Fashion 2023, March

Cellulite: a natural problem

According to statistics, 85-90% of women suffer from cellulite. Many scientists consider changes in subcutaneous fat to be something like a female secondary sexual characteristic. Other

What is SPA?

Beach season is in full swing, and we have more and more questions to our own body. After all, you want to look at 100. In addition to diets, gyms and salons, there are

Buy youth with money. Opinions for and against cosmetic surgery

Time is merciless to everyone - every year leaves its mark on the face. But now there is no need to look for a recipe for a magical drink or pawn a soul in exchange for eternal


We are so accustomed to using new products from cosmetic companies that sometimes we forget that the best face and body care products are prepared for us not by a laboratory, but by nature. Summer

Irreplaceable turtleneck

A thin solid color turtleneck can be the basis of an outfit for all occasions. It can be safely combined with a warm jacket and jeans, sports breeches and even a smart skirt

How to make it trendy

According to statistics, every fourth woman buys clothes for her husband, and most men are happy about this. When it comes to office uniforms, men usually do not experience

How to choose a suit for your husband

Despite our concern for the “weekend” wardrobe, we should not forget that our husbands spend most of their lives at work and choosing an office suit for them is a very

Great choice

The beginning of the winter season is the time to buy a fur coat. We know what's trendy this year. It remains only to choose what suits us

The color of summer

Summer is the time to get rid of dark colors and let more bright colors into your life

Which wool is better?

Natural is the name given to the hair of a he althy animal that has not been used before and has not been processed. It should not contain more than 7% of other

Fashion sentence comes into force

The team of stylists and experts from the popular TV program "Fashion Sentence" offers options for solving problems for our heroines. Maybe their advice will help you too

This is your color

Spring, summer, autumn, winter - these are not only the seasons, but also the type of appearance. If you define it correctly and choose clothes correctly, you will always look your best

Second youth

In our time, "beauty injections" have become the same common procedure, but there are many pitfalls. "DO" tried to understand all the intricacies of this issue

All the secrets of the carcass

Now we have a huge selection of mascaras of various types and shades. And innovative developments in this area sometimes amaze even the most sophisticated

Beauty recipes: how to look 9 years younger

You can preserve the beauty of the skin not only through cosmetic procedures and injections, but also with the help of simple ways that we often forget about

Perfect hair color

Whether you color your hair at home or in the salon, our tips will help you find the right shade

Tan rules

Tan rules

Summer is ahead - the time of trips to the sea for a warm sun and a beautiful tan. However, sunbathing must be done wisely

Which sun protection factor to choose

Protect your skin from harmful radiation, and it will repay you with youth and he alth. Our tips will help you choose a cream with the right sun protection factor and teach you how to use it correctly

Choosing glasses by face type

The bright sun is a reason to think about sunglasses. Many find it difficult to choose: what to follow and how to buy?

Natural femininity

A modern woman living in a metropolis sometimes lacks softness and naturalness. This summer, natural shades and soft silhouettes will help you become a real

Summer hair care

Leading technologist Paul Mitchell Russia Anastasia Rudneva tells how to properly care for hair in the summer

Marine style

10 essentials for a nautical outfit

How to choose the perfect nail polish color

Let's try to find a shade of nail polish that will perfectly harmonize with skin tone

Subtle nature

Let's try to figure out what natural cosmetics are

Beauty Artist

Givenchy art director Nicolas Degenne has been working to make the world a more beautiful place for 10 years

Wear, enjoy and heal

The healing properties of gold have been known for many thousands of years

How to choose jeans according to your figure?

You don't have to be a thin and tall 19-year-old girl to look stylish and sexy in jeans

Recipes for homemade cosmetics: thyme, coffee, cucumber and kiwi

What are the benefits of natural ingredients in facial skin care and how to help the skin with home remedies with kiwi, coffee and other products

Hair myths

Hair myths

Find out what is true and what is fiction by reading a selection of the 10 most common myths about hair

Black eyes

Black eyes

Expressive eyes and long eyelashes are beautiful. Therefore, no cosmetic bag is complete without mascara

Disguise rules

If you ask women what beauty product is most important to them, the answer will be the same - concealer

8 makeup questions

We offer you answers to the 8 most common questions about cosmetics

We save on beauty

How to avoid unnecessary expenses without saving on beauty. Tips from an experienced makeup artist

Thermage will help beat time

One of the best hardware techniques against skin aging

Hardware methods of rejuvenation

Hardware skin rejuvenation techniques will help you beat time

Fashion autumn - style and fashion

This fall, the main thing is to place bright accents in clothes

Stains - no

In the past, women masked ugly age spots with a huge amount of white, today they use foundation or corrector

Female form

A woman is beautiful at any age, you can create the perfect image for any figure, says Vlad Lisovets

Hair falling out. What to do?

What to do if hair falls out badly? Is there a way to stop hair loss without resorting to drugs?

