Relationships 2023, March

Why do we need a marriage contract and when can it be concluded in Russia?

Do I need to think about concluding a marriage contract when registering a marriage? Is it possible to conclude a marriage contract after the wedding and what should it regulate?

New Year for family reasons

These ideas will help you have an unforgettable holiday in your own home. Holiday scenarios

To be treated for nothing?

Voluntary he alth insurance is a relatively new service for Russia, so many are faced with the choice of which is better: to be treated at a district clinic or pay for insurance

The matter of life

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the family suddenly ceased to be a unit of society. Formally, she remained the same - a man, a woman, children. But the relationship between them became completely

Striptease, steak and preference. How to make your husband happy?

An ideal wife should be a good housewife, a caring mother, a wonderful mistress, a faithful friend… And also an ideal wife knows how to give her husband a pleasant surprise. let's

Do you know what your man needs?

Take this quiz and find out how well you know your loved one

Why don't they get married?

During the entire twentieth century, there were almost 10% more women in Russia than men: wars and repressions affected. Male life expectancy has been declining in recent years

The lies, flirtations and fights that strengthen a marriage

Sometimes forbidden tricks can make spouses closer and marriage stronger

When the husband is younger. What do you regret in 10 years?

Families in which the wife is older than the husband are not happy for long. Lena came to this conclusion after living 10 years in a marriage with Andrei, who is 6 years younger than her. But can you try

Love, money, death. Or a prenuptial agreement?

What doesn't a person go to for love? Wanting to keep a loved one, we are ready to give him a lot. This property of the human psyche is used by people who have turned love into a way

Why are men more confident than women?

Confident people are just as doubtful as everyone else. But they can cope with themselves, overcome weaknesses and direct energy in the right direction. And here we have something

Marry after 30

You are in your early 30s but not yet married. You have a lot of meetings, but none of them can be called a date. Many friends, but not a single loved one … A familiar situation

My husband is a wimp

What should a woman do if her husband has neither ambition nor the desire to conquer career heights?

I started all over again

Sometimes something in life does not suit us, but we do not dare to admit it even to ourselves. Only a few are able to take risks and start from scratch. Stories in front of you

I stopped being afraid of problems when I started classes

Stress is a negative emotion that we can't get rid of in time. Each of our heroines has a hobby that helps to throw out negative energy and

How to get a pay rise: 7 steps

If your shyness and modesty prevent you from openly and directly asking for a raise, study our 7 tips - they will definitely help you solve this problem

"Surprises" of the subconscious

Nobody likes to think bad. Unresolved problems:, unfinished important things, unforgiven grievances - we try to hide all this in the subconscious, telling ourselves: “I will think about it

How to increase self-esteem and love yourself

Relationships between people are an eternal mystery. But the most incomprehensible thing in the world is our relationship with ourselves. The better they stack up, the more likely we are to achieve

What are panic attacks and how to prevent them

Panic attacks - what is it, why do they happen, how to prevent, prevention of panic attacks

Children and finance. What should a child know about money?

Many parents consider it wrong to discuss financial matters with their children, while our material life is based on money relations. Educate your child right

Slave of love

Many of us think that the depth of our feelings is measured by suffering and that only those who suffer, worry and cry into the pillow at night really love. Is it so?

Test work

Test work

Is it possible to raise children without limiting their freedom? This simple truth - "Trust, but verify" - is known to all parents. Everyone agrees with her. In words. But in fact

If complaints haunt

Everyone loves to talk about painful things from time to time. But there are people for whom complaints turn into the meaning of life and make up the majority of what was said for the whole day

My big and kind dad

Many dads do not immediately join the process of raising a child. Is it correct?

What kind of mother are you?

Wherever and with whom the baby spends most of his life - with his grandmother, nanny, in the garden or at home - the mother will certainly be the most important and most important figure for him, the most

Give the children a holiday

We are happy to share our ideas - how to successfully celebrate the beginning of the year with the children

Mom's tricks: altering old things (no pictures)

Our children are growing very quickly and imperceptibly. You buy a good thing - the child has not had time to vilify it, and it is already small. Or another situation: worn knees or sleeves. Of course it is possible

5 rules for communicating with a child and 4 - with his mother from a divorced father

How to stay involved as a father after a divorce, not ignite a conflict with your ex-wife and establish friendly, high-quality communication? Long distance parenting is not easy

Children online

A webcam looks after the baby like a nanny, and a virtual tutor takes care of intellectual development… The world of high technologies is fascinating. But can you let go

Little heroes

We try to protect them, protect them from worries and troubles, we turn pale every hour from fear for their lives. But sometimes our little and seemingly so helpless and careless

Choose a school

Lyceums, gymnasiums, schools… Now their choice is so huge and varied that many parents of future first-graders are at a loss: where to give the child, how to take the right

Children's carnival. All about choosing a New Year's outfit

We know the secret of a successful children's outfit and are happy to share it with our readers

And the baby asked

A child is naturally inquisitive. But what if the question of the child has puzzled you?

