British: what you need to know if you take home a kitten of this breed

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British: what you need to know if you take home a kitten of this breed
British: what you need to know if you take home a kitten of this breed

For those who want to get a British shorthair cat, it is very important to know two things: they cannot be lop-eared - this is a sign of the Scottish breed. Secondly, today the British have a lot of colors, except for the classic blue. You will definitely find your flower.

British: what you need to know if you take home a kitten of this breed
British: what you need to know if you take home a kitten of this breed

History of the breed

British cats came to England from the Roman Empire. The first officially recognized representative of the breed was a white cat (London, 1889). During the Second World War, the "British" were almost destroyed, and breeders restored the breed anew. Accordingly, modern animals differ from cats of the same breed of the late 19th century, because both Persians and Cortesian blue cats were attracted to recreate it.

For a long time there were practically no color options in this breed, except for the classic blue. Currently, felinologists have deduced more than a hundred options. They are very diverse: solid (blue-gray, chocolate, white, black), smoky (chinchillas, cameo), tabby (all types), bicolors (combination of the main color with white), there is even a Siamese color.

Personally your "Cheshire cat"

British cats have a large but compact build. They are squat and stocky, with all their appearance reminiscent of cute teddy bears. The head is round, large eyes are widely spaced, the nose is wide, slightly flattened, the ears are small, the cheeks are round. The famous Cheshire cat from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll is a typical representative of the British breed. One of the versions of the appearance of such a fabulous character says that the author wrote off his cat from the "British".

The coat of British cats is dense, two-layered: a short plush undercoat and longer guard hairs. According to its length, British Shorthair and British Longhair cats are distinguished. They are no different anymore.

What is typical

British shorthair and longhair cats are peaceful and affectionate. They are independent, patient and calm, and get along well with children and animals. Playful but not hyperactive. They are not very tame, usually prefer to sit next to a person, rather than climb on his lap all the time. They don't like it when they try to force them to squeeze. In general, these are real aristocrats among domestic cats, the famous "British restraint" is about them.

Separately and once again it is worth noting: often people want to buy a British Fold cat, and do not even suspect that in fact this breed does not exist. There is a Scottish fold, and British cats are only long-haired or short-haired with the most ordinary cute ears.

Mini questionnaire

  • Life: 11-16 years. According to the latest data: with good, and most importantly, proper care, representatives of this breed live an average of two decades.
  • Weigh: 3-12 kg
  • Price: "for a sofa" from 20,000 rubles\for an exhibition from 50 to infinity

British he alth

Shavers, as breeders also call them, don't have many he alth problems compared to other breeds of cats. With proper maintenance and nutrition of the cat, problems are minimized. Perhaps the only "weak point" of these cats can be called the urinary-genital system. They have urolithiasis (UCD). This disease is associated with metabolic disorders in the body. It is accompanied by the formation and deposition of urinary stones in the renal pelvis, bladder and urethra. KSD is a consequence of metabolic disorders and depends on the structure of the initial nutrition of sick cats.

Pregnancy and childbirth

The "British Mom" pregnancy lasts 58-70 days. An average of 63 days, its duration, like all cats, is affected by the number of kittens. The more, the sooner the birth will come.

The "shavers" have toxicosis, the pet is sick, her appetite is reduced. To avoid problems, it is advisable to show the pet to the veterinarian 2-3 weeks after mating. The first ultrasound can be done as early as day 25 of pregnancy to see if the fetal kittens are he althy. In the future, at the slightest suspicion, call the veterinarian.

This is interesting:

  • These short-haired cats have no eyelashes, and their eyes are so large that they do not stand out proportionally from the rest of the body.
  • The British sleep 14-16 hours a day. And this should not scare you.
  • Hunters by nature. Now they are kept as a normal pet, but before the main goal was that the cat would fight rodents.
  • Often the British breed is called "cats for businessmen". They calmly endure loneliness and know what to do with themselves in the absence of their owners.
  • The British tabby cat is the face of the Whiskas cat food brand. She was stroked and held in her arms by Eva Longoria herself.

Consultant: Natalia Bukanova, KENNEL Al Li MaN

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