Family 2023, March

Mother wants to give up her son to get married

The groom set a condition: either I or the child. And she looks like she's getting ready for the wedding

The story of children who were sold out of desperation

On August 28, 1948, Lucille Chalifux put her children, aged 2 to 6, up for sale. The kids posed, not understanding what was happening


PANDORA shares a global study showing that 80% of women around the world are inspired by photographs of other women's daily small victories. The results of this

Advice from a mother of many children

What can a mother of many children advise

"I just wanted him to learn!". 4 year old boy kicked out of kindergarten because his hair is too long

The leadership of the educational institution asked the mother of the child to provide a document on the religious or cultural justification of his hairstyle

"I hope my children grow up in a world where this can be talked about openly." Prince William opens up about Diana's struggle with bulimia

The heir to the throne became one of the heroes of the documentary film "Exhaustion: The Truth About Anorexia"

The official opening of the karaoke club "CHANSON" took place

The unique karaoke club "CHANSON" is a long-awaited place for true connoisseurs of hospitality, comfort and author's cuisine. The very name of the karaoke club speaks of its special

Tulip Fever

From August 24, the Luxor cinema chain will start screening the film "Tulip Fever", based on the world bestseller of the same name by Deborah Moggack

Friendship is a miracle! First Children's Friendship Convention signed in Moscow

On International Friendship Day in Moscow, the signing of the Friendship Convention took place - the first of its kind manifesto about true friendship, compiled by children from all over Russia on the initiative

At what age can you walk alone? An interesting experiment

When is it time to buy a child's first phone? Are you allowed to walk until dark? At what age can he already go to bed after 21.00? British scientists interviewed several thousand

How to comfortably return to work after maternity leave

How to stop worrying about missed months or years in your career and decide to leave such a small and sweet child? Here are our tips

Dementia and courage: why men in a midlife crisis are unbearable

In the life of every man, sooner or later, one way or another, the gates to a personal in-life hell called the Midlife Crisis open. That is, it is a man

From sight to victory: 13 stages of your acquaintance from his point of view

Minutes and even seconds can pass between the mutual “shooting” of the eyes and the actual acquaintance, but how rich these moments look

Red flag for your relationship: 9 reasons to wonder if everything is fine

We often overlook the little things that can make a big difference in a relationship. When in doubt, check out this list

Fateful words: why we are abandoned for nothing

You utter an innocent phrase, and the man is offended and says that it ruined his love. How to understand what happened?

"Maybe I love her!": 11 levels of his relationship with you

You can trace the evolution of your attitude towards your partner with a great deal of truthfulness, but what does he think? It's basically the same thing, just in a different way

Random espionage: 11 online activities you're ashamed of

So it happened. You searched the search engine for the name of a new acquaintance - just to make sure that he is not a serial killer! And suddenly learned a bunch of details about him, including the group

Be yourself and be loved: 20 answers from men about the role of women in bed

Sometimes it seems that some men do not really imagine the role of a woman in bed! American researchers interviewed more than 500 people. Here are the most popular and

Signs of a bad partner: what exactly should not be forgiven?

Some of your man's unpleasant traits are easy to forgive, while others can be reason enough to break up. How to distinguish one from the other?

These babies were mixed up in the hospital, 7 incredible stories of changelings

The most sensational stories of children who were mixed up in the hospital

Remember and smile: 8 features of Internet flirting 10 years ago

In 2007, things were a lot easier. There were not many popular dating sites, there were no pop-up messages and advanced messengers, there were no tariff plans with unlimited

Advice from a father who has lost a child

What should I pay attention to when communicating with a child?

