Five unexpected diseases that you can catch from a partner

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Five unexpected diseases that you can catch from a partner
Five unexpected diseases that you can catch from a partner

Not all infections can be protected by a condom. Some rather dangerous diseases can be obtained without even having sex, and the treatment will require the efforts of both "halves". But forewarned is forearmed!

Five unpleasant diseases that you can get from a partner even without sex
Five unpleasant diseases that you can get from a partner even without sex

Gastritis and stomach cancer

The small "whiskered" bacterium h.pylory can enter the body through unwashed food or dirty water. But even if you washed apples with soap all your life and drank only boiled water, you are still not immune from this infection. Scientists have found that Helicobacter pylori lives in dental plaque, which means that you can get it when you kiss or when using shared dishes. This bacterium causes chronic inflammation of the stomach and duodenum, which can lead to gastritis, stomach ulcers, and several types of cancer.

Helicobacter pylori is detected by a simple breath test. It can be treated with a combination of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. But both partners will have to be treated - otherwise, re-infection is possible.

Cervical cancer

Two strains of papillomavirus are responsible for 70% of cases of cervical cancer, and HPV (human papillomavirus) was detected in all women with this type of cancer. Most often, HPV is transmitted through sex, but there are also known "vertical" ways of transmission from mother to child during fetal development and breastfeeding. But scientists are sure that papillomavirus can also be transmitted in a domestic way: through handshakes, kisses, or even a wet rug in the bathroom. Of course, transmission is possible if the surface of the skin or mucosa is damaged.

The good news is that HPV is treatable. As a rule, doctors prescribe surgical removal of genital warts and immunomodulators. In no case should you self-medicate or try to get rid of warts without medical help.


It turns out that carious monsters really exist: caries does not occur because someone ate too many sweets and did not brush their teeth at night, but because of two types of streptococcal bacteria. Although if you do not brush your teeth, they, of course, will breed more actively and joyfully. Scientists have found that children often get tooth decay from older relatives, with saliva - for example, when they try food for a child by licking a spoon.

We can invest hundreds of thousands in caries removal, but if the person we kiss does not take care of the teeth, all this effort will be in vain.


Syphilis is a severe and unpleasant disease that literally undermines and destroys the body from the inside, often without any external manifestations. And sometimes it disguises itself as sore throats, colds - and many other diseases, so even doctors do not always make the correct diagnosis. Especially if they do not see sores on the mucous membrane of the mouth or genitals - and inflamed lymph nodes are attributed to other diseases. Taking antibiotics additionally "lubricates" the picture. Most cases of syphilis transmission are sexual, but pale treponema lives well on dishes and household items. So doctors warn: do not drink from someone else's dishes and do not use other people's things, especially towels and manicure supplies. But a more likely route of infection is through a kiss if the lips are chapped in the cold.

Good news: doctors also treat syphilis. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the easier it is, but even in the later stages, antibiotics and symptomatic therapy save the situation. Syphilis is included in the standard STD testing protocol - it's worth taking them at least once a year, even if you trust your partner.


In addition to being ugly, foot and nail fungus also affects the overall human immunity and exacerbates the course of many chronic diseases. In this case, getting infected with a fungus is as easy as shelling pears: it is enough with a fresh cut after a pedicure to stand on a damp rug in the bathroom. Alas.

Fortunately, fungus is fairly easy to treat - and even easier to prevent. To prescribe treatment, you should contact a podologist, who, by the way, will help with the choice of orthopedic shoes.

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