Beauty 2023, March

"Sad Face": fans criticized Baskov's new selfie

The singer could not stand the wave of criticism and deleted the photo from Instagram

“I can’t see you, no!”: Natasha Koroleva’s husband sings serenades

Actor and bodybuilder showed himself in a new role

“Feelings have not passed”: Anna Sedokova’s friend spoke about the father of the third child of the actress

The singer refused to sacrifice her career

Keti Topuria confirmed the breakup with her husband Lev Geykhman

The singer wrote that she had not lived with her husband for a long time

Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule helped raise money for a street musician in Riga

The singers joined the performance of a street musician, which moved their fans very much

Pelageya was first published with her husband Ivan Telegin

The singer and her husband attended one of the social events in Moscow

Olga Buzova fueled rumors about the transition to Channel One

New pictures of a celebrity from the studio of the new Channel One show appeared on the Web

Surprise for a million: Igor Krutoy surprised the finalists of the "Battle of Talents"

Vocal competition for teenagers ended at MUZ-TV

Irina Bezrukova married her goddaughter

The actress congratulated Daria Stukanova on her marriage, who grew up with her son Andrey

“Teach your spiders better”: Yana Rudkovskaya responded to accusations of bullying her son

TV presenter objected to critics protesting on the Internet against the participation of young Alexander Plushenko in photo shoots

Fans of Olga Buzova poison Dmitry Tarasov's beloved in social networks

Anastasia Kostenko's story about studying at the school of television "Live" caused sharp attacks from ill-wishers

“German short film”: fans commented on the candid photo of Anna Semenovich

The singer unveiled the bed scene with Alexander Domogarov

"A particularly dangerous rogue": Kirkorov has a double

Fans of the artist, who were indignant at the arrogance of the impostor, were shocked by an unexpected guess

Catherine Barnabas spoke about pregnancy

The actress admitted that she is already annoyed by the obsessive attitude of journalists trying to wishful thinking

Who stole from whom? Channel One and Rossiya aired shows with the same topics

A new scandal erupted in the television environment

Iosif Prigogine and Valeria explained why they do not have common children

The couple shared their thoughts

Sati Casanova first appeared with fiance Stefano Tiozzo

The singer and her fiancé attended one of the social events in Moscow

Biography of Irina Otieva, personal life of Irina Otieva

The fate of Irina Otieva: how jazz music forever became the fate of the singer and, despite all the prohibitions and persecution, led to fame

Maxim Matveev called the reasons for his thinness

The actor explained why he had to lose so much weight

Weather forecaster Alexander Belyaev frankly spoke about the fight against oncology

TV presenter admitted that he had already completed two courses of chemotherapy

But what about the Basques? Victoria Lopyreva was caught on a date with a 28-year-old football player

Paparazzi captured the blonde, who recently became the bride of the singer, on a romantic date with a young athlete

Valery Meladze's daughter came to her bachelorette party in a bikini

Girlfriends hosted a bachelorette party for the singer's daughter on the beach in Greece

Retired and transgender people promote Beyoncé's new clothing collection

Promotional video of the company with non-standard models became an occasion for discussions on the Web

Alla Pugacheva's grandson Nikita Presnyakov brought himself to paranoia

The singer's grandson admitted that even outside the stage and outside of work he cannot relax properly and, at times, brings himself to paranoia

"My kids are not part of the PR!" Alsou explained why she hides her one-year-old son

The singer gave a candid interview about motherhood and her one-year-old son

Ekaterina Strizhenova changed her image and looked 10 years younger

The actress cut her hair and shared with subscribers on the Web the result of an experiment with hair

Ex-daughter-in-law of Tatyana Vasilyeva demands that the actress give her an apartment in the center of Moscow

The artist said she was not going to register an apartment on Chistye Prudy in the name of her grandchildren

Biography of Irina Rodnina, personal life of Irina Rodnina

The fate of Irina Rodnina: how a young skater climbed to the top of the podium after a concussion and a difficult pregnancy

New details of the death of one and a half year old son of rapper MiyaGi

Police investigate the details of the tragedy

Friends said goodbye to Stella Baranovskaya, who died of cancer

The funeral of actress Stella Baranovskaya took place in Moscow

Yulia Peresild for the first time named the father of her children

33-year-old actress opens up about her life

Katya Gordon turned to a plastic surgeon after giving birth

36-year-old singer, journalist, TV and radio host eliminated the consequences of an emergency caesarean section

65-year-old Daria Dontsova showed a great stretch

Writer and screenwriter spoke about her training

Children of Rosa Syabitova will marry her

55-year-old TV presenter will become the main character of the show "Let's get married!"

