Society 2023, March

Women who changed the world: scientists, politicians, doctors and ascetics

Check yourself - do you know these great women? Maria Sklodowska-Curie, Irena Sendler, Anne Frank, Malala Yousufzai and others

Lyudmila Polyakova had a hard time breaking up with Anatoly Vasiliev

The actress spoke about difficult novels. Because of Andrei Smirnov, Lyudmila Polyakova almost took her own life, and Anatoly Vasiliev broke her heart

Russian stars who were able to cope with alcoholism

Stars who had to fight alcohol addiction and how they did it

The star of the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath" spoke about the death of her daughter and husband from cancer

Olga Naumenko had to endure the worst - the loss of a small child

Biography and personal life of presenter Svetlana Zeynalova

Special daughter of Svetlana Zeynalova

Natasha Koroleva was accused of disrupting Andrei Malakhov's program

The singer spoke about her relationship with Igor Nikolaev at the present time

Daria Dontsova showed a photo of her daughter and son-in-law

Maria Subbotina - the youngest daughter of Dontsova from her third husband

Natalya Friske showed her photo after rhinoplasty

Janna Friske's younger sister was accused of wanting to become a copy of the star

Andrey Eronin accused of exploiting child labor

The former soloist of the ensemble "Pesnyary" got into a scandal because of his new video "The Bride"

Misha Romanova secretly gave birth to a baby

Singer Misha Romanova showed a slim figure after giving birth

Anfisa Chekhova shared her memories of a greedy lover

TV presenter spoke about the novel by a man who was distinguished by pathological greed

Changed or not? The shadow of the past will not fall from Diana Shurygina

Girl who was raped two and a half years ago can't leave the house so as not to pop under suspicion

Karina Mishulina won the trial against Eduard Sorokin

The court recognized that Eduard Sorokin cannot be the grandson of actor Spartak Mishulin

Lera Kudryavtseva spoke about rumors about surrogate motherhood

Fans believe that the TV presenter used the services of a surrogate mother to give birth to a daughter

Maria Kulikova showed her grown son

Fans believe that the son of Maria Kulikova is very similar to his father - Denis Matrosov

Former husband of Natalia Shturm wants to take her son away from her

Natalya Shturm received a subpoena from her ex-husband to review her son's place of residence

Anastasia Volochkova posted a video from the holiday

Anastasia Volochkova caused bewilderment among fans of the video from the rest

Viktor Tsoi's passport is being sold online

Businessman from St. Petersburg claims to be the owner of Viktor Tsoi's passport

Yulia Nachalova spoke about the divorce from her husband

Yulia Nachalova told Boris Korchevnikov about marriage and personal life

Singer Maxim will continue her musical career

Singer Maxim, who announced a sabbatical due to he alth problems, returns to the stage again

Sofia Rotaru urgently hospitalized

During a speech at a corporate party, Sofia Rotaru fainted

Fans consider the divorce of Petrosyan and Stepanenko a PR campaign

Fans believe that in this way comedians attract attention

"Please be eternal" Renata Litvinova congratulated Zemfira on her birthday

Celebrities congratulated Zemfira on her birthday

Daria Dontsova spoke about the work of a TV presenter

The writer admitted that people with a weirdo work on television

"How do you like my new lips?" Svetlana Bondarchuk posted an unexpected photo

Svetlana Bondarchuk posted an unexpected photo

Polina Gagarina's husband posted the original photo

Dmitry Iskhakov rarely uploads pictures that cause a wave of discussion - usually this is the prerogative of Polina Gagarina

Elena Kuletskaya gave birth to a second daughter

Happy parents posted a touching photo from the hospital

“All so radiant”: Maxim Vitorgan spoke about the relationship with Ksenia Sobchak

Maxim Vitorgan shared the details of his personal life with Ksenia Sobchak

Lyubov Uspenskaya posted a video in a swimsuit from a Spanish beach

The singer and her daughter are on vacation in Marbella

Anita Tsoi told how she "goat" at her own wedding

Anita Tsoi says her husband had to go through a lot to win her love

Ksenia Sobchak urged to buy flowers for teachers on September 1

This is not the first year that a flash mob has been held on the Web, in which participants refuse to give flowers to teachers on September 1

"There are things you can't do!" Eduard Uspensky's daughter called her father a tyrant and sectarian

Eduard Uspensky's daughter spoke sharply about her father

"Bring back the way it was!" subscribers did not appreciate the new image of Alena Vodonaeva

