Biography of Lyudmila Arinina, personal life of Lyudmila Arinina

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Biography of Lyudmila Arinina, personal life of Lyudmila Arinina
Biography of Lyudmila Arinina, personal life of Lyudmila Arinina

Few viewers know the name of this actress, but everyone remembers her face: Lyudmila Arinina played many supporting roles, for example, Yulia Gribkova's grandmother in "Guest from the Future". She became famous already in adulthood, but when you look at her, it seems that there is some kind of mistake with the numbers: the actress’s eyes look mischievous and cheerful, and her voice remains young and sonorous. Lyudmila Arinina plays mainly women with a difficult, unsettled fate. We will tell you how she herself found her personal happiness at the age of 60.

Almost funny story: three such different husbands of 95-year-old Lyudmila Arinina
Almost funny story: three such different husbands of 95-year-old Lyudmila Arinina

Bread crusts are the main delicacy

The future actress was born in 1926, in the Volga region. It was very hungry. The family moved to Tashkent. The most terrible hunger receded - one could count on 400 grams of bread a day: this was the ration for the family. It was happiness. The crumb was eaten during the day - in small portions. The crusts were left “for dessert”: they drank tea with them in the evening, enjoying the sour taste.

Wanted to get married out of pity

Lyudmila was not yet fifteen when the Great Patriotic War began. Together with other schoolchildren, she went to the hospital to take care of the wounded. There were so many of them … Once she told her parents: "I'm getting married." And she explained: she wants to become the wife of a young soldier who was left without a leg in order to make his life easier. The noble impulse of the young girl was understandable to her parents, but they dissuaded her daughter from this step.

Soon my father went to the front, my mother became seriously ill.

Ninth-grader Luda worked as a waitress in the canteen of the Union of Artists. A cheerful, fast, cheerful girl with mischievous eyes attracted the attention of Dora Volpert, an actress from one of the Leningrad theaters. Dora Mikhailovna immediately decided: Luda would make a good actress. I began to study with her, and after graduating from school, the girl was able to enter GITIS, although she did not really hope for success: she considered herself ugly, even cried in front of the mirror.

Bitter happiness: love and alcohol

In fact, Lyudmila Arinina got married three times. True, the actress does not like to talk about her first wife, and there is no information about him. But she does not hide that she was very happy in her second marriage. She met director Nikolai Mokin at the Chelyabinsk theater - they worked together there. He did not shine with beauty, but he was distinguished by incredible charm. There were always many admired women around Mokin. And he chose the modest Lyuda Arinina. Relations between them developed rapidly, and soon they became husband and wife. Luda would feel absolutely happy if it were not for Nikolai's penchant for alcohol. It was said that he became addicted to alcohol during the war years - after a terrible incident when he was ordered to shoot a man, and the order had to be obeyed. I tried to “fill in” the feeling of guilt, but it did not let go…

However, it was not in Arinina's nature to reproach or complain.

I would never leave him…

They lived in love and understanding for twenty-six years. All these years, Arinina, as best she could, tried to fight her husband's addiction to alcohol. True, without much success … As the actress told the Interlocutor: “He had a terrible disease - alcoholism. I was young, and I had a lot of strength to endure all this. And I would never have left him if he hadn't died. The man was crying and drinking! This is a terrible thing - he could not refuse and could not cope with himself either. Periodically, I “sewed” it up for a year, but the body took its toll.” But even in the most difficult times, she did not show that she was exhausted. She smiled and supported her husband in everything. And when he died in 1984, she felt empty.

Fishing, English and UFOs

Now it seemed she had only one thing to do: work. No, not like that - favorite work. The actress still starred a lot, but she didn’t even think about her personal life, believing that she was left behind. But she was wrong. When Lyudmila Arinina was already over sixty, she remarried. Her new chosen one, a retired colonel, lived next door, they often talked. So the actress found out that Nikolai Aleksandrovich Semenov had been caring for his seriously ill wife for six years, and then lost her and was very upset by the departure of his beloved. Lyudmila Mikhailovna was so imbued with sympathy for this middle-aged noble man that she soon agreed to his marriage proposal. And she admits: she is happy with him! Her husband touchingly cares for her, and she feels completely protected next to him.

Lyudmila Arinina is a woman who never complains about anything.

I'm just not used to it. Smiling, charming, she claims that her pension is enough, because she has not been used to pickles since childhood: there would be bread and potatoes, and if you add herring, then this is already a real feast. Enough for her and audience love, and roles, even if most of them were secondary. The fact that she has no children, the actress also does not regret: it means that it is destined to be so, because she gave all her strength to the profession. Even at the age of 95, Lyudmila Mikhailovna remains full of enthusiasm and optimism: she studies English, loves fishing, loves to watch the starry sky and is interested in UFOs.

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