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Diet for the face

A beautiful woman needs only one chin, and the rest must be urgently disposed of. And you can do it yourself with the help of a diet for a beautiful face. The main thing in this

Why are you always hungry? 6 Secret Causes of Discomfort

There are six hidden reasons that can negate even the most thoughtful diets. Learn to recognize them - and you will be able to take control of the process and understand

The magical joy of eating

Confess, when was the last time you ate, enjoying every bite? Not thinking about the he alth benefits, not counting calories, not tormented by remorse? Food can be

What is thalassotherapy?

How does the sea heal?

“I recovered from cancer and live life to the fullest”

When renowned actress Lynn Redgrave was diagnosed with breast cancer, her daughter Annabelle began documenting her mother's illness consistently. These diaries have recently been released separately

Breast Cancer: Check Your Risk Factors

The numbers are relentless: the incidence of breast cancer is on the rise worldwide. In our country, doctors make this diagnosis to 50 thousand women every year, and every year they become more

What you need to know to protect yourself from breast cancer

Fear of cancer appears in most of us. How to reduce the likelihood of this disease?

Hypertension and hypotension, how to identify them and how to live with it

Blood pressure problems rarely bother us before the age of 40. Therefore, in youth, no one wants to even think about it. But in vain - knowing your indicators, the ability to identify

How to correct posture: exercises, tips

How to correct posture at home: a set of exercises to get rid of stoop, expert advice

Learn to take care of your back

Recommendations for the prevention of back pain are given by Anatoly Ivanovich Bobyr, candidate of medical sciences, defanotherapist

Charging in 10 minutes

Start your morning the way you want to spend the whole day! This morning exercise for 10 minutes will give you a charge of vivacity and strength. This short fitness complex is suitable even for the lazy

Alternative medicine that really heals

Someone thinks alternative medicine is useless. Someone, on the contrary, uses only non-traditional means. Do Alternative Treatments Really Help? And How

What kind of water do we drink?

Life originated in water, and without water its continuation is impossible. Water delivers vitamins and mineral s alts to the cells of the body and removes toxins. The adult human body

How to fall asleep if you woke up at night

How we sleep and how it affects beauty: why it is important to go to bed on time and how to get enough sleep and what to do if you can’t fall asleep or woke up at night

Best exercises for volume reduction

This workout will only take 10 minutes a day, but you will notice the effect almost immediately

6 simple exercises for a perfect figure for every day

Want to strengthen your hips and tighten your stomach? This easy workout will not take more than 10 minutes a day, and the result will appear in a couple of weeks

The best way to lose weight and the most honest diet

Scientifically Proven It's Not How Much You Eat, It's How You Count It

How much water to drink a day: the norm, advice, truth and myths

How much water you really need to drink: the latest research on how to calculate your rate, how to drink water correctly

Minus 5 kg

Minus 5 kg


Summer figure in 3 weeks. A set of 8 effective exercises

If you try on open dresses and T-shirts in front of the mirror and see that you have grown fat over the winter - your tail is higher! All is not lost yet, there is time to make things right

What to replace the most high-calorie foods at the festive table?

If you are watching your figure and are worried about possible overeating and, accordingly, excess weight on holidays, here's the good news for you: most people during this period

The benefits of spices and spices

Any cook knows what spices are for - they add flavor to insipid dishes. But did you know that they are also beneficial to he alth? For millennia, spices


If you decide to take care of your physical form, then spring is a good occasion. After all, the most important thing is to start, and as soon as possible. And for what reason - the second question

Doctor's advice

Is the intrauterine device really harmless? Do you need protection after 50? These and other questions are answered by a gynecologist, Ph.D. Dmitry Lubnin

The hormone of pleasure and happiness

Everyone wants to have fun. But few are truly satisfied. The hormones endorphin and serotonin are responsible for pleasure and happiness. Synthesis of hormones of happiness

Pessimists watch TV while happy people read books and chat

People who are dissatisfied with their lives watch TV more often, while those who consider themselves to be happy people prefer to spend their free time reading and chatting with friends. To

Healing Dozen

Take care of your eyesight from a young age! In today's world, about 30% of people over the age of 65 suffer from some kind of eye disease

Beef steak with red wine and potatoes

This dish can be called a dietary version of meat in French: lean beef steak (it is better to take a sirloin edge) contains a minimum of fat and a maximum of protein, is rich in iron and

Hit your forehead, feet up - unusual but effective tips for emergency self-massage

By the beginning of spring, many of us are not in the best shape. But it is in our power to improve well-being: you just need to put your hands on it

How much is our he alth worth?

