How to keep skin youthful after menopause?

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How to keep skin youthful after menopause?
How to keep skin youthful after menopause?

Video: How to keep skin youthful after menopause?

Video: How to keep skin youthful after menopause?
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What needs to be changed in personal care and what to replace Botox with if it stops working.

Menopause and skin: care, beautician or surgery?
Menopause and skin: care, beautician or surgery?

If ten years ago menopause was considered synonymous with aging, today at this age some women look better than they did in their thirties. What is their secret and how to care for the skin during menopause, we learned from a plastic surgeon, MD, Professor Igor Bely.

What happens to the skin during menopause?

What happens to the skin of the face during menopause? There is a big restructuring in the body: the production of hormones decreases, regeneration processes slow down. During menopause, the ovaries begin to produce less estrogen, the female sex hormone. Its level is closely related to the amount of collagen - a protein that is responsible for the density and elasticity of the skin. Starting around the age of 35, the body secretes less and less of the hormone, and in the period up to 50 years, a woman loses half of her collagen. In addition, the content of ceramides, sterols and free fatty acids in the female body decreases, which leads to the destruction of the hydrolipidic barrier that protects the skin from harmful substances and helps retain moisture.

What to do?

Your body is under stress - help it. Do not overload yourself with unnecessary worries, supplement your diet with he althy foods and vitamins, walk more. Stop the strict diet and better give up cigarettes.

Most women, before going to the surgeon, undergo dozens of procedures at cosmetologists. But, as a rule, they notice that the once cool procedures no longer give the desired effect. Why do they continue to try more and more new procedures with a beautician? Many people think that any non-surgical procedures are safe, and you only need to be afraid of a scalpel. This is not true. Modern laser and hardware effects can be very aggressive, especially when working "at maximum modes." And instead of a cool effect on skin with low collagen, they give scars and burns, but not lifting.

If cosmetology does not help

What to do if cosmetology and hardware lifting fail? You need to see a plastic surgeon. He will be able to work out and tighten the deep layers of the skin, shifting the frame and tightening the base of the skin - SMAS.

The essence of the surgical facelift is the sequential "manual" detachment, tightening and proper fixation of the skin and soft tissues - SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotyc System). Such an operation always gives a visible and long-term result. This is not a difficult or stressful technique for the body, but young women who have just encountered menopause problems should pay attention to local operations: eyelids, cheekbones or paint bags.

TOP 3 surgeries after menopause

Even if the procedures at the cosmetologist have ceased to give the desired effect, do not be discouraged! Surgeons have more effective alternatives, the effect of which lasts many times longer.

Lifting instead of Botox

TOP-lifting is a fairly simple operation aimed at correcting the forehead and eyebrows. The incisions are only 1.5-2 cm and are located in the corners of the forehead. The problem of overhanging eyebrows is solved with a jeweler's precision and almost forever. Recurrent age-related ptosis in this area is a rarity. Rehabilitation no more than 2 weeks.

Check-lift instead of fillers

This operation helps to restore the middle third of the face, one of the most problematic areas for many women, to its original position. The zone of paint bags, overhanging frills, the oval of the face that has gone - all this can be corrected through small incisions along the ciliary edge of the lower eyelids. Very often it is combined with blepharoplasty, so you can radically rejuvenate in one operation.

Primalifting instead of laser resurfacing

The procedure will be an excellent alternative to Ulthera and RF-lifting, which cease to give the desired result during menopause. Primalifting helps to restore your face a clear V-shaped contour and a beautiful line of the cheekbones. And this is all through a small incision near the auricle. This is a deep lift of all layers of the mas - but not too traumatic. A fairly quick rehabilitation and inconspicuous incisions make it possible to hide the fact of intervention even from the closest ones!

Of course, for each patient, the type of operation is selected strictly individually, depending on the existing problems and the desired result. Therefore, a face-to-face examination and a detailed discussion of the problems that need to be solved are very important.