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How to raise a leader

When we imagine our children as adults and happy people, in some incomprehensible way we always see them as leaders. Whatever path in our dreams they choose

How to grow an optimist?

One of the most priceless gifts that a child can receive from their parents is the ability to be optimistic about the world around them

Why does a child lie

Why do children lie to their parents and what to do about it? Five simple tips on how to behave if you suspect your child of cheating

Live primer

No matter how much we separate from nature, we still remain a part of it and live according to its laws. “I am a child of nature, even a bad one, but a child!” - used to say Baba Yaga from Filatov's fairy tale

Do children believe in Santa Claus?

Do modern rational children believe in a fairy tale, in the existence of Santa Claus?

When a sore throat takes you by the throat

How to behave if a child has a sore throat?

Big Trouble

If your baby is sick, do not panic, it is better to carefully monitor his behavior and symptoms of the disease. This will help you choose the right treatment strategy

How to reduce the temperature of a child

How to lower the temperature in a child?

How to improve your child's posture

People normally have slight side bends of the spine - this provides mitigation of shocks and shaking of the body when jumping, running and walking. The main thing is to determine in time whether

Harmful cohabitation

Your child began to study worse, he gets tired quickly, eats little? Tutors, daily routines and vitamins do not improve the situation? Perhaps the cause of this condition is worms, or

Why is the child stressed?

Your child has gone to school. But after a while, you noticed that he is no longer as active and alert as before, it is difficult to wake him up in the morning, although he sleeps 9-10 hours, often



Ringworm is the most common summertime illness in children, affecting the skin, hair and nails. The source of infection, as a rule, are sick animals - as

Tipping point

Children love outdoor games, fearlessly drive on roller skates. And it does not always end with bruises, fractures, sprains, dislocations can happen. What should parents do if

Insect bites: first aid

Mosquito, wasp and bee stings are common. Correctly and timely provided first aid can not only save the child from discomfort, but also save his life

The most common childhood diseases

In autumn and spring, children get sick much more often than in summer and even winter. Pediatricians say that up to 4 SARS per year in a child is a norm that does not require correction

Complications after acute respiratory infections

Does your child constantly sniffle and cough? Prolonged runny nose and cough may indicate complications. How to decipher the alarms?

Clean my room bro

Sharing household chores

Give me back my toy

I have two children growing up: Vova is five years old, and Nastenka is three. Not an hour goes by without the kids fighting over toys. We explain that with greedy children no one wants to

My beloved daughter smokes

Try to prevent smoking

Appetite for 5 plus

If your child is just going to the first grade, then you just need to properly prepare for this. First of all, help a growing and not yet very strong body

My baby is a chameleon

What to do if at home the child is capricious and domineering, but among friends he is insecure and timid? The situation is commented on by child psychotherapist, family consultant Madelena Sanchuk

If the child has a poor appetite

Problem with appetite is perhaps the most common problem faced by parents. What to do if the child is picky about food and constantly refuses to eat

Daughter won't let go

What to do if your daughter does not let you go a single step, and she will soon go to school? The situation is commented on by child psychotherapist, family consultant Madelena Sanchuk

My son is rude

What to do if a teenage child is rude to parents both in private and in public? And also interrupts the elders and breaks into a conversation with rude and inappropriate remarks? The situation is commented

Praise and approval

"My son is 2.5 years old. He is very sensitive to praise, but sometimes he just demands it, even if he does not deserve it. Brings me a drawing that is drawn very badly and wants

Fights between brothers and sisters

"My children are at war 90% of the time they spend together. Constant fighting alternates with negotiations, complaints and short truces, after which

Advice from a child psychologist

How to explain to a child that due to the financial crisis will have to cut pocket money? Advises Natalia Barlozhetskaya

Don't be afraid, I'm with you

All your child's classmates text each other valentines, and is your son or daughter too shy? Remember if you yourself suffered from shyness in childhood, because

Women's complexes come from childhood

We make money, manage people, succeed in science… But our children's complexes can ruin everything at any moment. How to be with them?