Beginner dominatrix: 10 steps to power him

If you and your partner want to try something new, offer him to introduce elements of BDSM into sex, become a dominatrix for a while. It is not only (and not so much) the right to shackle him in

"Not of this world"

3, September 14 and October 11, 12 at the Branch of the Pushkin Theater there will be a performance of the play "Not of this world." Performance based on the last play by Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky

Brazil is getting closer

NESCAFE Classic hosted a Brazilian themed party at Sevicheria Latinos on August 22 to celebrate the launch of the NESCAFE Classic Limited Edition Tastes of the World from Exotic Countries

"It's empty without foreigners." All foreign goods removed from supermarket to oppose racism

Metaphor succeeded: buyers have experienced what it's like to give up everything foreign

Open Day at Children's University

3 September 2017 (Sunday) at 12:00 in the courtyard of the Strelka Institute (Bersenevskaya emb., 14/5) there will be an open day of the University of Children for senior students

"My childhood consisted of barriers. I have always been banned from everything "

"I grew up burdened with prohibitions and now generously share them with my children, directly loading them with mine is not allowed." Blogger Olga Savelyeva talks about prohibitions and saving

Popular singer from the stage supported her daughter, who is being bullied at school

Not every mother has so many fans, but absolutely everyone can become an example for her daughter

These bags look like leather, but you won't guess what they're made of

New Zealand designer has created a collection of chic handbags made from an unusual material that is unique in appearance and eco-friendly in nature

Incredible laser surgery done at 13 weeks pregnant. It saved the twins

Today, blue-eyed girls look at the world with joy and curiosity, but in the womb they almost killed each other

"Cry baby, it hurts!" Why we are not ready to share the suffering of a child

"A two-year-old boy who played with us a few minutes ago lies on his back in the pose of a star, arms and legs spread out, and does not move…" Psychologist Yulia Zelikman about the situation in which

Son rebelled against mother

Good boy. And the arguments are great

"I took off my pants and caught him." The woman gave birth to a child “in a shirt” right in the car

At first the baby showed no signs of life

We live as best we can, and they - how we can help

At the end of August, an unusual golf lesson was held at the Zavidovo PGA National golf club. The guests of the club were representatives of the Non-Profit Organization for Assistance to the Socially Unprotected

"Woman, your stomach offends me!" What to say to a man on the beach

If you have a fat girlfriend, don't judge her. First, maybe she is judging herself. And secondly, what if not? Suddenly she likes all this? Author of "Home"

"My life or his." A woman is forced to have an abortion, but wants to see the child for the last time

A pregnant girl had a routine blood test during her pregnancy and found out she had cancer. She faced a difficult choice

New life for a wedding dress: the newlywed gave the outfit to the needy

Keeping it for life is too much of a luxury, she decided

Tipping exceeded all expectations

A kind word is sometimes best

Dancer Lorna Archen almost died of anorexia, but was able to recover

How a 14-year-old girl who became ill with anorexia and weighed less than 40 kilograms was able to recover and make peace with her mother: a real life story

Take turns washing: 10 reasons not to shower together

Imagine the scene. At night you had sex, in the morning you slept in an embrace, and then you realize that it's time to take a shower. You get up, take a towel - and he looks at you with his eyes

And everyone knows each other: 9 features of personal life in a small town

Those who have not lived in a small town will not understand what it is like when literally everyone knows you! And it looks like this

The popes who did not observe the vow of chastity

Which of the pontiffs did not keep his word given to God? We have collected stories about popes who not only violated celibacy, but also dived into the abyss of debauchery

How not to quarrel over money?

What to do if one of the pair is a spender, and the second one is used to saving? One takes loans, and the other lends money to friends? How to resolve irresolvable family conflicts

Interview with teacher Shalva Amonashvili

What is a good school - says Shalva Amonashvili

Knowledge Day

Psychologist Victoria Raikher about all of us

What is more important - love or carats?

The bride thought the ring was too modest

Asking for a girl's hand in marriage from her father is sexism?

"In trying to 'respect' the father of the bride, you don't respect her"

The story of a non-romantic acquaintance: a man wanted to die, but fell in love with his savior

The girl saved the guy's life, and he married her: how timely assistance was the beginning of a happy personal life

Life surrounded by cats: 14 moments when you think about being alone

If everyone around is in pairs, and for some reason you are not, this can be amusing or frustrating, depending on the circumstances. If this state lasts long enough, over time

“Once my son caught me washing dishes after him. I didn't wash well, did I, Mom? - he asked"

"Son vacuums. Goes out for a walk. I re-vacuum. He washes the dishes. Goes to bed. I wash. He dusts. I wait for him to leave the room and redo. I

The VII annual forum-festival "Muscovites - a he althy lifestyle" was held

As part of the program organized by the TV channel "LIVE!", stars of domestic show business and famous bloggers performed on the main stage of the forum

8-year-old girl spends several hours a day on makeup

Mother of three talks about how her little daughter spends hours cleaning herself up. They are always late due to long fees

"Artel of the Blessed". Where do people with mental disabilities work?

