Biography of singer Anni-Frid Lingstad

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Biography of singer Anni-Frid Lingstad
Biography of singer Anni-Frid Lingstad

They were real stars - this foursome from Sweden called themselves ABBA. Two bright girls with crystal voices and two young men creating music for them. Agneta and Anni-Frid had their own “camps” of admirers: some liked the “fair” soloist more, others preferred the “dark one”. After the collapse of the group, Anni-Frid tried to build a solo career, but did not succeed. But the rest of her life is like a fairy tale. True, sometimes the fairy tale became scary…

Secrets and sorrows of Anni-Frid Lingstad - soloists of the ABBA group
Secrets and sorrows of Anni-Frid Lingstad - soloists of the ABBA group

Aryan "Source of Life"

"Lebensborn" was the name of the organization created in 1935 by Himmler. His goal was to get a new generation - "purebred Aryans." For this, "pure" racially women were selected. They had to give birth in special comfortable shelters. They could take their children, or they could leave them - they were given to "trustworthy" German families. In fact, "Lebensborn" (in translation - "Source of Life") was a factory, an incubator. Himmler intended to produce a "pure" nation without foreign impurities. At the same time, the branches of the factory were located not only in Germany - they were also in Norway. It was believed that the Norwegian race is very close to the German.

Gift to Hitler

One day, a 19-year-old girl appeared on the doorstep of the Norwegian Lebensborn. After a short romance with a German sergeant, she had to turn here in search of shelter: she was pregnant, and the sergeant went to Germany, to his family. The girl, of course, was accepted. She gave birth to a girl, who was given the name Annie-Frid. It was November 15, 1945. But she also had another, unofficial, name. “Gift to Hitler” was the name given to all 12,000 children born under the Lebensborn program in Norway.

Very soon after the Nazi troops were expelled from Norway, the little "gifts to Hitler" and their mothers were persecuted.

Norwegians directed all their hatred towards the invaders at them. To save her daughter from the wrath of angry people, her mother sent Anni-Frid to her grandmother in Sweden. The circumstances of the girl's birth were kept secret, and she grew up like all other children. But she didn’t have a mother - she died when the baby was two years old. Anni-Frid found out that she was a "gift to Hitler" as an adult girl.

Music and family - ABBA

By that time, she already knew perfectly well what she needed in life. Music first, family second. She grew up without parents and really wanted to create a friendly family, she wanted to love and be loved. And without music, she couldn’t imagine her life at all: from the age of thirteen she sang folk songs in a teenage group, then the guys began to rehash world hits. And she got married very young. She gave birth to two children. But things didn't work out with her husband, they broke up.

Anni-Frid was 22 years old when she arrived in Stockholm and met Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus.

Marry a Prince

Everyone went his own way. Anni-Frid felt exhausted - she was very tired from a decade of continuous touring without days off and holidays, and from troubles in her personal life, and in general from everything that was connected with these letters - ABBA. To relax, recover and regain a taste for life, she went to Switzerland. The talented singer tried to make a solo career, even released several discs, but her singles were far from the success of ABBA.

But here in Switzerland, a romantic meeting awaited her.

It turned out that the prince of one of the principalities, Heinrich von Plauen, with whom she had been friends for a long time, was no longer just her friend, but an ardent admirer, and not only as a singer: he was in love and soon proposed his hand and heart. Anni-Frid answered "yes" and became a princess. Fans around the world were sincerely happy for the singer and wished her happiness. And she had this happiness. She loved and was loved - everything as she once dreamed. She and her husband were friends with the Swedish royal family and often vacationed together. Only this happiness lasted insultingly little: seven years.

Then Anni-Frid had to experience terrible blows of fate one after another.

First, her daughter died in a car accident. The grief of the princess knew no bounds. And a year later she became a widow: the prince's life was taken by cancer. Anni-Frid, rethinking her life, decided to change it radically. She began to give all her time to charity and the fight for the environment. However, not so long ago, she also had other activities: fans of the ABBA group were pleasantly surprised by the news that their beloved team decided to reunite almost 40 years after parting. Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Anni-Frid announced that they plan to record new songs and arrange a "virtual" tour of the world: instead of "live" musicians, viewers will see holograms of young ABBA members.

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