Celebrities 2023, March

Andrey Chernyshev

Now he's in great demand. Acts in films, plays in entreprises, fights in the "star ring". The actor has a lot of plans, but Andrei does not like to share them

Yulia Vysotskaya "The main thing is to be together"

Julia has released a new book about a he althy lifestyle "Eat, run, live!" for the New Year holidays. She is sure that this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to look their best

Dmitry Nagiyev: “I was born married”

In the near future, new films with the participation of Dmitry will be released: the drama "Savva Morozov", the international project "Merry Widow", the 48-episode saga about Moscow "City of Temptations" and "Return

Larisa Guzeeva: "Don't saw your men"

Larisa Guzeeva knows from her own experience how difficult it is to build strong family relationships

New movies

New movies

Read about new movies and TV projects coming out in February

Irina Pegova: “At home I am a woman and I never raise my voice”

In February, Irina Pegova can be seen in two films - The Return of the Musketeers directed by Yungvald-Khilkevich and the historical drama Passengers directed by Stanislav Govorukhin

Exhibition "The Master and Margarita"

From March 28, photographs illustrating the scenes of the famous novel can be seen in the Spiridonov House

Women's League. About the main thing in life. Jokes aside

The heroines of the "Women's League: Guys, Money and Love" sketchcom on TNT are four determined women who are capable of a lot. Anyone who has ever seen them on the screen, for sure

Animation Film Festival

An animation film festival will be held in Suzdal

Means for weight loss are dangerous to he alth

Medical News: Proven! Weight loss products are hazardous to he alth

Svetlana Khodchenkova: “For the sake of my husband, I am ready for a lot”

In March, Svetlana can be seen in the film "Love in the Big City" and in the Polish film "Little Moscow", for the main role in which Svetlana received a prize at the festival in Gdynia

How much does a Madonna ticket cost?

In August, Madonna will give the only concert in Russia. Tickets can be purchased today

S alt is like a drug

The average s alt intake in the world now exceeds the recommended norm by 2.5 times. It turns out that s alt can play the role of a drug

Nonna Grishaeva: “I am grateful to fate”

Nonna is now more popular than ever, and there is only one minus - very little time for her family. About what you can do with children in an hour and a half, Nonna Grishaeva told "DO"

Naked Chef Books on sale

Specially for our visitors and readers "TO": celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's cookbooks can be bought at a discount

Which religion to study? Student chooses

Soon schoolchildren will have the right to choose their own religion, the foundations and history of which they are invited to study

Useful tips of the Clown Theater

The Clownery Theater under the direction of Teresa Durova presents a new play "Full Plombir (rules of survival at school)"

Unique promotion to help hospices

In April, "A book that brought together writers who cannot be united" will be published

Svetlana Sorokina: “I care”

Recently, Svetlana Sorokina released the book “I care”, which contains 15 unusually touching short stories about people who, for various reasons, came to

Coffee and women's he alth

American doctors have concluded that the use of caffeinated drinks (including soft drinks, tea and coffee) does not affect the risk of developing breast cancer

Tochka Ru is 15 years old

Runet is 15 years old! It was 15 years ago that the "dot ru" domain was first registered

New system of payment of fines in the traffic police

An experiment has begun on the use of a new system for monitoring the payment of fines, which will ultimately be able to save drivers from punishment for allegedly unpaid fines

Take every day as a gift of fate

The most important female happiness is when children are he althy and happy, and you are happy with your children. This is the main thing

Cold May Day

Suddenly coming "summer" will be short

Lanskaya: I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT all the time

In May, Valeria Lanskaya can be seen in several theatrical productions at once: she plays Mary Poppins at the Moon Theater, Mata Hari in a private performance directed by Evgeny

"Curfew" for children

Children under 18 will no longer be able to appear on the street and in other places without an adult after 10 pm

"Domashniy Ochag" at the festival "With a book in summer"

From May 15 to June 14, 2009, the chain of stores "Moscow House of Books" holds an annual festival "With a book in summer." Domashny Ochag magazine acts as an information partner

"Treasures of Ancient Egypt"

Now Egypt will be even closer to us. At the end of May, the Sand Sculpture Festival "Treasures of Ancient Egypt" opens in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University (Prospect Mira, 26)

Maria Kulikova: “I want a baby!”