Advice from a gynecologist

How to beat a headache during "critical days", protect against cervical cancer and cope with miscarriage. Renowned gynecologist, author answers questions

Our children

Astrologer and consultant in Eastern psychology Rami Blekt on what affects the he alth and fate of children

Whims and tantrums

Child psychologist will tell you how to cope with the consequences of "grandmother's upbringing"

Children of their own and others

Marriages fall apart, children stay. And sometimes they ask us difficult problems

Questions about IVF

Yesterday we talked about the features of late pregnancy, and today we'll talk about IVF

How to have a he althy baby at any age

At the age of 40, childbirth surprises few people and, even more, is considered almost useful. What do doctors think? How to give birth to a he althy child?

Hormonal background and harmonious development

Do you want your child to develop harmoniously? Do not forget to show it to the endocrinologist

Child is rude. Opinions

Our readers and psychologist expressed their opinion on the issue of how to behave with a child who is rude and offends his younger brother

Drug testing in schools

Should schoolchildren be required to test for drugs or not? Opinions of readers and experts

When pregnancy problems return

A woman's he alth during pregnancy is a litmus test of her he alth in the future

Sport without problems

At least half of young athletes' he alth problems stem from overtraining

Teen Sexuality - Early or Timely?

Professor Igor Kon answered questions from Domashniy Ochag magazine

Whooping cough is back?

How to recognize, treat, and better - prevent whooping cough? Advice from pediatrician Marina Dogoteri

Children. Simple things

One minute for the most important: about important things, without which the happiness of a child will not be complete

Question-answer: Advice from a gynecologist

How much weight can you lift while pregnant? What to do if the cycle is prolonged?

Raise a boy to a man

How to raise boys properly? 14 tips, and also - the main mistakes of mothers

Sonechka changed my life

At the maternity hospital, after Sonya's emergency birth, her parents were told that the girl had Down's syndrome



You ask - experts answer questions about begonias, furniture, sunburn, asthma, children and everything

Teach your child to lose

One of the most valuable gifts you can give a child is to teach him how to play well

Children's Day is celebrated in Russia and the world

Moscow cheerfully meets this holiday! 119 festive events are planned in the Russian capital. The most notable of them will pass

Protect children from parents

Children need someone to protect them. Especially if the offenders are the closest

Why don't we have children? The expert of the "Battle of psychics" answers

I promised to talk about why some families do not have children for a long time

What does color choice mean? Child psychology

My three year old daughter paints everything in black. She is offered different colors, but chooses only black

Genetic engineering: for or against

Specialists at the Los Angeles Fertility Institute use genes to regulate newborn hair, eye, and skin tone

Child and computer

How to protect your child from the harmful effects of the computer and the Web?

Any contact?

What if the child strongly withdraws from the parent's embrace?

Bad drinks

Bad drinks

Children, even preschoolers, are increasingly suffering from being overweight

Advice from a child psychologist: an adult willy-nilly

My 5-year-old daughter is very fond of pointing and ordering and does not tolerate criticism. How to be?

Can instead of not

My son is three years old. His curiosity has no limits: he drags everything into his mouth

After divorce

When the parents are divorced, the child does not say these questions out loud. But they demand an answer

Family secrets

No matter how rosy family relationships are, sooner or later there are topics that are not talked about

Advice from a gynecologist: bartholinitis

Bartolinitis, uterine fibroids, hormonal contraceptives. Gynecologist Dmitry Lubnin answers questions

What can your child do?

The first year of life is full of surprises. But how to determine whether the baby is developing correctly?

Nature has no bad weather

There are cloudy periods in the life of any family. How to teach a child not to lose heart?

Advice from a child psychologist: communication problems

How to find a common language with a small child and a 17-year-old daughter?

My child is a gamer

Why do modern children love computers so much, and modern parents are so afraid of this hobby?

Advice from a gynecologist: contraceptives

Hormonal contraceptives and conception, fibroids during pregnancy. Gynecologist Dmitry Lubnin answers questions

Tips from a child psychologist: learning to communicate

In kindergarten, everyone complains about his son, but at home he is a completely different person! Why is this happening?

Should I spoil children?

Do your kids lack discipline? It's not too late to fix the situation. We will tell you whether it is worth pampering children and how it can be dangerous

Child Psychologist Tips: Depression at Five

My son is five years old. We have a complete prosperous family, he is the only child surrounded by attention and care

Watch good cartoons

Psychologists told why children should be shown movies on licensed DVDs

What do we feed our children?

Why do we voluntarily or involuntarily accustom children to fast food and food surrogates from early childhood?