They say you can't buy he alth. But now we have the most modern diagnostics and treatment methods at our service - buy, if you have money. Now another problem arises: how not to

MYOMA: risk factors

A few years ago, the diagnosis of uterine fibroids sounded like a sentence. He doomed the woman to the painful expectation of the operation. Fortunately, today the situation has changed fundamentally

Diet savings

The opinion that a he althy diet is an expensive pleasure is deeply mistaken. He althy food is simple natural food, and therefore inexpensive. If you also reduce the portions

Menu for hypertension: food that reduces blood pressure

The main culprits of hypertension are overweight and malnutrition. For example, an excess of sodium (common s alt), which impedes water-s alt metabolism, leads to an increase in pressure

He alth percentage

Multiple observations and studies prove that human he alth is 20% dependent on hereditary factors, another 20% depends on the environmental situation around him, in total

Appetite comes during idleness

It is believed that the appetite increases after exercise and walks in the fresh air. It turns out, on the contrary: after you have spent half a day without movement, and in a stuffy

We are what we eat

So says our author Rami Blekt, a consultant in ancient Indian astrology and Eastern psychology. And what do you think?

Plastic and food

Is it safe to store food and prepared meals in plastic containers?

Become 5, 710 years younger

Special Super Diet That Helps Women Look Younger

Final diagnosis

The word "prevention" should not be an empty phrase - it's troublesome, but necessary. Get examined

The case for chocolate

Researchers found that a cup of hot cocoa made from 2 tbsp. tablespoons of cocoa powder, has more antioxidant activity than green tea or red wine

Diet for "APPLE"

The most problematic type of female figure is the "apple", when persistent fat deposits are concentrated in the middle of the body - on the stomach and around the waist

Oriental practice

How to explain the keen interest of modern people in the ancient Eastern teachings about he alth?

Live to lose weight, or lose weight to live?

This topic, it seems, will soon enter the category of "eternal": about how to quickly, and most importantly, permanently lose weight, books are written, talk shows are organized. Fat women with and without complexes

How to lose weight without dieting

They don't diet, don't count calories, and don't gain weight. Is it possible to eat whatever you want and still lose weight? Valeria Fedorova decided to conduct an experiment

Vitamins we lack

Do you often get sick? Include beans on the menu. About what the body requires when it shows symptoms

Diet plate

Diet plate

The easy way to eat well and not gain weight

How to protect the stomach

It's never too late to start taking care of your stomach, feeding it tasty, but light and he althy food

Self-massage of the head

Suffering from frequent headaches and high blood pressure? Do a self-massage

Tuna salad with beans

This dish helps to recharge your energy

Salad set

Salad set

We invite you to move away from the usual set of "cucumber-tomato-salad" and create a delicious composition not only with vegetables, but also with fruits, nuts, cheese

Travel first aid kit

In order for the vacation to go as well as possible, you need to foresee possible complications in advance. And competently prepare for solving typical summer problems

Truth in the water

Advertising slogan "Don't let yourself dry up!" actually has a deep meaning. Water is a symbol of all life in the universe. We live on a water planet, and the basis of our body

The tomato is ripe

Opening the season of the most fragrant tomatoes. They are so appetizing and he althy only in August

Freeze, save

Freezing is the best way to preserve the gifts of summer. Today we will talk about how to freeze berries and fruits correctly

We freeze vegetables

Yesterday we figured out how to freeze fruits and berries for the winter. Let's talk about vegetables today

5 zucchini recipes

Stuffed zucchini boats are a great option for a summer dinner

Smoking cessation: what happens if you don't smoke right from now?

A lot has been said and written about the dangers of smoking. But what exactly will happen if you say to yourself right now: quit smoking, and do it?

