Society 2022, September

Women who changed the world: scientists, politicians, doctors and ascetics

Check yourself - do you know these great women? Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Irena Sendler, Anne Frank, Malala Yousufzai and others

Lyudmila Polyakova had a hard time breaking up with Anatoly Vasiliev

The actress spoke about difficult novels. Because of Andrei Smirnov, Lyudmila Polyakova almost took her own life, and Anatoly Vasiliev broke her heart

One bouquet of flowers and a lot of help for children

Pupils from many schools made donations to the Vera Foundation, but not all parents and teachers liked it

Harassment hurts everyone involved

Bulling harms everyone who participates in it, even if it's just a bystander. To know what bullying is and to fight it, the TravliNet project appeared

Tired, crying and feeling like a failed mom is normal

English parenting forum has a big discussion about how much pressure moms have to endure

Laundry for the homeless is not allowed to open in a residential area

Residents of the Savelovsky district of Moscow are aggressively protesting against the opening of the Nochlezhka laundry for the homeless

Stopkidnapping accused of kidnapping

What threatens the father if he takes the child away from his ex-wife?

Kindergarten teacher charged with child abuse

Mother of two-year-old girl found out that her child was beaten in kindergarten

Kickbacks after holidays are inevitable, but that's okay

How to help your child get used to school after the holidays

A graduate of a boarding school for the mentally retarded diagnosed for the first time in Russia

Commissions incorrectly diagnose children and doom them to a life without education and independence

School uniform prevents children from developing

Psychologists see school uniforms as an obstacle to the formation of a he althy personality

How to help a friend with depression on facebook

Psychologists have developed recommendations on how to support a friend online

How to cure cerebral palsy with cruelty

The film "Temporary difficulties" - how to cure cerebral palsy with the help of cruelty

The consequences of childhood sexual abuse can cripple lives

How a woman who suffered in childhood from an abusive father coped with the trauma

Social entrepreneurship: helping people has the right to be profitable

Social entrepreneur Daria Alekseeva responded to the accusations of netizens

Flashmob about women's professions and the reaction of the Russian-speaking Internet

What are feminists and why are they

Father of two blood and three adopted children talks about life

Male upbringing in a large family

The mother of one of the schoolchildren who were shown a film about abortion, for four months proved the right of her child not to see scenes of violence

Who lectures about family education at school

Is it necessary to help families in crisis and how to do it

What is better - a family or an orphanage

How the Belogolovtsevs raised their son with cerebral palsy and what do they think about temporary difficulties

The wife of TV presenter Sergei Belogolovtsev raised three children with him, and now she runs the Dream Skiing non-profit project with him, which organizes skiing classes

How a father of many children brings up children

Male upbringing in a large family

Special child - early intervention

Educational needs of a child with special needs

Down syndrome does not mean that the child is a "vegetable"

How do people with Down syndrome live?

The Zhukovsky family took custody of three children of neighbors who died in a fire

In February 2018, the life of the Zhukovsky family turned upside down. The fire killed their neighbors, three children managed to escape. The Zhukovskys were not going to become adoptive

How did the agency "Oldushka" and what is the age model

The first and so far the only agency in Russia, Oldushka, where older models work, was founded in 2016. It arose from the social project of the artist Igor Gavar

Where to find instructions for the right life

The most accurate advice on how to live

The life of an orphan in an orphanage

Saniya Ispergenova, a graduate of an orphanage, on World Orphan Day, tells about her life to Marina Lepina, the author of the Arithmetic of Good Foundation

Muscovites took care of children rescued from the fire

How to save three children first from fire and then from orphanhood, how to share motherly love, how to remain a caring daughter and wife at the same time, and how not to lose heart, achieving

"My name is Gosha." A teenager wrote a novel about life in an orphanage

The EKSMO publishing house published a documentary novel written by 16-year-old Georgiy Gynzhu in collaboration with his adoptive mother, the famous writer Diana Mashkova. In the Gosh family

A person with severe cerebral palsy can live alone

Why we need shared apartments

Baby with Down Syndrome

Six-year-old Nikita's favorite place is the swing. He flies high, high, all the way to the sky, and sings loudly: "The plane is flying, the plane is buzzing woo, I'm flying to Moscow." Sings in his own way

How to become a bone marrow donor and save a life: the story of Ruslana Trokhova, Vice-Mrs. Yekaterinburg

Anyone can become a bone marrow donor and save someone's life: a beauty from the Urals decided to become a donor and help others in need

Misogyny in women: what causes it and how it manifests itself, the opinion of a psychologist

What is female misogyny, how is it manifested and what is the reason for women's hatred of other women, psychologist's advice

"Lonely old people also want home warmth for the New Year"

Before the holidays, many people want to help someone and share with someone. Founder of the Joy of Old Age Foundation, who has been visiting old people in nursing homes for many years, Liza

How to help children with hearing impairments?