Oksana Akinshina for the first time after giving birth showed an impeccable figure in a swimsuit

30-year-old actress showed fans the perfect waist

26-year-old Natalia Krasko touchingly congratulated her 86-year-old husband Ivan Krasko on their wedding anniversary

The actor's wife posted a romantic picture with her husband in honor of the second anniversary of their life together

Maxim Galkin teaches his son to work

The showman posted a funny video featuring Harry

"Around the world during the decree": Anna Sedokova will travel around the world with three children

The singer will take part in the new project of the STS TV channel

46-year-old Lera Kudryavtseva was compared to a wax doll due to bad makeup

Fans of the TV presenter were disappointed with her new image

Boris Korchevnikov frankly told why he can't get married

The TV presenter frankly spoke about his personal life and he alth in the program "When everyone is at home"

49-year-old Valeria admired her young body in a red bikini

The singer published a candid photo and complained about the cool autumn in Moscow

"Perfect Grandpa!" Valentin Yudashkin published a touching photo with his grown grandson

The designer's fans were delighted with the touching "home" frame

Andrey Arshavin's wife showed the first photo with the seven-month-old daughter of a football player

The wife of the athlete published the first photo, which depicts their seven-month-old daughter with the football player

Marat Basharov married for the third time

The actor and his chosen one, who gave birth to his son, got married in Moscow

"I love you a lot!": Polina Gagarina touchingly congratulated her husband on his wedding anniversary

The singer published on the Web a tender congratulation to her husband in honor of the wedding anniversary

“The cows liked my bow”: Sergey Zverev in camouflage and crown became a milkmaid

The famous stylist got used to the role of a farmer for the release of Andrey Malakhov's program "Live"

Official: Yulia Lipnitskaya confirmed her departure from the Russian national team

The athlete notified the leadership of the Russian Figure Skating Federation of her decision in writing

Alena Vodonaeva got married

35-year-old TV presenter became the wife of a 34-year-old DJ

Yegor Konchalovsky showed fans a five-month-old son and a young lover

51-year-old film director stopped hiding little Timur and his chosen one - 33-year-old Maria Leonova

43-year-old singer Natalie told why she did not breastfeed her baby

A mother of many children shared her fears and worries

The media reported the separation of Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva

According to rumors, the film director and actress have parted ways and stopped communicating

Rejuvenated Larisa Dolina celebrated her 62nd birthday with her family on a ship

Fans were amazed by the appearance of the birthday girl and noted that she looked younger by at least 15 years

Natasha Koroleva's husband was at the center of Hurricane Irma

Sergey Glushko was reporting live from the scene on his blog

Still a couple? Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva first appeared together

The singer and his fiancee with their appearance in Sochi denied rumors about the termination of the engagement

Nadezhda Babkina showed rare family pictures

The singer showed how she spent time at the festivities in honor of the City Day in Moscow

Victoria Bonya spoke emotionally about the girl who persecuted Stella Baranovskaya

A celebrity published a post full of indignation and harsh criticism of the girl who staged a real persecution of Baranovskaya, accusing her of simulating an illness

Yulia Vysotskaya in a new look looks 15 years younger

Celebrity shared a tender photo from a holiday in Italy

Pregnant Yulia Kovalchuk showed a changed figure in a flesh-colored bodysuit

The singer published a candid photo in which the artist's attentive subscribers saw her rounded tummy

Maxim Galkin frankly spoke about the upbringing of three-year-old twins Harry and Lisa

The artist admitted that he can not be strict with children

Oksana Fedorova showed a figure in a swimsuit

Celebrity for the first time in a long time published pictures in a bikini

The new image of Renata Litvinova disappointed fans of the actress

Fans called the new image of the actress "homeless style"

Ksenia Sobchak touchingly congratulated Maxim Vitorgan on his birthday

Celebrity published a "home" photo of her husband and grown son

“I have added gray hair”: Yulia Lipnitskaya gave a frank interview to the FFKR

Olympic champion spoke about the wave of speculation in the media and shared her plans for the future

Irina Shayk stepped on the catwalk for the first time since giving birth

31-year-old supermodel presented a new collection of her favorite designer at New York Fashion Week

Four-year-old son Evgeni Plushenko will perform with his father on a European tour

The famous figure skater prepared a number with the participation of young Alexander

Maria Maksakova baptized her youngest son

The opera singer published a photo from the temple and thanked Ivan's godparents

Lena Lenina shocked fans with a bald head

37-year-old TV presenter published a photo in an unusual way

"As if there is no one breast": fans criticized Ani Lorak's open neckline

38-year-old singer released photos and videos in risky outfits

14-year-old son of Yana Rudkovskaya made his debut on the stage of the "New Wave"