Which employer values employees more than profit?

Always on time, always waiting: 9 problems if you are punctual and he is not

When partners do not agree on something important, it causes a lot of trouble for each of them. Punctuality may not be as important as views on parenting, but how difficult it is to live

Forget those words now! The three most dangerous phrases in your fight

If a man begins to constantly gag you or hint at your weight (and any other feature), your relationship will not last long. British psychologist Alexandra Solomon also

Fifteen questions men never answer honestly

We all ask men uncomfortable questions all the time. Not because we like it so much, but because otherwise you won’t get a word out of them. But you should know that for some

12 Signs You're His Call Girl

There is nothing wrong with an open relationship for the sake of sex, as long as both partners are happy with it. But, alas, sometimes it seems to you that you have a man, but in fact you don’t. you for him

Preschooler's mom wrote a nice letter

Mom's post went viral

15 facts about people born in September

What do we know about September? This is the first month of autumn and the beginning of the school year. Meanwhile, this is also a good time for the birth of a child

What to do when grown children leave their parents

Parents feel lonely when kids grow up and leave home. How to accept and survive a change in the situation?

Alexey Belyakov on why you shouldn't talk to men about astrology

When a girl asks about my zodiac sign, I answer: "Cancer." The girl reacts instantly: “Yes! You are a typical Cancer, cautious, thoughtful … "Here I interrupt:" I was joking. I am Gemini"

They are so different: 13 types of boyfriends of your youth

Looking back, you can divide familiar men into types so that you don’t have to tell for a long time: “This is the one with whom we, remember, at that party …” Said “experienced lover” - and

Find out everything at once: 6 essential questions for a first date

You came on a first date. Both of you are nervous, but you try to make casual jokes and seem to make a good impression on each other. But while you fall in love little by little

10 signs a man is a great lover

How to find a man for passionate quality sex: check if your partner's behavior matches these requirements

Let's stop choking children with care and take care of ourselves?

"You can't even imagine how hard it is for them, our children, to take risks and enter into relationships with at least someone. Fall in love, get married, and even be friends. They know that relationships

Fifteen signals that you are too good for him

Do you think your relationship is out of balance? It seems that your man invests in them much less than you? Do you sometimes even think that you are too good for him? You know

Determination in everything: how to get a boyfriend if you are over 20

After 20 years, when everyone is already quite experienced in dating and relationships, the rules for the appearance of personal life are changing somewhat. The most important thing is not to lose yourself in this novel

Caution, toxic! 10 red flags in a relationship

Relationships are complex. If everything is too easy, then perhaps you do not understand something. There are always difficulties in a serious relationship, the question is how you deal with them

Not lying, but lying: 10 moments when he is too confident

Many men are a little cunning when talking about themselves and their addictions (women also tend to do this, but usually not so conspicuous). Here are the highlights of when this happens

"H" - indecision: 10 reasons why he does not call you on a date

You can think of many reasons why this handsome man does not pay attention to you as a woman. Here are the most likely ones

Writers who preferred a polyamorous family

They were comfortable living with the three of them: Nikolai Nekrasov and the Panaevs, Ivan Turgenev and Viardot, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Briki

90-year-old woman reveals the secrets of a happy life

As old age approaches, many people become discouraged and lose interest in life. But the secrets of happiness are simple. Read the story about how to find pleasure in the little things, despite

Missing wedding ring found after 9 years in an unexpected place

Imagine that you lost a very expensive ring, bracelet or earring, searched all the nooks and crannies in vain hopes of finding it, and, most importantly, you don’t understand how this could

Ambulance, Hurry: Exciting Rescue Stories

Life throws up such exciting stories that the best screenwriters risk being unemployed: people survive traumas and events that were bound to

Children's injuries and adults. How much can you dump on them?