It is important for Masha and other children to communicate with their peers and make friends. It turns out that this requires quite a bit - to repair the premises of the center, where they can

Crisis center for women staged art therapy exhibition

Are the victims to blame for the violence

What really happens with gifts in the orphanage

What to give a child in an orphanage

Women's rights in Chechnya, domestic violence

"We have a million stories like this, they're just afraid to tell them." But Fatima still decided to tell how her ex-husband stole her children from her and sent them to her parents - if only

How not to lose the ability to rejoice after a serious illness

Brazilian model without a leg has become a support for many people: Paola Antonini and her boundless faith in life

A homeless man was taken to the hospital. It turned out he came with an unusual support group

The medical staff of the Brazilian hospital Alto Vale has seen a lot. But such a scene appeared before their eyes for the first time

Women's love stories with an older man

Age of love is not a hindrance?

Time Travel: Fact or Fiction

Women told how they went to the past

Man remodeled basement for cats

After his brother's death, this man adopted his two cats. Just look what conditions he created for pets! Photo - in this article

Girl with cystic fibrosis needs help

19 year old Anya, a pretty skinny blonde, smiles. She has finished the procedure and is finally able to talk. Every morning she starts the same way

Hospital clowns - who are they?

What hospital clowns do

Stories of women who realized he wasn't the One

How to understand that a man is not the one to date

How to help children with special needs

It is important for Masha and other children to communicate with their peers and make friends. It turns out that this requires quite a bit - to repair the premises of the center, where they can

How to ask for a raise

Advice from consultants on how to ask for a pay raise

Friends with Down Syndrome opened a pizzeria

These guys, at first glance, did the impossible. Read the amazing story of "special" friends who became business partners

How alcohol ads offend women

Why modern alcohol advertising is offensive to women

Girl with cerebral palsy dreams of learning to walk

The Life Line Foundation helps Polina learn to walk

Mediabulimia: how social media robs us of our productivity

How Facebook gets in the way of new ideas

Date without alcohol

How to have a perfect date without alcohol

The master makes tattoos that look like lost body parts

This man has golden hands! He helps women who survived oncology and amputation in such an unusual way

How to Save Any Date: Chef's Tips

Men, learn how to cook

How to teach a child to communicate with special children

How to teach a child to properly respond to people with disabilities and teach how to communicate

Does a woman need to age beautifully

Why society requires women to age gracefully

How psychotherapy works and why it is needed

Who needs to go to a psychologist

Natalia Noskova needs help

Mom of many children needs help to raise money for surgery

The story of the adoptive mother of Galina Akimova

The life of a foster family with five children

What women's cafes are for

Women's cafe caused a flurry of aggression from men

Why ads about the male approval needle are more useful than you think

Sexism or feminism - spot the difference

If mom learns to take care of herself, everyone in the family will benefit

What should mom do if she burns out

What is it like to be a father of many children

A foster father with many children and his story

Adopted child after the death of a blood relative - personal experience Mikhail Korosteleva

How to survive after the loss of a child - in a very personal interview with Mikhail Korostelev, who lost his son

How to gain self-confidence with two strokes of a pencil

Makeup artist Lena Igrady and her favorite ways to make up

How to help children with spinal muscular atrophy

Spinal muscular atrophy in a child - what it is and how to live with it

The history of pads and Oscar for the best film about them

The public was torn apart by the simple fact that this year's Oscar for Best Nonfiction Short was awarded to a film about menstruation. Why do we say "thank you" to the film academy

The story of Zoya Kukushkina, model girl

Zoya's video profile on the website of the Change One Life Foundation helped her find a family and start her career as a top model. The star rating did not spoil the character of the girl. Together with her mother she