Alena Vodonaeva radically changed her image

Meetings that changed the life of Dima Bilan

Career and girls of Dima Bilan

Oksana Akinshina showed a photo in a bikini after the news of the divorce

The actress spends holidays in Greece with her children and their father

Alla Pugacheva recommends Laima Vaikule to be silent

Diva met in Jurmala with her old friend and recorded a short video

29-year-old Polina Dibrova will soon become a grandmother

The eldest daughter of Dmitry Dibrov is pregnant and plans to give birth in January

Kristina Orbakaite showed a photo of six-year-old Claudia

After a vacation in Jurmala, the singer took her daughter to the Moscow Zoo

Natalia Vodianova showed her 16-year-old son

Lucas Portman looks the same age as his famous mom

Biography and personal life of Ilya Reznik

The wives of the poet Ilya Reznik

Pavel Maykov posted a tender photo with his wife

The artist has been happy for many years with Maria Saffo, who was the godmother of his son from his first wife

"No children - no communication" Maxim Leonidov frankly spoke about unsuccessful marriages

Maxim Leonidov spoke about unsuccessful marriages

Evgeny Plushenko posted a video of Sasha's son training

Subscribers discuss the hard work of the five-year-old son of the Olympic champion

Stars who had a caesarean section at the birth of a child

Russian celebrities who had to have a caesarean section and their pregnant photos: these mothers survived the operation to have a baby

Yulia Savicheva spoke about her anorexia

Singer nearly died as a teenager trying to lose weight

Teachers will not let schoolchildren to lessons if they suspect flu

Parents are outraged by the many shortcomings in the decree and doubt that this document will help solve the problem of epidemics

Dying Iya Savvina asked her husband to take custody of her 54-year-old son

Iya Savvina did everything so that her child would not be left unattended

“It was - it became” Anna Khilkevich showed an archival photo of a decade ago

Anna Khilkevich showed archival photo

Fans of the show "Marry Buzova" have already determined the finalist

The first issue of the show “Marry Buzova” was released

Leonid Agutin commented on the rumors of a divorce from Anzhelika Varum

Leonid Agutin is not divorcing Angelica Varum

"Kind, warm, gentle": Albina Dzhanabaeva shared a cozy photo

Albina Dzhanabaeva showed a photo without makeup

Valentin Gaft's condition worsens

An artist who is known and loved by more than one generation is forced to ask for money

How did the fate of child actors of Hollywood films

What actors who became famous as children look like then and now

Polezhaikin from "Daddy's Daughters" surprised fans with a fit figure

The star of "Daddy's Daughters" lost weight and got prettier

Again in Hollywood: Yuri Kolokolnikov will play in a new action movie with star colleagues

Yuri Kolokolnikov will play in a new action movie with Hollywood actors

"Lanfren-Lanfra!" The hero of Mikhail Boyarsky was resurrected in the new "Midshipmen"

Mikhail Boyarsky will play in the new "Midshipmen"

All for show. Russian stars who have a soft spot for skimpy outfits

Extreme minis, bare bellies, deep cleavage and tight leggings - stars love to show off their virtues and sometimes forget about the golden rule: to look

Another scandal! Donald Trump's former doorman claims illegitimate son of president

Donald Trump's illegitimate child

The widow of Spartak Mishulin suffered a stroke from stress

72-year-old mother of Karina Mishulina cannot accept the presence of an illegitimate child with her husband

Lolita portrayed a starfish in a bathing suit

Dmitry Ivanov invited his wife to show the figure on the video

Natalya Podolskaya and Pelageya are surprisingly similar to the photo

The singers met and shared a rare photo together

Alla Pugacheva admired a slender figure in tight jeans

Diva took a picture with one of the fans in Riga

Lera Kudryavtseva will go to work in Sochi three weeks after giving birth

The artist will become one of the leading contestants of young performers "New Wave"

Alexander Strizhenov and Ekaterina Strizhenova showed a photo with their grandson

Artists became grandparents in April 2018

Ivan Zhidkov reconciled with Lilia Solovieva

The artist broke up with the mother of his son Stepan at the end of June

Gauguin Solntsev rested with the girls while his 63-year-old wife was undergoing surgery

Ekaterina Tereshkovich herself is not without sin, as other artists talk about

The actor of the TV series "Matchmakers" is accused of brutally beating his wife

Until clarification of the circumstances, the man was suspended from work

Nadezhda Babkina broke up with her husband after a cruel deception

The singer found out that her husband is married to another, and no longer aspires to marriage