"Only a lazy person does not talk about childhood trauma now. I don’t do anything - childhood trauma, I behave like a pig - childhood trauma, I beat my wife - this is such a childhood trauma for me, not

The fjords of Norway. The place everyone dreams of visiting

Ask your friends and acquaintances if they want to visit Norway. Most likely they will answer that they have always dreamed about it. Ask about the impressions of those who have already been there. And you

This is a real stepfather's confession

Even 17 years later, you can ask your stepfather to be a real dad

Incredible transformation: "I'm still fighting cancer, but I feel like a million!"

She has been treated for cancer for many years, and because of this, she put aside her old dream of experimenting with her image. Fortunately, there was a stylist for whom the client's illness did not become a hindrance

Depressed girl wrote a letter to Stephen Fry. Here is what he replied

Being in a deep depression, the girl did not know who to turn to for support, and then she decided to write to her idol

A touching advice from a bride with Down syndrome to all "special" couples

The love story of this couple is beautiful. The bride and groom, despite all the difficulties, are trying to find their place in this world. "Sunny" people share the secrets of happiness with those who

The story of a dress that has endured four generations of the family

In 1927, a photograph of a little girl in a white and pink lace dress was taken. She started a family tradition that has been going on for ninety years

What mothers-in-law say

They really say it

You don't like school anymore even though they don't hit you there yet

"You haven't been beaten yet, so you don't run - somehow you feel that if you run, they will chase you to the door like stray dogs." Writer Yana Wagner

"Stop telling all this"

Here they work with the most terrible stories of children and foster parents. So terrible that not every sponsor is able to listen to them to the end

Thoughts of a mother with three children: why despair sometimes covers

Sometimes such thoughts come to the mind of all mothers: an honest story of a woman with many children, who told why she sometimes feels powerless and cries in the bathroom

Doctors shrug: senile dementia at 32

A 32-year-old snowboard instructor is battling a rare form of dementia. This is one of the youngest patients in the world medical practice

Won't go anywhere: 7 ways to "bind" a man to you forever

The secret is very simple: men never leave some women. Now we’ll tell you what qualities these women “bind” their dear ones to themselves

How children used to be "raised"

What memories will children have from our upbringing

Coincidence: 9 reasons why he canceled a date

It happens like this: get to know someone in absentia, make an appointment, and he can cancel everything. Here are some reasons why this could happen

Working from home with a baby in my arms: "Now I get more than before"

Blogger from American Tennessee shares his experience of working from home. Pros and cons of freelancing with a baby for moms ready to try something new

Dying, this girl decided to become a donor - and saved the lives of eight people

A 13-year-old British girl dies of a brain tumor, but saved the lives of eight seriously ill people and restored sight to another

The owner of the coffee shop forbade children to visit it

"First and foremost, we want to create a pleasant relaxed atmosphere for our customers," he explained his decision

Man runs marathon with empty stroller in memory of stillborn son

"Look, this guy seems to have lost his child," the commentator of the competition joked loudly

"My husband ended up in jail." The story of a difficult family crisis

"Our usual and comfortable life is over. A minute ago I was packing to go on vacation with my family, and now I'm calling lawyers

Death jump: woman in labor jumped out of window when she was denied a caesarean section

A woman writhed in pain for several hours, begging her family for permission to perform the operation. Without waiting, she decided to take a desperate step

“We have never seen anything like this”: a child with seven teeth was born in India

In India, a boy was born with seven he althy teeth. Doctors recognize this as the first such case in world medical practice

How one girl lost weight and changed her life

American Sarah Sapora had to lose weight and take responsibility for her life and he alth

Angel Julia. What does it mean to be a mother to orphans in a hospital

Mom abandoned Pasha at the hospital. And Yulia became his mother in the hospital for two months. Today Pasha was taken away by foster parents. Julia will be a mother for other orphans

"Cheated because I am" - and five more true stories of cheaters

If you ask people how they feel after cheating, in real life you are unlikely to get honest and not banal answers. But on the Internet, you can. Here are some stories