Biography of actor Pavel Travnichek

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Biography of actor Pavel Travnichek
Biography of actor Pavel Travnichek

After the release of the movie fairy tale "Three Nuts for Cinderella", where Pavel Travnichek played the Prince, all the girls immediately fell in love with him. Handsome, cheerful, reckless and so determined, he seemed like an ideal Prince, and even on a horse, as expected! I must say, in the life of an actor, the attention of beautiful ladies was constantly surrounded. He was married four times, at the age of 66 he became a father. True, many spectators were interested in something else: did the Prince have an affair with Cinderella - Libushe Shafrankova? This secret was revealed relatively recently…

How did the life of Pavel Travnichek - the prince from the fairy tale "Three Nuts for Cinderella"
How did the life of Pavel Travnichek - the prince from the fairy tale "Three Nuts for Cinderella"

We were looking for the Prince - "young Alain Delon"

The atmosphere of creativity surrounded Pavel from childhood: his parents were musicians, and his son was taught music. Growing up, he entered the theater academy. And all his life, above all, he valued the opportunity to go on the stage and make music. But he considered cinema something frivolous.

In his first film - "Three Nuts for Cinderella" - Travnichek got by chance.

Daring, beautiful, brave

So the not quite familiar Cinderella and the Prince appeared on the screen to match her. Cinderella was not as submissive and unrequited as in a children's fairy tale: she boldly answered her stepmother's nit-picking, and the Prince's caustic jokes, she could stand up for herself, gallantly rode a horse and perfectly shot at a target from a heavy crossbow. The prince, on the other hand, ran away from lessons, argued with his parents, and in general, behaved no less smartly and uninhibitedly. At the same time, both are dazzlingly beautiful - you can’t take your eyes off. Of course, "Three Nuts for Cinderella" immediately became a hit. And it doesn’t matter that another actor spoke for Travnichek, who never got rid of his accent, in the frame: no one noticed this, especially in the Soviet Union, where the film was dubbed into Russian. But Pavel very quickly mastered horseback riding: after all, it was impossible to give in to this partner!

Kissing in the winter forest

Attentive spectators, of course, noticed the special looks exchanged between the characters. Why are there views - the air literally sparkled between them! Was there a romance between the actors? Fans did not stop thinking about this, journalists asked the actors this question … But they themselves remained silent. And only many years later, when interest in this topic subsided, Pavel Travnichek unexpectedly made a confession. He said: yes, an affair broke out between him and Libuse on the set. During breaks, they hid from everyone in the winter forest and kissed until they were dizzy. Even in the cold, they were hot from overwhelming feelings…

Three marriages - three divorces

But along with the work on the film ended and love. When, a few years later, they again starred together - in the fairy tale "The Third Prince" - Libushe was already married to actor Josefor Abrgam, with whom she lived happily all her life. And Pavel Travnichek continued to be an enviable groom. Until he got married. However, his first marriage soon fell apart, as did the next two. The actor himself willingly spoke about this: he often gave interviews and attended social events, unlike Libushe Shafrankova, who rarely appeared in public and did not like to talk about herself.

Monika Fialkova - beloved wife and muse

Travnichek always repeats that he remained on good terms with all three ex-wives. True, some media reported that the eldest son refuses to communicate with him. But the actor does not like to talk about this. But Pavel's fourth wife, singer Monika Fialkova, apparently helped him "settle down". In any case, they have been together for 18 years, and at the beginning of 2017 their son Maximilian was born: Travnicek was already 66 then, and Monica was 32 years old. The actor does not hide that he is truly happy next to Monica and extremely happy about the birth of Maximilian.

Charming and friendly

Interestingly, after "Cinderella" Travnicek played the prince several times in Czechoslovak fairy tales. Getting rid of this role was not easy. But then he began to be invited to other roles. He is still a sought-after and popular actor in his country, often starring in TV shows. But still, Pavel Travnichek considers the theater to be the main business of his life. He directed the Musical Theatre, he had his own acting agency, he puts on television shows … And also, he continues to voice films and write music. He puts on theatrical performances and judges music competitions. They speak of Travnichek as a talented and at the same time charming and friendly person with an open soul. By the way, he met Monica on one of the TV shows - she participated in the competition for young talents. True, then Travnichek did not remember her, and Monica had to be reminded of their acquaintance when one day she came to him at the theater.

And in "Three Nuts for Cinderella" Travnichek plays today, in the theatrical musical - only not the Prince, but his father, the King.

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