The best films about love at a distance

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The best films about love at a distance
The best films about love at a distance

In our world, such a thing is increasingly happening: people get to know each other on social networks or on dating sites, fall in love … And then - how will it turn out. Sometimes a couple simply does not have the opportunity to meet, as, for example, now, during the coronavirus epidemic. Let's watch love movies from a distance.

You are far away from me: films about love at a distance
You are far away from me: films about love at a distance

Sleepless in Seattle 1993

Classic of the genre. One of the most romantic films, included in the list of "10 best romantic comedies" of American cinema. Everything starts here sadly: the main character, the American architect Sam Baldwin, has lost his wife, he decides to change the situation and moves with his son from Chicago to Seattle. One evening, Jonah, Sam's son, decides to take part in a radio program hosted by the main character, Annie Reed. He makes a Christmas wish for his father to have a new wife…

Unlike people who can now see each other's photos, go on video calls, this couple's relationship is almost blind. The heroine liked the main character only by his voice… And, of course, she was touched by his story. The film is worth watching, if only to see the amazing performance of Tom Hanks. And maybe in order to tune in to the best. After all, the main character of the film did not believe in pen pal love…

"You have a letter", 1998

And again Tom, and again Hanks! And his Sleepless in Seattle co-star, Meg Ryan. Here, this wonderful acting tandem is already chatting on the Internet.

The main character has a girlfriend, the heroine Meg has a boyfriend, but something in this relationship goes wrong, so Joe and Kathleen pour out their souls to each other … They begin to reach out to each other … But they don't know yet that the meeting in real life will not be as cloudless as they expected…

"Loneliness in the Net", 2006

The film is based on the 2001 bestseller by the popular Polish writer Janusz Leon Wisniewski. And they say that the author was not very happy with the adaptation of his book.

Be that as it may, the story is ours: the engineer Eva, who lives in Poland, meets the scientist Jakub, who is in Germany. They find a common language and start chatting online.

Networks, they are. Communicating and getting to know each other, a man and a woman begin to understand that they are falling in love. And decide to meet in reality. In Paris. In the city of love… However, wait to rejoice, a lifetime is not a short meeting in a hotel… There is also a third side to this story. Our heroine is married.

Lake House, 2006

Of course, there is an element of fantasy in this film: the couple correspond with each other using a magical mailbox that somehow links two people who are… two years apart.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, check it out. Very atmospheric, subtle and romantic film. Well, the game of Keanu Reeves with Sandra Bullock is a good reason to spend an hour and a half on the movie.

10,000 Km: Love in the Distance, 2014

And in this arthouse film by the Spanish director Carlos Marcus-Marset, the relationship of the main characters just began in reality. They had to leave for a while when the heroine of the film finds a job in Los Angeles and decides to leave Barcelona, where she lived with her boyfriend. It turned out that the test of distance is one of the most difficult for love…

We hope our selection did not confuse you. After all, all these stories, with or without a happy ending, are just a figment of the imagination of the authors of these films. Everything will be different for you. No wonder they say that the most amazing stories happen to us in real life.

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