Maria Kulikova is the star of TV series "Two Fates", "Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka", "Inheritance", "Blood Sisters". Now she is busy in three performances of the Theater of Satire and is rehearsing

A book for those who don't want to be deceived

A new book "The mother of my child, or the ABC of Swindle" by Tatyana Ogorodnikova "Eksmo" has been released

USE results in Literature and Geography

Students don't know geography

In the Duma, finally, they will seriously deal with the protection of children

Dmitry Medvedev came up with an initiative to toughen punishment for crimes against minors back in early spring

Marina Alexandrova: "How difficult it is to be a wife"

A year after the wedding with actor Ivan Stebunov, Marina Alexandrova told "DO" about how her life has changed due to marriage, how she copes with household chores

Game over

Game over

From July 1, a law will come into force in the Russian Federation prohibiting the operation of gambling establishments everywhere except for designated areas

Scientists have rehabilitated working mothers

Working mothers in vain suffer from feelings of guilt in front of their "abandoned" children

Angelina Jolie earned the most

Forbes magazine named Angelina Jolie the highest paid actress in Hollywood

Lack of sleep is more dangerous for women

Lack of sleep at night is more dangerous for women than for men

Tame allergies

US scientists figured out how to cure food allergies in children

The biggest flaw

What flaws in their appearance do women most often hide?

What attracts men?

American scientists have determined what exactly is most attractive in women's appearance for men

Moscow is no longer the most expensive city

Agency Mercer Human Resource Consulting ranked the most expensive cities in the world

The world said goodbye to Michael Jackson

More than 20 thousand people came yesterday to say goodbye to the king of pop Michael Jackson

In Search of the Lost

Ford decided to set off in search of lost time

Work and salary: Forbes top list

Forbes Woman online magazine compiled a list of the highest paid female professions

There is no family without love, Russians are sure

On the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, VTsIOM found out what Russians consider necessary to create a family

Spermatozoa from a test tube

British scientists managed to grow viable spermatozoa in the laboratory

Modny Sentence has a new presenter

Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev will replace Vyacheslav Zaitsev as the host of the Fashion Sentence program

Yoga Journal Best Vegetarian Recipe Competition

This is a great opportunity to show off your culinary talents and win amazing prizes

Soviet boutique

Shopping club KupiVIP.ru and the Guild of Actors organized a social Internet project Sovietsky Boutique

New Hearth

New Hearth

The August issue of Domashniy Ochag magazine will go on sale tomorrow

Britain cancels retirement age

The British government has drafted a bill that will abolish the age limit for retirement, which is now 65 years

Favorite magazines in electronic format

You can now subscribe to Independent Media magazines in electronic format

The queen's spoons were stolen

Guests of the British Queen Elizabeth II took out the silverware of the era of George III from the palace

Cats have everything under control

Who is the boss in the house: you or your cat? The answer is obvious - it's a cat

"What can love do about it"

Live happily until the end of your days? Australian scientists have learned how to make a fairy tale come true

Television will become childish

The State Duma is discussing a law banning the display of TV programs that can harm the he alth of children

Stars behind ironing boards

On the eve of Family Day, Tefal held a Big Good Ironing to support the Volunteers to Help Orphans Foundation

What students want

How do they teach in Russian universities? Why do young people need higher education? Is it out of touch with life?