Choose a children's camp

Children's camp is a great option for relaxing during the summer holidays

Choosing a nanny

Daddy has to go to work. Grandmother hurries to the meeting - she is in a responsible position. Mom needs to rehearse. And the little "fetch" needs a nanny … The plot is familiar to us not only from the film

Why we develop bad habits and how to stop them

Psychological problems are considered one of the most important causes of bad habits. How does this mechanism work and what can be countered with it?

Male body. Instructions for use

Where and how to touch a man to please him? And what should not be touched in any case? This is what you wanted to know but were still too shy

Like the first time

There are many ways to diversify sexual relationships - from kissing and touching to intimate games and new, unusual positions. But the most unexpected options are

The truth about men. True, right?

Think you know everything about men? After reading this article, you will see the opposite



In recent years, in addition to the usual attributes of the New Year holiday (Christmas tree, champagne, congratulations from the president and a blue light), we have firmly rooted another tradition: since 31

Market day

Market day

The market is a unique cultural phenomenon. A rich oriental bazaar, a colorful southern "import" or a metropolitan market beckon with the aromas of fresh fruits, a special atmosphere and variety

On vacation at your own expense

Having received a long-awaited vacation, I want to put all thoughts out of my head, close my eyes and sink into a sun lounger on the beach of some terribly distant foreign country. But, to

Keep your money

Just a few years ago, the only safe place to keep money was at home. Today there are many ways to not only save, but also increase your

8 ways to save money

Some expenses seem so small that it makes no sense to pay attention to them. Is it worth thinking about when the products on the market are cheaper - in the morning or in the evening? And is there any point

Tipping etiquette

Tip tradition is popular in all countries. Tipping is customary to encourage service workers. But in what situations and how much money is expected from you?

How to save up for a vacation?

To save up a decent amount for a vacation, it is not necessary to deny yourself pleasures all year. You can save on almost everything, even taxes and he alth insurance

Calendar to do before the New Year

A little less than a month is left before the main night of the year, how not to get lost in the festive time trouble and adequately prepare for the celebrations? That's right, plan ahead

10 ways to save money on insurance

How to save money on purchasing insurance, which, as we all hope, will not be useful to us at all? There are a number of ways you can know how to cut down on your expenses

Money & school

Even free education these days isn't really free. Parents should include the "school" column in the family budget and plan expenses

How to keep the kids busy at the party

Many parents are terrified of children's holidays - they don't know what to do with their little guests

Sport summer

How to ensure the safety of the child during outdoor activities?

On an excursion with the whole family

Vacations are a great time to change the scenery, and for this you don’t have to book an exotic tour

A holiday without consequences

Safety during the holidays is not just boring. How to keep out of trouble?

Toy stories

By the age of three, each baby, as a rule, has a “soft zoo”. Bears, bunnies, squirrels and dogs appear as if by magic, and sooner or later there comes a moment when

On vacation with a baby. How? Where? When?

Traveling with children requires careful preparation and thoughtfulness

How to photograph children the right way

A few simple tips will help you take great pictures that will decorate the family album

Summer Trouble

Summer is a time of many temptations for a child. How to protect him from danger?

Best kids party ever

Arranging a fun children's holiday is not an easy, but quite doable task. The main thing is creativity

After school activities

According to most parents, a student must attend all kinds of circles and sections. The main thing is to have time to stop in time and try not to get into the famous

Ticket to childhood island

Little Zhenya Plushenko is growing up at home, the future Masha Tsigal is dreaming of high fashion, or tomorrow's Kostya Khabensky is dreaming of the stage. The child has already told you what he feels

Summer activities for curious children

Exciting experiences - for boring vacations

Cultural Growth Vitamins

Going to a museum is not boring at all. Teach your child to appreciate beauty

Extracurricular reading

The summer reading list is an excuse to show your child that reading is fun

When there is a holiday in the classroom

There are no trifles in development and upbringing. Cool holidays are good and not very good, but in any case they do not pass without a trace for the life of children. Not only teachers, but also parents

School questions

The new school year brings new problems and questions that inevitably arise among schoolchildren and their parents

Hello school

Over the summer, children wean from the school rhythm. How to prepare a child for the upcoming stress?

Summer school

Does your child need summer classes? Turn your study load into fun


Everything in the world is subject to the energy of thought. Any idea, any object, before taking on a form, first appears in the form of a thought. To learn how to think positively, you must learn

How to shoot and edit a home movie

Create your own movie and show it to guests. It will take quite a long time, but it may well become the main event of the holiday

Sheikh's personal jeweler

Artist Asya Eutykh makes weapons for Arab sheikhs and exclusive jewelry for monarchs. Her works are kept in the private collections of Elton John and Vladimir Putin. A Jordanian

"I didn't give up thanks to my mom"

In February 2008, Olesya Vladykina went to Thailand with three friends. In a car accident, one of the girls died, and Olesya lost her arm

"I lost and found my husband"

In the summer of 2007, a team of Russian rafters disappeared on the Yurunkash River in China. Among them was the fiancé of Olga Zvereva Alexander. There was no news from him for three weeks. Within three

"I'm raising 11 kids"

Svetlana has two natural children and four adopted children, her friend has her own daughter and five from the orphanage. Together they organized the family ensemble "Konopushki"

Irina Khakamada: A jealous man next to me has nothing to do

Or he must understand that the male attention that pours on me from all sides is nothing more than secular communication. Or we'll have to break up

Together or separately

Sleep next to your loved one, feeling the warmth of his body? Or "scatter" on different sides of the bed, so as not to interfere with each other? Does split sleep hurt relationships?

Advice from a psychologist

There are “delicate” topics that are not always possible to discuss even with the closest, What to do in this situation - advises Oleg Sus, a psychotherapist

"Beauty and the Beast" - Magic in three acts

A long corridor with many rooms. People dressed in wonderful underpants, with nets on their heads and pillows on their stomachs. Someone is in a hurry, running, and someone is just standing

New books, games and CDs

The most interesting novelties for children: discs with fairy tales and games, as well as new books, films and games

Free for now

You can find out where in your city there are free or inexpensive clubs, courses and sections in the departments of culture, sports and education

Advice from an astrologer

February is ideal for dealing with financial issues - the aspects of the planets are more than favorable for profit. But it’s not enough to make a wish, you need to make an effort, at least minimal

Where to find love after 35

Where can you find love? Secrets are revealed by our expert - an experienced matchmaker, director of a dating service and writer Roza Syabitova

Women's happiness

What is female happiness? The eternal question! We invite you to a conversation on this exciting topic

How to avoid stress during a crisis

About what consequences stress can cause and how to avoid it, our expert is a psychologist, Professor Yu. V. Shcherbatykh

An unexpected look. Mother and/or woman

Is it possible to be a Real Woman while remaining a caring mother and wife? Unusual opinion of our author - psychologist Anatoly Nekrasov

New Russian grandmothers

Today's grandmothers are very different: some travel the world and do not get out of the Internet, others cry over TV shows. Some are convinced of the undoubted harm of disposable diapers, and

Irina Khakamada: I love delicious food. And you?

Refusing delicious food is one of the biggest stupid things a woman can do. It is a whole art - to give yourself pleasure, feeling traditions on the tip of the tongue

How to keep love in marriage?

I wonder if there is life after Mendelssohn's march? And why is it so hard for feelings to stay fresh when there are pots and diapers and grumbling relatives?

I don't have to worry

Some psychologists are sure that special “positive phrases”, which are recommended to be repeated several times a day, can radically change our attitude towards life and how

Where to go on spring break?

If it is difficult to find time to visit the museum during the school year, then spring break is the best time for this. Moreover, there are so many things to see in museums

If you got fired

Don't panic! Our action plan will help you keep both emotions and finances under control

Exchange of favors?

New effective way to survive in a crisis

Whips and gingerbread

Should children be punished or not? Surely all parents have asked themselves this question more than once. Of course, there should be no physical punishment. But it is also impossible without punishment

Tenderness Therapy

Tender touch can have a significant impact on our he alth. These conclusions were reached by the authors of a study published in the journal Psychosomatic

Gold fund of the nation

Our regular author, psychologist and philosopher Anatoly Nekrasov talks about how not to be afraid of old age and what can be changed by moving into the mature half of life. About how not to be afraid

How is an adult different from a child?

A psychologist and TV presenter Galina Timoshenko talks about why there are so few truly adult people around

How to help aging parents (and not go crazy)

DO offers a behavioral strategy that will match the needs of older people with your abilities

Easter fun

Easter fun

Easter is not in vain called fun - traditionally, the Easter week was devoted to games, communication with relatives and friends, family entertainment

Can a child study at home?

Useful tips for parents of schoolchildren

Virtual Security

How to protect a child who spends a lot of time on the Web from inappropriate content?

I'm small but free

Do you think that you have reached the handle? Are you in trouble at work, you haven't been paid for three months, and your boss yelled at you this morning? I know what you need to do