Andrey Bogdanov lost his wife and became disabled, but wants to get back on his feet and raise his son

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Andrey Bogdanov lost his wife and became disabled, but wants to get back on his feet and raise his son
Andrey Bogdanov lost his wife and became disabled, but wants to get back on his feet and raise his son

A year ago, fireman Andrey Bogdanov and his wife Natalya, in love and harmony, took care of little Sasha together. Everything changed in a matter of moments, when the parents drove the boy along the highway to the doctor.

UAZ in the opposite direction: Andrei lost his wife in an accident, but wants to raise his son himself
UAZ in the opposite direction: Andrei lost his wife in an accident, but wants to raise his son himself

It happened a year ago. On that day, Andrei Bogdanov had to take his son to the doctor in Vologda. The boy, at the age of five, does not speak well, and he and his wife were actively involved in his treatment. This is the case when a husband and wife are like a thread with a needle: the husband is actively involved in the family, the child for him is the center of his life.

Andrey went out into the yard, started the car and waited for Natasha and Sasha to come out to him. The road was not close, 110 km. When the family left the track, we drove faster - an open place, a flat road, few cars. Everyone knows that you can be 100% confident in yourself and your car, but the actions of other road users are always a lottery.

This happened to Andrey: a UAZ car in the oncoming lane, the driver of which wanted to turn from the main road to a secondary one. It was important for him to turn right now, he hoped to be in time, but Andrei simply did not have time to slow down. There was a collision, the car of the Bogdanov family caught the edge of the UAZ and flew under the KAMAZ, which was following.

“They were all wearing seat belts, of course,” says Andrei's sister, Yulia, “but that didn't help. Natasha died on the spot. Sasha - he was in a child seat - had a fracture of the frontal bone and pelvic bones. And Andrei was all broken - from head to toe.”

Closed craniocerebral injury, fracture of the right orbit, fracture of the lateral wall of the frontal sinus, contusion of the lungs, fractures: femoral neck, left femur, right femur, condyles (forms the knee joint) of the tibia, left shoulder … On there was no living place.

The police, who arrived at the scene of the accident, promptly took little Sasha to the hospital, but Andrey was not to be touched, so the minutes of waiting for the ambulance dragged on. After 18 days of coma, doctors literally told Bogdanov's relatives the following: "Hope for a miracle, but there are no miracles."

Andrey is a firefighter by profession - the commander of the fire department. He saved people all his adult life, now it's time to help him. Having regained consciousness, Andrei was completely immobilized and did not recognize anyone. The first rehabilitation, the first classes of exercise therapy and with a speech therapist. Very slowly he came back to life. He began to speak single words, learned to eat with a spoon, was able to sit up in bed.

Now Andrei asks relatives about his wife from time to time. He will never get used to the idea that separation from Natasha is forever. After all, for 8 years of marriage there were different things, but they planned a future in which there was certainly no place for separation.

Andrey needs to continue rehabilitation. His right arm and leg work well, which means he can sit down and get up, leaning on his arm and leg. And he already knows how to shave, brush his teeth, put on a T-shirt. The plans are to learn how to dress, change from bed to chair and get up. Then he can return home and live with his son. Live as long as possible without Natasha.

- Sanya, - Andrey says, seeing his son's face on the phone screen.

- Dad, - Sasha shouts, in response and waves his hands: let's go home, dad!

You can help Andrey and other wards of the Pravmir Foundation here.

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