Count the money

American scientists have proven that counting money is good for mental he alth

Pet contact lenses

Veterinarians from East Germany came up with contact lenses for animals

Lords of the sand

The International Sand Sculpture Festival is taking place in the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University "Pharmaceutical Garden"

IQ linked to ecology

Researchers for the first time linked lower IQ levels in children with poor ecology

Longevity Habits

American scientists named 4 good habits leading to longevity

Maria Berseneva. Men vs Women

Soon actress Maria Berseneva can be seen in the title role in the new TV series "Margosha" on the STS channel

Monument to shuttle traders

Yesterday, a monument to "shuttle traders" was unveiled in Yekaterinburg - merchants who buy goods abroad and sell them in Russia

Swine flu could be canceled on September 1st

If the number of people infected with influenza A (H1N1) increases, classes in schools will not start on September 1

Exhibition of banned literature opens in Moscow

Exhibition “Samizdat. Made in the USSR” opened in the Andrei Sakharov Museum in Moscow

Berries from hands are dangerous

Moscow Veterinary Committee warned Muscovites about the danger of buying mushrooms and berries from private individuals

Sexuality depends on blood type

Scientists from Germany came to this conclusion as a result of a sociological study

Participants of the "Formula Form" project have already lost 70 kg

The Form Formula project is gaining momentum: for the second month now, 12 participants are losing weight before our eyes

Green tea is not good for everyone

German scientists question the healing properties of green tea

"Fabulous trams" will appear in Moscow

Trams inspired by children's books and cartoons will run on Moscow routes

Fragrance relieves stress

Japanese scientists managed to prove that the smells of lemon, mango, lavender and lily of the valley can relieve stress

Marriage is good for he alth

Divorced or widowed people have a significantly increased risk of chronic disease

"Dom-2" went into the night

The court banned the broadcast of the TV show "Dom-2" in the time interval from 04:00 to 23:00

Sunbed increases cancer risk by 75%

Sunbed use is one of the main causes of cancer

History of the Berlin Wall in pictures

The photo exhibition "The Fall of the Berlin Wall" opened in the Central Manege in Moscow

Facial plastic surgery will help against migraine

American scientists managed to develop the principle of effective surgical treatment of migraines

Mel Gibson secretly divorced

Mel Gibson's 29-year marriage to wife Robin was secretly annulled

Hally Berry doesn't want to get married

Halle Berry is not going to marry a third time

We lose weight with the help of the grill

Losing four kilograms in two weeks is quite real. If you cook your own food on the grill

Allergic to own son

British Joan Mackie, who recently gave birth, doctors discovered a severe allergy… to her own child

A hole in the head against excess weight

If the desire to lose weight suppresses all other thoughts, then you are ready for the most radical procedure

Angelina Jolie demoted

Vanity Fair magazine publishes the 70th ranking of the most stylish celebrities

Makeup day and night

Is there any makeup in the world that does not need to be washed off before going to bed?

Cirque du Soleil will arrive in Russia

The famous Canadian circus Cirque du Soleil will come on tour to Moscow for the first time

Shopping is stronger than conscience

No point in blaming a woman for spending too much money on "rags"

Black girl turned white

The girl was born black, but now she has to protect her skin from the sun

Bikini is the main female nightmare

Few things worries women more than the danger of showing "extra" body parts on the beach

"He alth Day" with "Home"

"Domashniy Ochag" will act as a partner of the family sports festival "He alth Day"

Restore the figure after childbirth

Look at some stars with many children and do not understand how they manage to keep such a figure?

Let's try to live separately?

Can living apart from a loved one strengthen relationships?

Smart search

How to find a good kindergarten or school for a child? Now it's much easier to do it

"Household" in September

September issue of Domashniy Ochag magazine - on sale from August 18

Scratching leads to baldness

Israeli scientists have refuted the conventional wisdom that frequent combing strengthens hair

740 schools not ready by September 1st

Rospotrebnadzor checked the readiness of schools for the new academic year

Mozart from all diseases

Music not only delights the ear, but also helps in the fight against many diseases

Secrets of the figure of Cindy Crawford

Looking like a young girl in her forties? Cindy Crawford does it

There are more beautiful women in Russia

So think 60% of citizens surveyed in a recent sociological survey

12 'Shape Formula' Participants Halfway to a He althy Weight

We continue to monitor the participants of the "Formula Form" project