Caution: Immunity

Keeping your immune system in shape is not an easy task. Here are some easy ways for you

What is biomedicine

"All diseases are caused by natural causes, and you need to treat the forces of Nature"

Healing flowers

Flowers have a special energy that can be cultivated and used for medicinal purposes

4 Easy Calorie Loss Exercises

These workout options will help you burn more calories. The result will not be long in coming

Summer cocktails: 8 recipes

The weekend is approaching, which is a great opportunity to have a little outdoor party

How not to be afraid of "swine" flu

55 cases of influenza A confirmed in Russia/California/04/2009 (H1N1)

Preparing juices: vegetable, fruit, berry

Summer and autumn are the time when the juicer should take its permanent place in the kitchen

Shrimp instead of meat

Light seafood in summer is a great alternative to heavy "winter" meat

Fitness break

Even an exemplary office worker can change his lifestyle and activate his metabolism

Melanoma: risk factors

Scientists have identified the six most significant risk factors for developing this dangerous tumor

Bytprosvet: healing potatoes

Today in the rubik "Bytprosvet" - tips on the use of potatoes for medicinal purposes

5 fetax recipes

Fetax with its s alty delicate taste is ideal for salads, but variations are possible

In defense of the sandwich

Sandwich may well be dietary. Ingredients make it good or bad

Jamie Oliver: at home, in the kitchen and in the garden

Famous chef Jamie Oliver told "DO" about how he turned from a city dweller into a happy farmer

Morning physical

Important information about your own he alth can be obtained by carefully examining yourself in front of a mirror

Reference moment

Our life is in constant motion. We move even in our sleep. Movement is life


A specialist talks about risk factors, new methods for diagnosing and treating osteoporosis

Fitness without spending

You can change your body at absolutely no cost by arranging wellness workouts at home

Do you eat soup?

Over 2,000 people took part in our survey last week. Now you can comment on the result of the poll

Hormones are not for everyone

Dmitry Lubnin answers readers' questions about the correct use of hormonal drugs

Sunburn as a bad habit

Artificial ultraviolet increases cancer risk

Food without rules

People come to Volkov with illnesses, with a desire to lose weight, or just hearing from friends about how they can correct long-running body affairs without resorting to medicines

Is "swine flu" terrible?

The World He alth Organization (WHO) warns that a pandemic of "swine flu" is approaching, a threat almost of a planetary scale. But is the “new flu” as terrible as

Convenient, fast, but useless

Cooking instant food is very easy. But no chemicals can replace natural products

Breathe deeply and lose weight

Learn to breathe properly

Instructions for cardio training

Advice from Ivan Ovcharenko, personal trainer of the "Master" category of the "Planet Fitness" network of fitness clubs

How to deal with depression

Autumn. Daylight hours have become shorter. The season of depression has arrived. Tell us how you deal with them?

Influenza treatment

What to do and what not to do if someone in the family has the flu?

Turpentine baths

I was advised to take turpentine baths. And how does it work and is it not harmful to the heart?

Foods for a he althy heart: the 10 most effective

Those are the must-have foods for those who want a he althy heart: olive oil, oatmeal, walnuts and more

Winter in comfort

He althy mood: how to survive the winter without loss

What to drink: An extra glass - in the sides?

Choosing the contents of the New Year's glass… and counting the centimeters! Calorie Calculator

Very personal he alth

Women's consultation for any age

We love sweets very much

And we eat (you won't believe) 37 kg of sugar a year. How much does it take to dance to burn those calories?

"E" in products

After trying chips, crackers or some canned food, we experience strong cravings for these products

Your questions to the doctor

About ultrasound, delay and pain in the lower abdomen. Answers from a gynecologist: Dmitry Lubnin, Ph.D

Minus 5 kg: Easy ways to lose weight

How many calories are in dor blue? How to lose weight on juice? What is the "rule of thumb"?

7 body cleansing products

Some foods are especially good for cleansing the body of toxic substances that inevitably form in the body after numerous festive feasts

Fight germs

If someone in the family gets sick, measures must be taken to protect others from infection

Why do we cry more than men

Your he alth: the three most frequently asked questions about tears

What is rice good for the body

White rice is to an Asian what bread is to a European. In Japanese, the word "rice" is synonymous with the word "food". What are the benefits of rice for the body?

Four new facts about your he alth

Feed or work? Why is TV harmful? Why is perfume dangerous? What are your nails talking about? Read responses>

How to lose 5 kg? Easily

Tips and ways to lose weight: fish oil, mushrooms, chips and a simple seven