New Year's makeup: quick and easy

How to create a perfect image in a few minutes? Our tips will help you not only quickly make a festive make-up, but also look younger

Down with black, the road to color

Tasha Strict, fashion designer, designer and host of the television program Take It Off Now

Have you chosen a dress for the New Year? We are yes

Employees of the editorial office of Domashny Ochag chose New Year's dresses, taking into account the figures

Diagnosis: spender

How to stop spending money and stop shopaholism. Psychologist's advice

Reader of Domashniy Ochag became a model

Natalia sent us her photo and became a model for the fashion shoot of the magazine

Beauty calendar for the year

Have you been wanting to take care of yourself for a long time, but don't know where to start? Make a beauty schedule for the whole year

Secrets of beautiful hands

Irina Dedeneva, ORLY training manager says

Dick Page: the secrets of the master

The art director of the brand Shiseido - about what should be in every woman's cosmetic bag

Wardrobe staple

To properly organize your wardrobe, you only need to have 14 essential things

Rules of youth

To preserve youth, women are ready, if not for everything, then for a lot

How to keep perfect breasts: truth and myths about beauty

Beautiful and high breasts are not only genetics, but also proper care

What do men dream about?

We dressed women according to the dreams of their men

4 looks for the new season

The main trends of the spring-summer 2010 season: hairstyles with sensual lines, texture and shine

Lingerie for a princess

Exquisite lingerie, like no other clothing, tells a lot about a Woman

A real gem for your beauty

Vitality CF7710 from Rowenta is the first straightener that takes care of the beauty and he alth of your hair

To be not up to fat

We get rid of cellulite in a complex

Image for publication

Makeup lessons. The star of the Lenkom Theater Anna Bolshova practically does not use cosmetics in her life

Top consultants recommend

Anastasia Achilleos, recognized as the best cosmetologist according to the English "Tatler", believes that the main secret of beauty is good skin

Smooth out in 30 seconds

Even if you are 25, the most problematic areas - the area between the eyebrows and in the corners of the eyes - can already answer the question about your age for you

How to add volume to the lips

There are several ways to visually enlarge the lips: we know three simple ways to add volume to the lips

Proper skin care

To keep the youth and beauty of the skin for a long time, you need to work hard and daily on this


Spring is a great time to finally decide to experiment with your image

Fashion news: what to wear?

The current trends of this spring: white&black, airy (lighter than air!), and again - the 80s

BEFORE-AFTER> New look: more light

Marina experimented a lot with color: she was both a blonde and a brunette, she settled on natural

BEFORE-AFTER New look: short haircut

Svetlana did not dare to cut her hair - she grew her hair, she thought that due to the length they would be more voluminous


Experiment: Alena, economist, 36, used to dye her hair natural. What did the expert do?

Time: stop

Time: stop

Ask women what their biggest concern is - most would say wrinkles and

From puffy legs to chiseled legs

Swelling of the legs is the sacrifice that many women have to pay for harmony and attractiveness. To enhance the effect of slender legs, we wear shoes with high

Recommendations for curvy women

Don't be shy about your figure: correctly evaluate your shortcomings and emphasize your strengths

Appearance color type: how to determine your color type?

If you have golden hair color and skin with freckles - your color option is "Spring". suits you

How to sunbathe properly?

Hundreds of articles have been written about the dangers of sunlight, but we still have misconceptions about this

Yves Rocher: in the name of love

50 years ago, Mr. Yves Rocher was one of the first to think about creating herbal cosmetics

Key question: color protection

In order for hair to retain brightness for a long time after dyeing, they need special care

Children are in trend

This season, world designers make the dream of all children who want to look like adults come true

Mirror of the soul

Reflection in the mirror is the litmus test of our mood. What to do to please yourself always?

For soul and soul

Not only the skin of the face, but also the skin of the body needs proper cleansing

Facial cleansing

Everyone knows how to use gels and foams for washing. And what about milk?

Maximum program: skin cleansing

The number one task is to choose a cleanser based on the type of skin and its individual characteristics

Proper cleansing of the scalp

Properly selected shampoo is the key to he althy and beautiful hair

Revitalift - an elevator to youth

Can our skin rejuvenate itself? Yes

Say goodbye to acne

How a fly in the ointment can ruin a barrel of honey

We arrange SPA at home

SPA treatments have been actively practiced for many centuries before our era

Get rid of wrinkles without injections

Ultramodern cosmetics will help you keep your skin young

Getting ready for the holidays

In the New Year, we want to look stunning. How to achieve this?

Images for the queen of the ball. Part 3

Effective images suitable for blondes. Tips from famous makeup artists

Christmas images for the queen of the ball. Part 2

Delicate and spectacular images for fair-haired

Christmas styling

The success of a beautiful hairstyle depends not only on the masterly work done, but also on the quality of the hair

Christmas makeup

We all want to be irresistible in the New Year, but don't get carried away

Christmas images for the queen of the ball. Part 1

Evening makeup and outfits perfect for red hair

Secrets of stylists

Stylists and beauticians told how to prepare for an important holiday

In good hands

With constant lack of sleep, it is worth contacting specialists, they will help restore a fresh look



In these slippers your feet will always be very warm and comfortable

Big breasts

How to emphasize your dignity? What to be guided by when choosing underwear?

5 new hair treatments

Cutting and coloring will not only improve the appearance of the hair, but also strengthen it from the inside

Sleeping Beauty

We sleep 2 hours less than our grandmothers did, and we experience at least 5 times more stress

The price of beauty

Salon treatments become too much of an expense? You can look great without spending a lot of money

Spring look

On the eve of March 8, each of us wants to look not only perfect, but also relevant

Stars of the series "Amazons"

A strong woman can't look seductive? The heroines of the series "Amazons" successfully prove the opposite

New look

New look

New hair length and color is the most effective way to radically change the image

Erasing traces

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Keep them radiant and youthful gel for the skin around the eyes against swelling

Spring is the time to change shape

You can get in shape in just a few weeks