House 2023, April

Christmas market

Together with the Christmas tree, a holiday comes to our house. How to choose a tree?

Choice of food processor

Choosing a food processor is serious business. So much so that many refuse to buy this kitchen helper, believing that it is easier to do everything by hand than to deal with such

Everything will be smooth

It would seem that there could be something special about an ordinary iron? Meanwhile, modern models have many new features that promise to make our lives much easier. Leading

Big wash

Big wash

Buying a washing machine is a serious matter. After all, it should serve you for many years. The leading specialist of the M-Video company Anton Mozhaisky advises how to choose the right

Music boxes of the 21st century

Remember the cassette players that were the ultimate in our dreams? Today, children prefer "figure", where you can "download" music from the Internet or get a "soap" from a friend

Useful cold

If you are going to change your old refrigerator for a new one, but do not know how to make the right choice, the advice of the manager of the household appliances department of the M.Video company will help you

Choosing a barbecue

How to choose the right brazier for the new barbecue season, says Natalya Sidorova, specialist in the procurement department of the Garden Center direction of the OBI store

Comfortable air

Modern air conditioners cool in summer and heat in winter. They also know how to purify the air and saturate it with oxygen. For help, we turned to Olga Antropova

Choose a filter

Water is the basis of life, one cannot but agree with this. But what if the water does not meet sanitary and hygienic standards? We present to your attention modern home

Choosing a kitchen hood

In order for the air in the kitchen to always be clean and fresh, you need a good hood. How to choose it correctly? Our questions were answered by the manager of the hall of household appliances of the M.Video company Anna

Choosing a stove

The stove is the center of the home universe, the “hearth” where we spend half our lives. What should it be? Our questions were answered by the manager of the hall of household appliances "M.Video" Elmira

Dismantling the Christmas tree

If you want to arrange a real holiday for your loved ones, then you can't do without a real live Christmas tree. So that your Christmas tree does not crumble before the New Year and for as long as possible

How to plan a summer cottage?

Country-style garden is perfect for both small plots and entire country estates

101 decor ideas for apartments, houses and cottages

Major or even cosmetic repairs are not at all a mandatory requirement for updating the interior. You can do it much easier

Life hacks on cleaning from our grandmothers: which methods work, which ones don't

Grandparents willingly share with us tips for cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the house and working in the garden. Do their tips help save time and energy?

Feng Shui style interior

Change and start a new life - many of us sometimes have such a desire. There is a Chinese proverb: "If you want to change your life, you need to move a few

How to wash jewelry and how to care for jewelry at home

Jewellery made of precious metals and precious stones should be cleaned carefully and carefully. This is how gold, silver, platinum and precious stones are cleaned

How to iron a shirt?

Heavy cast iron is a thing of the past. Its modern counterpart is made of lightweight materials, looks stylish, glides easily and naturally … But even the most expensive and

How to arrange furniture in a student's room and organize his studies

Girls and boys of school age spend a lot of time at their desks. How to properly organize study and recreation in the children's room with the benefit of children's he alth

How to wrap a gift?

Properly arrange a gift - an extremely important thing. We'll show you how to wrap gifts

41 quick and easy home cleaning hack with simple tools

How to use baking soda, tooth powder, ammonia, white vinegar and other natural preparations to bring shine to an apartment or house

For real clean people

Practically all cat owners are concerned about hygiene. For many, special cat litter has become the solution. But not many people know that they are

Interior for lovers

Not everyone wants to see rats at home. And in vain



The appearance of an animal is one of the serious indicators of its general he alth. Pay attention to the condition of your pet's coat: if it has become brittle and dull, you need to

IQ test for your pet

Are you curious to know how smart your pet is? Then we offer you to take this simple test and determine the intellectual level of your four-legged friend

Stylish outfit for the Christmas tree

Every year we want to decorate the Christmas tree differently than last December. Let's do it together

We're going, we're going, we're going

Many animals do not tolerate long journeys in trains, buses, and even in the most comfortable car. So take care of everything in advance

Animal safety during the New Year holidays

So that the New Year and Christmas holidays do not turn into trouble for your pets, remember some precautions

Preparing the dog for vaccination

Everyone knows that dogs need to be vaccinated once a year. It is important to know how to prepare for them. Vaccination can only be given to a he althy animal, so at least ten

Winter care

Winter is a hard time not only for people, but also for animals. Therefore, our four-legged friends need special care. For example, behind the paws

Let's go on vacation together?