Foster dad Dmitry Tabarchuk talks about how to raise sons

Creator of "Kadetstvo" about what it means to be a father

Women do two jobs and get a quarter less than men

How women at work harm themselves

How to help train your guide dog

The Training and Canine Center "Assistant Dogs for the Disabled" raises funds for the training of the most important assistants for the blind people - professional guide dogs. To

Don't be shy about adoption

Whether to tell others that the child is adopted - the gratitude of grown up foster children

How beauty is seen in different countries

What is considered the standard of beauty in different countries

"I'm not giving up." Elena Karavan needs radiation therapy with CyberKnife

Six years ago, doctors diagnosed Elena with a terrible diagnosis - adenocystic cancer of the right lacrimal gland. There were operations, courses of radiation and chemotherapy, 2 years of remission. In August

The story of a woman who survived an expedition in the Arctic

Ada Blackjack - a woman who survived in the Arctic

Silence is beneficial only to the aggressor

How to protect yourself from domestic violence

Alexandra Marinina and Daria Dontsova as the main Russian feminist writers

Why the books of Marinina and Dontsova are so important for our society and culture

Women who pretended to be pregnant

Women who lied about their pregnancy

Emmy Noether. Home in mathematics: biography and personal life

Who is Emmy Noether? Famous talented scientist, mathematician, teacher. She left a brilliant legacy to science, but did not survive Hitler

Parents of children in an apartment with animals were deprived of parental rights

Against the background of a wide discussion of a girl found in a cluttered apartment, whose parents did not actually care for her, another story develops. To an outside observer

Russian stars who refused plastic surgery

Popular actresses who do not want to do plastic surgery are very rare, but we found several such stars

A boy with autism died in Moscow in a cluttered apartment

A few days ago, a seven-year-old boy with autism died of cardiac arrest in Moscow. Zhenya. The case became high-profile as the police arrived to find the apartment extremely

Foster parents found a child on a video questionnaire

Scars on the body, healed fractures - these are the witnesses of what David experienced in the orphanage for five years. But his deepest wounds are mental. Mother of many children, Andrea Petukhovskaya, told Dmitry Khaziev how a video questionnaire can help a teenager find parents, how to maintain relations with the blood relatives of an adopted child, what a foster family lacks during adaptation, and what qualities future guardians and adoptive parents cannot have.

The story of a girl with a brain tumor

In the life of eight-year-old Arina, at first glance, there is nothing unusual: she goes to school and learns to play the piano. She only does everything in spite of the restrictions that she has imposed

How help for families in crisis works

How to help a family in crisis? And is it necessary to help such families in general?

Is it worth it to be friends in social networks with growing children

How teenagers behave in social networks

Stars over 60 who keep working

Artists, like officers, cannot be former. To leave the stage for them is tantamount to a slow and painful death. But if the strength to work is no longer enough, many women with

The foster family of Natalia Tupyakova

Where do people get a sense of duty towards orphans? Is it necessary and what to answer to those who believe that adoptive parents are selfish? What pleases the heart the most

8 stories about weird shopping for yourself

People's stories about unusual purchases

How did the fate of Sonya Golden Handle

The most interesting facts from the life of Sonya the Golden Handle - one of the most famous female criminals, legendary and elusive

Stars with older grandchildren

Until recently, people who decided to have children after 40 were condemned by society. Now it has become not only acceptable, but even become fashionable. This trend is especially noticeable

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Behind the official words are very real people - very different, real, alive, loved ones. Photographer Daniil Ovchinnikov and

How a family photo can become a portal through time

How to like yourself in photos

You can become a father of many children in one minute

Foster dads talk about their lives

Russian couples in which the woman is older than the man

Marriages with large age gaps are no surprise. Even if it is a woman who is much older than the partner

Change One Life Foundation

As part of the marathon, the Change One Life Foundation opens its doors and shows in real time how film crews travel to different parts of the country, enter orphanages

Famous artists who changed young wives for even younger ones

Long-term marriages are rare among famous people. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is that a woman is getting older and her worldview is changing. Some of the men are not

Ex-husband beat woman to death

In Podolsk, in front of a five-year-old child, his father beat his ex-wife

Stars who lost weight after 40

Which stars lost weight after 40 years