Biography of Zhanna Epple, personal life of Zhanna Epple

The unsuccessful marriage of Zhanna Epple: as the star of the series "Balzac age, or all men are their own … broke up with Alexei Bakai, gave birth to children from Ilya Frez and became a grandmother

Igor Krutoy for the first time in a long time was published with his family and showed his youngest daughter

Igor Krutoy showed his youngest daughter

New member of the royal family: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got a dog

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got a dog

Sati Casanova poses naked in a bath, hiding behind a spruce broom

Sati Kazanova showed candid photo

Maria Poroshina showed a photo of all four daughters

The actress congratulated the subscribers on the Day of Cinema archive frame

Anastasia Denisova spoke about the affair with the cameraman Bogdan Osyka

Palna from the series "Deffchonki" fell in love with a man six years younger than herself

Actresses who have played legendary historical characters

Russian stars who played famous women: Yuri Peresild, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Yulia Snigir and others

Nikita Presnyakov's wife provokes subscribers with pictures in luxurious outfits

Alena Presnyakova responded to criticism from subscribers

Secret beloved Govorukhin spoke about his sick son and millions of debts

A woman frankly admits that she would not open a relationship with Govorukhin if she did not need money

Petrosyan's lawyer commented on the pregnancy of the artist's new chosen one

Many were sure that because of the pregnancy of Petrosyan's mistress, Elena Stepanenko filed for divorce

Biography of Vyacheslav Dobrynin, personal life of Vyacheslav Dobrynin

Two wives of Vyacheslav Dobrynin: how a famous musician came to the profession and became famous, how he met his first wife and chose a second

Little girl from Israel conquers the Net with luxurious hairstyles

Girl from Israel surprises subscribers with her lush hair

After the scandal and reconciliation with his wife, Abraham Russo thought about a third child

Abraham Russo plans to become a father for the third time

The wife of the star of "Interns" ran away from her husband in fear for the life of the child

She managed to cross the border of another state without the consent of her husband while the police were looking for her

Yulia Baranovskaya went too far with makeup

The girl's fans agreed that such a thick layer of "plaster" on her face ruined all the beauty

Nothing to catch there! Natasha Koroleva commented on the show "Marry Buzova"

Natasha Koroleva commented on the show "Marry Buzova"

“I went to work as a dad”: Sergey Bezrukov showed his two-year-old daughter in a funny way

Sergey Bezrukov showed his two-year-old daughter

Stanislav Sadalsky posted a photo of Lyudmila Maksakova without makeup and filters

Subscribers called the publication of such a picture of a 77-year-old actress cruel

57-year-old Eddie Murphy will become a father for the tenth time

Eddie Murphy is preparing to become a father for the tenth time

Fans believe that 18-year-old Stefania Malikova looks 30 years old

Fans are discussing photos of Stefania Malikova

"I ask for a kind word and prayer": Sergey Zhukov underwent another operation

Sergey Zhukov had another operation

“This is a minefield”: Yulia Peresild spoke about the dangerous work in the cinema

Yulia Peresild spoke about the difficulties on the set

Elena Stepanenko wanted to steal expensive props

The actress's love for expensive rare pieces of art has long been known

Summer walks: Lera Kudryavtseva showed a touching photo of her husband and daughter

Lera Kudryavtseva showed a photo of her husband and daughter

How to look 20 at 43? A designer from Taiwan shared the secrets of youth

43-year-old designer from Taiwan told how to stay young

Biography of Elena Zakharova, personal life of Elena Zakharova

The tragic motherhood of Elena Zakharova and her fate after the death of her daughter: how the actress came back to life, became a mother again and hid the girl from prying eyes

Vladimir Putin spoke about pension reform

The President of the Russian Federation addressed the Russians with an explanation of the essence of the changes in the law and clarified the retirement age

Russian and Soviet writers who raised many children

How many children did famous writers of Russia and the USSR have: Korney Chukovsky, Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Tyutchev

In St. Petersburg, a psychotherapist raped a child for a whole year

The boy's mother reported that the pedophile raped the child at the sessions

Anastasia Volochkova came to church in a dress with a revealing neckline

Subscribers accused the ballerina of disrespect for religion and culture

Elena Stepanenko changed her mind about divorcing Yevgeny Petrosyan

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that all the actions of the artist's wife are aimed at saving the marriage

Viktor Rybin and Natalya Senchukova, love story

Duet and family of Viktor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova