Recipes 2023, March

6 delicious ways to enjoy corn on the cob

Corn is autumn gold, the queen of the fields, a favorite delicacy of children and adults. We share ideas - how to cook and with what to serve boiled or baked sweet corn on the cob

Pumpkin: queen of autumn

In autumn we all want to find a new pumpkin recipe. We can help you find. Do you want vegetable pilaf with pumpkin? Or maybe a cheesecake or baked pumpkin cream for dessert? Try it

Cooking from eggplant

What's an autumn menu without an eggplant dish? At the height of the autumn vegetable season, stuffed eggplant can become the main course, marinated eggplant, fried or

How to choose milk chocolate?

In order not to be disappointed in your favorite delicacy since childhood

Norway: the path of the fish

We tried to figure out why the new Scandinavian cuisine has become one of the most fashionable in the world

How to choose zucchini caviar

Useful tips for the right choice

Sour cream is a useful product

How to choose high-quality sour cream? Simple tips for everyone

Kitchen with a wine accent

Recipes with wine always assume that the dish will turn out extraordinary. Good wine is almost always appropriate: as a sauce for stewing, gravy, marinade. Correctly

Tender brynza is a cheese product

Ever since man tamed cattle and small cattle, he has known all the joys of fermented milk products. Distinguished by their usefulness and special taste, they are loved by everyone and

A selection of incredible New Year's recipes

If you are celebrating the holiday with your family, New Year's recipes will have to be chosen especially carefully. Everything on the table should be beautiful, tasty and varied. We present to you

Best chicken recipes

Chicken recipes can be as simple as they are delicious. Chicken appears on our menu so often that it may well get bored. But! Try cooking chicken

Cocktail bar

New Year is impossible without a glass of champagne under the chimes. But your minibar is sure to stock other drinks that can be used to make classic

Grape fruit

If you don't like grapefruit, you just don't know how to cook it! The pleasant freshness of this citrus will make the taste of a variety of dishes more expressive. Choose red fruit

Homemade sauces: mix and beat

Today in any supermarket you can find sauces for all occasions and for every taste… Oddly enough, but all this variety is prepared using a certain set of chemicals

Olivier without rules

Traditionally, Olivier is cooked in every house on New Year's Eve. A set of ingredients knows by heart even a schoolgirl. We offer to test other options, try it

Gift of the sea

Oysters are a luxurious snack and a very he althy product

Cocktails for March 8th. Only for women

At the beginning of any feast, it is appropriate to serve a cocktail in a beautiful glass as an aperitif. And for a bachelorette party, bright in taste and interesting in content, light cocktails are what you need for

Snacks for the New Year's table: come, it will be delicious

What will we serve on the table on holidays? How to calculate the time to do everything? Our tips and recipes will help you adequately meet and deliciously feed your guests

Christmas snacks

We are preparing for the New Year holidays in advance. So you want to please your loved ones with delicious and original dishes and snacks! We recommend some very quick New Year's

New Year's menu with a goose for 2013

The most beloved is ahead - New Year's holiday and the main feast of the year, for which every home prepares responsibly. In the mandatory program of the New Year's menu: gourmet

Christmas cake and other desserts

Before the New Year holidays, each housewife thinks over the menu for invited guests and especially thinks about what to cook for dessert. We offer both very simple

Serving lessons

The success of a festive feast largely depends on the ability to decorate the table beautifully and correctly, to create maximum comfort for all guests. And the boring word "serving" can

10 ideas for decorating holiday dishes

Thinking about what to put on the New Year's table, do not forget: decorating dishes is an important part of preparing for the holiday. Take advantage of our tips and cover a beautiful

Mushrooms: out of season

The wild mushroom season is long gone. But fresh champignons, oyster mushrooms, shiitake are sold all year round. If you love mushrooms, take a basket and go to the supermarket for them

Natural Therapy

The word "treatment" in our minds is strongly associated with taking medications, which, according to many doctors and pharmacists, we abuse

Men's recipes

Often the dishes that men choose are associated with drinks that accompany the meal. They are very picky about food. We offer you several options that men

Dinner for two

If you are in love and try to celebrate February 14 as a holiday for two, the question of what to cook for a romantic dinner is relevant for you

Let's have a delicious bachelorette party?

Due to our daily routine, we so rarely get to meet our friends and talk heart to heart. Do you want to fix the situation? Throw a Girls Only Party the Eve of March 8th

Dinner for your beloved

The job of a chef is to delight people with his culinary art. But cooking for your beloved wife and seeing her happy eyes is a special pleasure. Men, take note

How to cook the right cupcakes?

Cupcakes - popular portioned cakes, "cake in miniature". They are always on the menu of trendy pastry shops, and cupcakes have become very popular recently, they

Lenten recipes: tasty and he althy

Let's fast! We offer lean recipes

Vegetarian's dream

Even in the last century, vegetarians were looked upon as aliens

5 salad dressings

No salad is complete without a dressing. And its taste primarily depends on the quality and freshness of the products for dressing

Recipes from our readers

We are glad that the recipes that our readers publish on the site are becoming more and more! Our culinary collection is replenished and becomes more diverse and interesting

Easter baking: Easter cakes, muffins and cookies

Soon our favorite spring holiday, for which we are preparing in advance, choosing recipes for the feast and baking traditional Easter cakes. But pastries for Easter can be very different: from

Easter dinner

Thinking about what to cook for the festive Easter table? We have ideas

Cold tea - we cook it ourselves

Its bright summer taste perfectly quenches thirst in the heat. Prepare natural iced tea yourself - it will turn out to be tastier and he althier than the one you can buy in stores

5 wine vinegar ideas

White or red wine vinegar, balsamic and sherry vinegar - each of them will add their own flavor notes to the dish. Wine vinegar should be used carefully, it is very "active" and

Travel Recipe: Turkey

Summer is a great opportunity to learn a lot about the culinary traditions of different countries. Do you collect travel recipes? We are yes

S alted cucumbers for the lazy. Five Easy Ways to Make the Perfect Summer Snack

When the bountiful cucumber patch begins to produce a bucketful of cucumbers a day, it's time to make lightly s alted cucumbers. How will we s alt? Cooking s alted cucumbers

What to cook with gooseberries?

Gooseberry is a favorite Russian berry. Once its thorny bushes grew in royal and monastic gardens. It's good that the tradition is to grow and cook gooseberry jam and jam

Pesto is the perfect summer sauce

Take a handful of pine nuts, fresh fragrant basil, some garlic, a piece of Italian parmesan and a primitive kitchen appliance - a mortar. Delightful classic

Glory to the plums

Today, the plum is clearly not the leader among fruit abundance, although in autumn we love to feast on its juicy and sweet fruits with a slight sourness

How to sterilize canning jars?

There are many ways to achieve the desired - heating the contents of the cans at a high temperature

Arab food

Arab food

Memories of vacation are still fresh, it's time to share with friends not only photos and souvenirs from travel, but also tastes. An Arab party can open a series of "culinary

Recipes with beets

Beetroot always plays a bright role in our dishes! We want to remind you that recipes with beets are not limited to herring under a fur coat and vinaigrette. We offer to cook Norwegian

7 hearty egg dishes

Eggs are not only fried eggs and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Egg dishes can be both a hearty lunch and a pleasant dinner. On October 11, World Egg Day, we remember a few

10 slow cooker recipes

Along with double boilers and multicookers, there is another wonderful pan called "slow cooker"

5 dressings with olive oil

From November 1 to 9, Andalusia hosts the Olive Festival. This is a great excuse to try some new recipes for dressings and sauces! Use for any of the recipes

Stuffed Autumn Vegetables: 4 Simple Recipes

Stuffed vegetables are a favorite homemade food for many. We have collected some delicious recipes that will help you cook pumpkin with rice, eggplant boats with nuts, peppers

Sweet handmade gifts

You don't need to go shopping for these gifts, they are easy to make with your own hands. And those to whom you hand them over will be more delighted with them than with purchased ones, because they will keep the warmth of your

Warm welcome

Hosting a lot of guests at once at home is an exciting business: you need to choose interesting dishes, determine the amount of products, the time of preparation and serving. But if everything is right

5 ideas with Norwegian salmon

This fish is perfect for the festive table, both for snacks and as a hot dish

3 Hearty Beaujolais Nouveau Dinner Meals

When we have a cold season, in France and Italy comes the time of young wine. This year, New Beaujolais falls on November 21st. We chose 3 hearty recipes

Persimmon - 6 unusual recipes

The persimmon season is late autumn and winter. Hurry up to enjoy this he althy berry

Five secrets of Olivier

It just so happened that Olivier salad is associated with us with the New Year's holiday. Don't deviate from tradition. We offer several options - what could you diversify

Cooking julienne

Julienne is a dish that is very popular in Russia. It's simple, satisfying, and serving in portions is also convenient when several changes of dishes are planned

Baking meat

Baked meat can be served on the table as a hot dish, and the next day it will serve as a cold snack

New Year's menu 2017: time to table

Introducing 18 dishes for the festive table. If you are expecting guests, our New Year's recipes will definitely come in handy

How to cook pork tenderloin

Pork fillet, or tenderloin, can be baked in one piece - with or without filling. Preparing the fillet does not require much work, but what you definitely need to do is clean it

Best avocado recipes

In the season when there is not enough fresh vegetables and fruits, avocados come to the rescue. Different varieties of this fruit ripen at different times. So it turns out that you can buy avocados

Getting ready to receive guests - bake pork ham

Ham can be bought in a variety of sizes and prepared in different ways. S alted or raw ham is soaked before cooking

How to cook rack of lamb

Rack of lamb consists of 7 or 8 pieces of meat on the ribs and is served in one piece. In the store you can find already prepared caret (for example, Australian lamb in

5 ideas with squid for the holiday table

Clean the squid from the thin outer film and inner frame and choose the recipe to your taste

How to properly store food

It is important not only to be able to cook deliciously, but also to know how to properly store food so that they retain their taste and nutritional properties. And also observe the rules of hygiene - because

8 he althy cranberry recipes

Cranberry, a favorite winter berry on our table, is not only a great addition to many dishes, but also a time-tested remedy

How to make puree soup

Soup is a universal dish, it can be both dietary and satisfying. The soup can be served as a light snack or a full hot meal. You can make puree soup with

How to make fruit puree

Raw or cooked fruit can be used to make puree or sauce. In addition, smoothies can be made from fruits - a thick cocktail rich in vitamins and fiber

The best dishes on fire

Summer is an eternal gastronomic holiday! Outdoor dining with barbecue - what else could be tastier? Our dedicated grilling section features a collection of the most original

Lemonade mood

Cooking homemade lemonade from aromatic herbs and berries

Recipe for custard cake

Video lesson on baking custard cake

5 recipes withred wine

After the party, is there any wine left? He will find a good use

Painting eggs for Easter - an unusual recipe

All housewives know that you can dye eggs for the holiday with onion peel. In this video, our stylist Marina Krugova will talk about a lesser known method

Easter recipes

We checked out some old Easter recipes from the famous book by Elena Molokhovets "Gift to young housewives". We made it, and you can too

Time to bake pancakes

Soon we will forget about diets for a while - Maslenitsa! We are waiting for guests, baking pancakes, building snow fortresses - we are celebrating one of the most ancient Russian holidays in a fun and tasty way

5 recipes with olive oil

How olive oil is used in Portuguese cuisine

5 recipes with ready-made tartlets

This is such a lifesaver for the festive table! Imagine how much time we would kill baking them ourselves

Summer party: recipes for cocktails, snacks and desserts

In summer, any day off can be turned into a holiday - just gather friends and go out of town

Seafood recipes

Seafood dishes are a huge scope for culinary fantasies

He alth Recipe: Seafood Cocktail

Seafood cocktail is not only delicious, but also very he althy

Trying pasta. What is the "correct" pasta?

How does an ordinary pasta - a quick and easy meal - become a gourmet Italian pasta?

Meat marinade: the best recipes

Mistresses use marinade to add subtle flavors to juicy meat

Quick and light snacks

Delight unexpected guests with delicious light snacks

Summer cold soups

Cold soups bring coolness and satiety in the summer heat

Male Approach: Food for Pleasure

Mikhail Plotnikov: When I cooked a goose on the set of "The Young Lady and the Cook", after the command "removed" he disappeared very quickly

Breakfast with fantasy

Easy recipes: start the day with an unusual breakfast

The most delicious jam

How to make good jam, and where can I add it?

Attention: the child is in the kitchen

Keep your baby busy in the kitchen and improve his appetite

5 whipped protein ideas

Mogul-mogul is cooked mainly in winter. It can also be added to other dishes

Sauces and dressings

How to make red orange salsa and proper salad dressing?

Correct cooking mistakes

In the kitchen, everything is almost ready, it's time to sit down at the table, and then

Romantic dinner for him

Dinner for two should not only satisfy the stomach, but also settle the heart

Dinner for him

A romantic dinner should be able to cook any woman - regardless of age

Recipes for homemade snacks

Delicious Appetizer Recipes: Potato Salad, Chicken Quesadilla, Salmon Bruschetta, Mushroom Tomato Bruschetta

The main dish of the evening is a leg of lamb

To pleasantly surprise guests, cook a leg of lamb for the holiday

Grilled vegetable pizza recipe

Pizza can be made he althy and low-calorie if you use grilled vegetables in the filling

Italian cuisine as art

Cooking 4 Italian dishes with renowned Milanese chef Roberto Bruno

Pickle recipes: 5 recipes with cucumbers

Now is the time to cook fragrant crispy lightly s alted cucumbers

5 recipes with natural milk

Sour milk? Do not rush to get rid! We know 5 recipes! What to cook with sour milk >

Grilled salmon recipe

Cooking fish on coals according to our recipe! Spicy taste and useful properties distinguish this dish