called "Bosphorus" and "Revenge of the Scoundrels", and also poetry collections.

Kristina Orbakaite

What about your personal life? Here Mamaev, as they say, “stands to death”: even the most persistent journalists cannot find out the names of his girls from the actor. A real knight - keeps a secret, protects the honor of the ladies. So fans can only guess about the details. After Nikita Olenev, played by Mamaev, started an affair with the young princess Fike in The Midshipmen, everyone thought: the actor has a tender relationship with Kristina Orbakaite, it’s not for nothing that they look so harmoniously together in the frame! But the viewers who decided so were greatly mistaken: at that time, the heart of a beautiful midshipman was occupied by another woman, and Christina remained faithful to Vladimir Presnyakov, who often came to the set.

Turkish novels

They also talked about his great "Turkish" love. In the 90s, when almost no films were made in Russia, Mikhail went to Turkey to work as a bartender. Apparently, in a hot country, he not only worked, but also built relationships with an employee of a travel agency. As the media wrote, once Mamaev allowed himself a fleeting affair with a client. As a result, both women took offense at him, and he was left alone. Everything that had to be experienced in Turkey, Mamaev described in his novel "Bosphorus".

"Let's get married!" - past again

Once the famous matchmakers of the first channel - the hosts of the program "Let's get married!" Rosa Syabitova and Larisa Guzeeva. The groom, despite the cunning inquiries of the hosts, behaved quite closedly, answered all questions evasively. The only thing they could find out about him was that he does not consider a stamp in his passport a guarantee of a happy marriage. For Mamaev, the internal responsibility to each other is much more important. Judging by this criterion, as the artist said, he was "married" three times.

Mikhail went out to Guzeeva's final invitation with a "bride". But the joy of the fans was premature: the couple did not work out. And today we know no more about the brilliant “midshipman” than before: at the age of 56, Mamaev goes in for sports a lot, is in great shape, which is confirmed by his photos on social networks, in which he is depicted with a naked torso.

The actor prefers to spend his free time traveling, loves windsurfing. And, apparently, Mikhail Mamaev is not yet ready for family life.

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