The law and the child

What will change in our daily life if the Law on Juvenile Justice is still adopted in Russia?

Sour milk season

The real autumn is coming, and for moms it's a busy time. The kids are trying to catch a cold

Smoking ban

Children of smoking parents are included in several risk groups at once

Cold in summer

In summer, when air conditioners are on, children are as susceptible to respiratory diseases as in winter. How to quickly deal with a cold in the summer?

Child sleep pattern. Why is he so important?

If in adulthood sleep is rather a physiological need for recuperation due to fatigue from work and household chores, then for babies and children it is

"You'll have a brother soon!"

How to tell your firstborn that another child will appear in your family?

5 questions for the doctor from expectant mothers

Useful information for anyone planning a pregnancy

Children's astigmatism: 10 eye exercises

On World Sight Day, we found out what childhood astigmatism is and how to deal with it

Cough in a child: how to treat?

Deep autumn is a time extremely rich in babies coughing in every way. What can be hidden behind the most common “cough-cough-cough”, and, most importantly, how to deal with this scourge?

Caring for premature babies: bathing, swaddling, feeding

Today is International Prematurity Day. What are the features of caring for premature babies and how to help the child get stronger

Home birth: for or against?

One of the most controversial moments in the history of the birth and upbringing of children is childbirth at home. We have de alt with this issue both from a practical and a legal point of view

How to deal with postpartum depression

According to statistics, from 10 to 15% of women face this problem, and every second of them has a severe “disease”. What is the reason for the spread of postpartum

How to protect baby skin from bad weather

In winter, delicate children's skin suffers especially from cold and dryness. We tell you how to protect your baby from chapping, frostbite, chills and allergies

Sport and pregnancy: is it possible to train and how to do it right

Doctors, according to their observations, concluded that athletic women who do not give up training give birth easier. What exercises are good for pregnant women?

Partner birth: with husband, mother or doula?

Partner birth with your husband is a great opportunity to experience the process of the birth of a child in the most comfortable psychological conditions. How to prepare your husband

8 Appearance Problems During Pregnancy and How to Solve Them

Pregnancy Beauty Hacks: 8 Most Common Pregnancy Problems and How to Overcome Them

How to eat he althy during pregnancy

How to adjust the diet during pregnancy: a diet for pregnant women that will not allow you to stay hungry and will not give you extra calories

Colic in newborns: what to do?

A perfectly he althy baby suddenly starts screaming, frowning and pulling his legs to his stomach. And so for three hours every God's evening. The point is clear - colic! How to help

How to properly bathe a baby

Follow our guide and become a professional baby cleaner - it's actually very easy

9 Effective Cold Remedies Your Community Pediatrician Won't Tell You About

Even strong antibacterial or antiviral agents do not always lead to a complete recovery. Tatyana Kovaleva talks about treating a cold with natural remedies

What vitamins does a child need in spring

Vitamins are the "moderators" of our body: they regulate the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, improve vision and strengthen bones, stimulate memory and protect against

Technique for hardening children

Hardening is not just pouring ice water in the morning. This is a whole system of procedures, as a result of which the baby's well-being improves and his immunity is strengthened

How to deal with spring allergies

Every year is the same: allergic rhinitis turns the long-awaited spring into a real nightmare. Is it possible to cope with this scourge, or at least slightly alleviate the condition

How to protect your child from meningitis

"Put on your hat right now or you'll get meningitis!" - Adults frighten naughty children. Alas, if warm helmets, earflaps and hoods saved from this misfortune, then life would be

12 most popular maternity leave questions

How to calculate maternity leave payments? What maternity leave is due if you are not working? What rights do pregnant women have at work? A specially invited expert answers these

How to properly prepare for childbirth and what to take to the hospital

To reduce the stress of childbirth, you need to prepare for them in advance. How to make a list of things in the hospital and how to prepare for childbirth

What tests are really important for the expectant mother

For 9 months, women have to take an incredible number of tests and endlessly nervous waiting for the results. In order not to create unnecessary problems for ourselves, let's try

Summer bites and burns

In the summer, a child faces a lot of dangerous troubles, and first of all - insect bites and sunburn. We tell you how to deal with it

Pain during childbirth: the pros and cons of different methods

What kind of pain relief can you expect these days, is it safe for mom and baby, and, most importantly, how necessary is this procedure? We found out everything