During the holiday season, owners face questions: whether to take a pet with them, whether to leave it in the city, how to prepare for overexposure in a pet hotel or a trip

How to get rid of fleas and ticks

In May, owners should pay special attention to the prevention of infection with ectoparasites - fleas, lice, scabies, ear mites and especially ixodid mites. Exactly for May

Vaccinations for cats

Often cat owners are not even aware that their pets need to be vaccinated just like dogs. But cats also have their own "distemper" and "enteritis"

Guys and animals

What rules should be observed if an animal appears in a house where there is a small child?

How to help your pet in the heat?

The heat is especially hard on dogs. We've put together some helpful tips to make life easier for your pets

So that the pet does not get sick

It is believed that of the diseases of dogs and cats, viral infections are the most dangerous and widespread. This is true, but most owners today prevent these

Summer separation from beloved animals

Of course, it is better to take the animal with you, but this is not always possible. What to do?

Feed the animals right

All owners want their pets to be he althy, and for this it is enough to feed them properly

Expecting a baby with a pet

How to prepare a four-legged friend for a meeting with a small owner?

Caring for hydrangeas

There are 35 species of this plant. In our country, only 12 are cultivated, they all grow well in the open ground of central Russia. The most popular hydrangea

Caring for lilies

This delightfully delicate flower has been loved since ancient Greece. Lily was a symbol of purity and purity. Temples were decorated with it, wreaths were woven for kings. Lily in France

Caring for dahlias

Dahlias can be seen both in rural front gardens and in the most luxurious mansions. They delight with a variety of colors and shapes, but hybrid varieties "dahlias" are especially popular in Russia

Planting seedlings

When can seedlings be planted? May is the most active time for planting and for many the most favorite. Harvest and beauty depend on how well we cope with this task

Plant nurseries in the suburbs

Do you want to know plant nurseries in the Moscow region, addresses? We will tell you where to go for seedlings

How to breed peonies and how to make peonies bloom

Luxurious lush peonies of delicate and juicy shades are the decoration of a summer cottage and the dream of many gardeners. How to breed peonies?

A short guide for the lazy gardener

If in the country you like to relax in a rocking chair with your favorite book in your hands, and not work in the garden, these tips are just for you. They will help you choose plants, for

5 ways to pack your suitcase on the go

Don't fold clothes, but roll them into a roll of three or four things together, so it won't wrinkle

Cat in the house without problems

5 quick ways to get rid of pet hair and bad smell

The bedroom you dream of

To make dreams come true, it is not necessary to make expensive repairs and buy expensive furniture. We will tell you what to spend money on and what you can save on

6 tips for small repairs

It doesn't matter when you made repairs, three years ago or 10. Our tips will help you freshen up an apartment without the help of an ever-tired husband or son-in-law

How to properly store winter shoes

We put away warm shoes for storage, how to do it right? Do I need to apply cream? Wash and dry?

Organize: Cookware

We organize the storage of kitchen utensils. place pots and pans next to the stove so that it is more convenient to get them at the right time

How to make a beautiful tray?

Luxury tray not only decorates your kitchen, it can also be made as a gift

Fight the bacteria

What are the most dangerous areas in the house and how to protect yourself from pathogenic bacteria?

Own Microcosmos

The apartment we visited was left to the owner in a completely ruined state. But the result of the repair turned out to be very successful

Small bathroom

If the area of the bathroom is very small, the main thing is to properly organize the space, pick up functional items and furniture

Instant Effect: Super Print

You don't like wallpapers and prefer solid plain walls? We do not force you to wallpaper the whole house, we offer some more interesting solutions

Kitchen Arsenal

Do you want to learn how to cook really tasty? Start by choosing the right cookware

Organize your lingerie locker

A real woman should have perfect lingerie. And how it is stored affects the appearance

Getting ready for the summer season

We start publishing tips for the "lazy gardener". What needs to be done in winter and in the first half of spring to have a beautiful garden? It is not necessary to work in it from dawn to dusk

Organize a pet corner

Unfortunately, the four-legged members of the family are not able to clean up the dirt and debris. All you can do is make it easy for yourself

Home office

A simple solution for complex equipment

Country concerns: May

May is an important month for summer residents who love to have "all their own, from the garden." What do we do and plant in May at their summer cottage?

