Care and signs about the money tree: where to put the fat woman?

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Care and signs about the money tree: where to put the fat woman?
Care and signs about the money tree: where to put the fat woman?

Almost everyone knows that the crassula or crassula is a symbol of financial well-being, but few people know that this plant has both healing properties and contains poisonous substances. We decided to talk about the main principles of caring for a fat woman and, of course, answer the most popular question: how to make a money tree attract money?

Where to put the money tree? The main signs and rules for caring for a plant
Where to put the money tree? The main signs and rules for caring for a plant

Everyone knows about the "money tree". Of the succulent family, this plant is considered the most popular and unpretentious, it can grow up to 1.5 meters in height, although this is rare, in exceptional cases it can bloom, and it is easy to recognize it by its thick stem and leaves that look like coins. It is because of this shape that the crassula was called the money tree. The popularity and love for the fat woman is explained by the fact that this succulent is ideal for beginners in the world of indoor plants, for people who do not know how or cannot pay attention to flowers too often, as well as for everyone who believes in omens and wants to be in the family there was plenty.

Signs about the money tree

A fat woman in the house is a good omen. Firstly, it purifies the air and absorbs odors, which is why it is called a filter plant. Secondly, it is believed that it can attract money and prosperity and charge the house with positive energy. The larger the stem and the more magnificent the crown of the fat woman, the more stable the income. And in order for the fat woman to grow and contribute more actively to the flow of finances, there are several rules that you need to consider if you keep this plant in your house.

  • Plant a small sprout: Ideally, growing a fat woman should start with a single leaf or twig, but not with an adult plant. It is better to quietly break off a leaf from an adult plant in some good and successful house and plant it in your home.
  • Plant in a red pot: Red or green shades symbolize we alth and prosperity, so it is better to plant a fat woman in a pot of this color.
  • Count leaves: Money loves counting, so when watering, spraying or dusting leaves, you need to count them along the way. Just do not talk about financial problems and do not complain about failures, on the contrary, charge the flower with positive and describe future well-being.
  • Put a coin in the ground: When planting a money tree or after some major purchase, you can bury a coin in the bottom of the pot.
  • Hang money on branches: You can use Chinese coins or paper banknotes by tying them with red thread. Banknotes can be withdrawn and spent periodically, but be sure to replace them with new ones.

Is it possible to have two fat women in the house?

Feng shui masters do not recommend doing this. It is believed that in this case, plants can draw energy from each other, which is unfavorable for the overall result.

What happens if the leaves dry up and fall off?

If the leaves fall off partially - this is a good sign that portends a quick profit. Moreover, it is a normal process in the life of a plant when it sheds old foliage. Fallen leaves can even be put in a wallet and worn to attract money. If the leaves crumble completely, things may not be so good, and a financial crisis is possible. However, the reason, most likely, is improper care and irregular watering of the fat woman, which can always (or almost always) be corrected.

Can I throw away the fat girl?

Yes, you can, like any other plant, but before you throw it away, be sure to thank the flower for the time it spent with you. You can get rid of a flower in the usual way by putting it in the entrance or giving it to friends, or bury it in the ground, for example, in a summer cottage.

Is it possible to give a money tree and accept it as a gift?

Yes, you can, but you need to give and receive it with pure thoughts, sincere wishes and a good attitude towards the person who gives or receives a fat girl. It is believed that the money tree is a good wedding gift.

When does the money tree bloom?

This succulent blooms very rarely, one might say, almost never, so, of course, flowering is a great sign, and you can make some special wish.

Does Crassula have he alth benefits?

Yes, thanks to volatile compounds, it purifies the air of viruses and bacteria. Also, the juice and pulp of the leaves can be applied to wounds or abrasions, since the substances that make up the leaves contribute to skin regeneration processes. Juice can be used to lubricate the bites, and sometimes the leaves are applied to the calluses. Despite all this, many people know that the fat woman is unsafe for pets, as it contains toxic substances. Some Crassula succulents can naturally accumulate a noticeable amount of arsenic and can be poisonous, but this is almost not the case for houseplants that grow in ready-made flower soil.

Proper care for Crassula

  • Fat woman needs a lot of diffused sunlight, so the best places in the house are windows facing east or west. Putting plants in bright sunlight is not recommended, this can cause sunburn, and the leaves will fall off.
  • Also, Crassula does not tolerate drafts, close proximity to radiators and window glass, if it stands close to cold glass, the leaves will turn brown and fall off.
  • During the autumn and winter months, the fat woman needs cooler temperatures because she falls into a dormant period. The temperature comfortable for the plant in winter is about 15ºС.

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