Katya Starshova: 7 facts about the Button from "Daddy's Daughters"

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Katya Starshova: 7 facts about the Button from "Daddy's Daughters"
Katya Starshova: 7 facts about the Button from "Daddy's Daughters"

Video: Katya Starshova: 7 facts about the Button from "Daddy's Daughters"

Video: Katya Starshova: 7 facts about the Button from "Daddy's Daughters"
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Do you believe that the charming Button from "Daddy's Daughters" turns 20 today? We are with difficulty. The funny baby imperceptibly turned into a beautiful slender girl. Only the eyes are still cunning, Pugovkins. What do we know about Katya Starshova, who once brilliantly played the role of her youngest daughter?

Studying as a pharmacist, dreams of London: 7 facts about Starshova from "Daddy's Daughters"
Studying as a pharmacist, dreams of London: 7 facts about Starshova from "Daddy's Daughters"

Graduated from school with a gold medal, studies at Moscow State University

Katya Starshova graduated from school as an external student to free up a year for quality preparation for the exam. Only in the plans of the girl were not theater universities at all, but the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine of Moscow State University. “I could have gone into directing or acting, but in the end I decided that all this was not for me. You can play a movie without acting education,” she explained her choice.

Katya coped with the task! She graduated from school with a gold medal, and passed the exam with excellent results. “Chemistry - 100 points, Biology - 100 points, Russian language - 94 points. I did it! - the actress shared her successes in 2019 on her Instagram page. Currently, Starshova is receiving the speci alty of a pharmacist at Moscow State University on a budgetary basis. “Honestly, I went to the direction of pharmacy because I did not score the required number of points for the medical business. I passed the exam perfectly, but with the entrance exam at Moscow State University, things did not go so smoothly. Therefore, I was faced with a choice: to enter any other medical school as a doctor, as I was going to, or take a chance and go to Moscow State University to study pharmacy. Well, who does not take risks - he does not drink champagne,”Katya shared on Instagram.

Dreams of living in the UK

Starshova connects her future with Foggy Albion. It is for this purpose that she actively studies English. “My plans include moving to the UK for permanent residence. I don’t know whether I will succeed or not, but I put a lot of effort into this,” Katya shared.

Works at a fitness club

This spring, the grown-up "Button" told subscribers that she combines her studies with work. She got a job at a fitness club where she teaches stretching and general physical training to children from three to nine years old. According to the girl, in this way she seeks to become financially independent from her parents.

Doesn't want to talk about private life

Katya has been running Instagram for several years and quickly realized that it is better not to share the secrets of her personal life on social networks. About three years ago, she posted a photo with her boyfriend named Vasily. From childhood, the guy was her figure skating partner in the Aleko Ice Theater. “At some point, we realized that it was interesting to spend time together not only on the ice. They began to meet more often, as a result, the friendly story grew into something more,”the girl shared on the social network and added that she didn’t want to talk much about her personal life, because she believes that happiness loves silence. Since then, no joint photos have appeared on her page either with Vasily or with other guys. So today it is not known whether the heart of the youngest "daddy's daughter" is free or occupied.

Lost contact with the "sisters"

According to the plot of the series, Polina Vasnetsova, with a home nickname Button, has four older sisters. And if in the series the difference between the oldest sister, Maria (Miroslava Karpovich), and the youngest was 10 years old, then in life she was much greater. So, Miroslava Karpovich was older than Katya by as much as 15 years, Dasha Melnikova (Zhenka) by 9, Anastasia Sivaeva (Dasha) by 10 years, and Liza Arzamasova (Galina Sergeevna) by six years. After the end of the project in 2012, the paths of the "sisters" parted, they did not keep in touch with the "Button". Katya believes that their friendship was prevented by a big age difference. However, if she meets former colleagues somewhere, they say hello and can keep up the conversation.

Became a professional figure skater

Katya Starshova was born on October 28, 2001 in the family of professional figure skaters Igor Starshov and Elena Mikhailovskaya. Therefore, Button-Bright began to skate confidently from the age of three. For many years she studied at the famous children's theater on ice "Aleko", participated in international ice dance competitions and, together with her partner, took prizes. The training was completed just before entering Moscow State University, now she is officially a professional figure skater and can participate in ice shows and performances.