5 tips for flower growers

A few simple rules will help grow a beautiful flower bed in the country

Erasing the curtains

We will show you how to solve this difficult problem quickly and easily

How to care for a swimsuit?

What to do so that the sun, sunscreens, chlorinated and s alt water do not ruin your swimsuit

Organize: bathroom

Cosmetics, medicines, towels and a host of other little things no longer fit in lockers and fall off the shelves? In such a mess, it is unlikely that you will be able to get ready for work without fuss and

Teaching a dog to swim

Swimming will be a great workout for your pet, which is full of energy and desire to play

Shall we swim?

Try to ensure that the bathing process brings your pet only positive emotions

Sweet recipes with nuts

August is the time of the new crop of hazelnuts. Let's try to cook nut desserts

How to deal with aphids without chemicals

How to deal with aphids on house and garden plants? A simple and effective remedy for one of the main garden pests

Fighting mold

Heat and high humidity are ideal conditions for mold to thrive. Let's try to get rid of this malicious enemy

There is everything

To organize the space under the sink, first get rid of all the excess

10 Amazing Animal Facts has published little-known facts about animals discovered by scientists in recent research

How to press dry flowers

Let's talk about how to dry flowers under pressure

Dry flower paintings

We are completing a series of materials about drying flowers and today we are learning how to make a picture from dried plants

Favorite city

Continue our scrapbooking lessons. Today we illustrate city holidays

5 country answers

A beautiful garden in your favorite country house is no less important than a well-groomed house. Where to begin? How to make your garden truly alive and unique?

Bytprosvet: updating upholstered furniture

If the old sofa has become unusable, do not rush to throw it away

Quilling for beginners - paper beauty

Quilling is a great way to spend time doing something that gives your head a rest. We will tell you all about quilling for beginners

Bytprosvet: what is useful refrigerator

Today, under the heading "Bytprosvet" we will talk about the unknown properties of the refrigerator

Bedroom against stress

11 Economical Ways to Turn Your Bedroom into a Realm of Truly Restful Sleep

Bytprosvet: waiting for guests

Clean silverware, mirrors and crystal vases with improvised means

Jamie Oliver's recipes: soups, salads, hot dishes

One of the best culinary experts of our time Jamie Oliver and 7 of his author's lunch recipes - from salads to hot dishes

Bytprosvet: getting rid of odors

Today in the section "Bytprosvet" tips on how to defeat unpleasant odors in the house

Neat children's

Without exception, parents know perfectly well what a mess in the nursery is

Castle for princesses

Decoration of children's rooms in a country house for two sisters made by decorator Maria Adrianova

Cleaning summer accessories

It's time to put your favorite things in order. When summer comes again, they will look like new

Bytprosvet: fixing repair errors

Today we will look at typical mistakes in painting work and how to eliminate them

Deuce in behavior

"What a brat!" - comes out of your mouth if you catch your cat exploring the kitchen table in your absence

Return to the city

What should I pay attention to when preparing a pet for moving from a country house to a city apartment?

Bytprosvet: fixing repair errors. Part 2

Mastering the wisdom of wallpapering walls. What mistakes can be made and how to correct them?

4 ways to avoid blisters and chafing in new shoes

If a new pair of shoes is a little tight and a little tight, you can't do without breaking in. In order not to hurt your legs and not rub corns, you need to follow these simple tips

Organize a guest room

Perhaps your eldest daughter, niece and husband or cousin are going to live with you while their apartment is being renovated, or just stay for a week or two

Cleaning the car

How to keep your car interior clean and do without expensive dry cleaning

Autumn leaves

Decorate the interior with beautiful autumn leaves

How to choose glue?

A chair leg came off, a handle on your favorite mug broke off? Everything will stick! You just need to choose the glue

We sew clothes with our own hands

Today, saving has become easy and interesting. And also - saving is fashionable. Especially if you sew clothes with your own hands. Olga Abrosimova shares her ideas on this topic today

Stylish, spectacular, affordable

When decorating the interior of your apartment, never forget the main thing: first of all, you should be comfortable

Vegetable scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is the art of decorating photos. Stop, time