Celebrity heir conquers Russian show business

Pregnant Kate Middleton plans home birth

Western media reported the intention of the wife of Prince William to give birth to a third heir at Buckingham Palace

Irina Bezrukova asked not to discuss the death of her son on the air

The actress emotionally reacted to the discussion of the death of her son in the studio of the program "The Invisible Man"

Victoria Bonya said that she got married, but hides her husband

Celebrity surprised fans with an unexpected confession

Hugh Grant: biography, personal life of the actor, roles, photos

Biography and interesting facts from the life of Hugh Grant, what is known about the actor's personal life, his best roles and films, photos

For the truth: Kate Winslet and other stars who declared “war” on Photoshop

The fashion for “honest”, untouched shots literally captured Hollywood. Actresses, singers and models are not only not shy about posting their photos in the “a la naturel” style, but

The President of Russia presented Dmitry Hvorostovsky with the Order of Merit for the Fatherland

Cancer-fighting singer receives honorary award from president

Evelina Bledans admitted that she broke up with her husband a year ago

The news of the separation of the actress and her husband came as a big surprise to the fans of the couple

Philip Kirkorov came to a night party in Sochi with grown children

The singer's heirs attracted a lot of press attention

Pelageya told how her mother reacted when Ivan Telegin proposed to the singer

The artist shared a funny life story

53-year-old Lolita Milyavskaya in extremely short shorts is resting in Sochi

The singer's fans reacted ambiguously to her outfit

No longer blonde: Vera Brezhneva appeared on the New Wave with pink hair

The singer surprised fans with a radical change of image

"Cool cubes": Alexei Vorobyov boasted athletic torso

29-year-old singer impressed fans with candid shot

"Mystery solved!" - Stas Kostyushkin checked the naturalness of Anna Semenovich's breasts

During the program "Icon of Style" on "MUZ TV", the singer shocked the audience with a frivolous "test" of the TV presenter's merits

Maxim Galkin explained why he publishes a video with his children and wife

The showman admitted that openness is the best method of dealing with the paparazzi

Natalia Vodianova congratulated her son on his tenth birthday

35-year-old supermodel posted a photo from the holiday

Lera Kudryavtseva showed how she struggles with a phobia

46-year-old TV presenter overcame her fear of heights

"Anorexia!" - skinny Keti Topuria shocked fans with a naked photo

The soloist of the A-studio group published a “hot” picture that frightened some subscribers of the singer’s excessive thinness

Don't know: Ekaterina Varnava showed a photo from 12 years ago

The publication of the picture caused a new wave of discussions about the plastic surgery suffered by the actress

63-year-old Laima Vaikule performed a belly dance

Singer wows fans with her graceful moves

Irina Khakamada spoke about the wedding of her daughter with Down syndrome

Star mom admitted that she does not interfere with the plans and desires of the heiress

Fans are delighted with Svetlana Bondarchuk in the image of a burning brunette

Celebrity showed herself in an unusual image

Yulia Vysotskaya told how she stays slim while acting in cooking shows

The artist noted that she does not have any features of the body that allow her to eat up and not get better

“I didn’t mean to offend”: Deputy Igor Lebedev promised a girl without hands to install a ramp at her entrance

After a wave of criticism in social networks and the media, the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma agreed to meet with the foster mother of little Vasilina

"Why should such children be born?": State Duma deputy's statement caused a wave of criticism

When Igor Lebedev saw a video on the Internet showing a girl without arms, Igor Lebedev left an indignant comment under it, in which he reproached the parents of disabled children for selfishness

Victoria Lopyreva asks Nikolai Baskov to sign a marriage contract

Lovers publicly found out the relationship

Maxim Galkin spoke about the return of Andrei Malakhov to Channel One

The artist gave an interview in which he spoke about when the TV presenter will return to Channel One

Fans criticized Maria Kozhevnikova for an outfit with a deep neckline

The actress was heavily criticized by Instagram followers

Paulina Andreeva and Fyodor Bondarchuk "commented" on the rumors about the separation

The couple decided to dot the i's

Vladimir Mashkov and his daughter spoke frankly about their "strange" relationship

The artist and his heiress, who also chose an acting career, gave a joint interview for the first time in a long time

The wedding of Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva will be shown live on the federal channel

The singer revealed some interesting details about his upcoming marriage

“There has always been another person between us”: Evelina Bledans’ husband told why their family broke up

The ex-husband of the artist commented on their divorce, and the actress told why she enlarged her breasts